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8/25 c82 Reader
Great chapter as always
Wasn't expecting Misty getting Muk and Ash the Magnemite
The pettiness from Misty was funny as Muk is hugger so will be funny to see it cuddle with the grossed out sisters
This will make things interesting for sure
Looking forward to the next chapter
8/26 c82 epantoja521
Nice chapter
8/26 c4 torbenefb95
nicknames Rip, you Actually want readers to remember names
8/25 c82 thor94
fun chapter, so basically no one caught their canon pokemon.
8/25 c82 17griffin blackwood
Omg the perfume worked! I love the mon swapping as most fics keep thinks canon except for the additional captures
8/25 c82 12Cyan Quartz
Heyo Scrimbob, good chapter here. The perfume arc is still going strong I can't wait for Ash compete in Orre's Cologne Case Decathlon.

Magnemite has to be my favorite Electric type Pokémon, I just have a lot of fun memories of it in the forest level of Hey You Pikachu! and Pokémon Snap's caves. I used to think Magneton was cool, I at least liked the name, but nowadays I prefer just Magnemite. Carnivine overall is my favorite mon.
8/25 c82 2Dragonkeeper10
Another good chapter. Good to see Magnemite and Muk staying on the hero squad. Although imagining the Cerulan Sisters gaging at Muk was nice. Also glad Ash got Magnemite. I do understand why they wanted to keep to one catch per episode in the original with Muk, but I always felt that Magnemite should have joined the squad, and in this AU, he has joined.
8/25 c82 DeathCrawler
nice chapter and will this muk be as "cuddly" as he was with ash?
8/24 c82 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome update
Love every scene of it
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
8/24 c82 5Selet
the reason everyone is rude or worse in Kanto is because the show was actually going to be far darker than it turned out to be. the plan was for the anime to actually be a lot closer to the Manga is now. The Indigo League had a ton of subtle and not so subtle signs that people were far more mean and cruel if you know what you're looking for, both in the games and the anime. the Orange Islands and on was far more peaceful overall and crime and such was more of a joke than something smashed in your face and blatant like it is in Kanto.

that idea was basically scrapped by the end of the Indigo League though, because what they didn't expect is that Pokemom rapidly topped the list as a children's show. if they continued with their idea of making the show dark then they would be forced to restrict it for kids. and kids made up more than half of their fan base. so the games and anime itself toned it down and became more childish and playful. which was probably their smartest move and it made Pokémon into the largest media industry in the world.

so all those dark themes you see really are there. it was the producers slowing introducing us to the darker side of the pokemon world before slamming it home full tilt on us as it went further.
8/22 c68 4axios
overall I like the humour in this fic.

but above all else frenzy is my favourite thing, just the kevel of crime against nature and pokemon battles he is as a hole and if I'm right the fact he's never been fainted is impressive.

More of the best boy.
8/18 c16 Passing guest
The story is fun and entertaining though all of those real world reference's really mess up the reading flow as they're elements that doesn't exist in the pokemon world.
Is like saying Ash is going to visit the McDonald's besides the PokeCenter is somewhat fun but makes zero sense.
8/19 c81 epantoja521
Looks like Team Rocket's staff will increase
8/19 c81 29Luckenhaft
I feel like at some point all the help Ash, Darkrai, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are doing for Team Rocket is going to come back and bite them in the face.

I a
8/17 c81 Reader
Great take on the Biker episode
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