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12/21/2016 c9 Maerk Andrew
I am guessing he will be. But please! Let Ash be smarter here, well least with Pokémon.
I see he isn't smart on naming Pokémon. Twice he remembered Pokémon don't like having two names and confusing themselves yet he doesn't remember!
Been pretty funny so far!
Wondering? Will there be Pokémon he catches that won't be deterred by Darkri?
12/22/2016 c9 150Vismur
*Wriggling from laughter*
I imagine Brock's face after being defeated, especially by the way I underestimate them, is just too much fun.
The Rocket team is having allies thanks to Darkrai ... oh, I hope it does not become problematic, but knowing the fate of Ash ...
And our favorite tsundere is jealous, I know it is, it is useless to lie, I know.
And Pikachu to the defense sticking first, asking after.
I love this guy and his friends.
Thanks for the new chapter.
12/21/2016 c9 Yana5
Great story. :)
12/21/2016 c9 2Hunter Redflame
Hmm... Skipping over the Brock Gym Battle? Not the rarest choice, but I personally like the character interaction. MOAR Rocket Pokemon, this time the actually dangerous Beedrill swarms of Viridian Forest. Whelp, hope Pikachu learns an A.o.E in the future... Also, Darkari in denail. This is good, just wonder when his eventual Ash's pokemon-ness is going to cement. (Normally, this is a risky move giving Ash a cemented legendary companion, but the slow progression and current status quo make a better support of sorts for it.) Also, Thunder Rat Learns Demeaning Face. I aprove! In any case, good job. Another good chapter to the story!

Hunter Redflame
12/21/2016 c9 14PerParallel
Haha, oh, that was good, thanks for the great chap! Nice how you added a reference to Scooby-Doo by means of Furfrou-Doo. It was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger, and I still like it.

Oi, Team Rocket is getting stronger...Dang. And I'm glad Ash won that gym battle, that was nice.

Great job, I will definitely look forward to more! :D
12/17/2016 c8 150Vismur
Yes, a big creepy snake that will surely look like a kitten, at least to Ash.
It was very nice to see Ash trying to bribe Nidoran with food, the things Ash can do with this type of Pokemon, (he has a bit of resentment in the games, damn poison-type pokémon, ehmm), as I said, I'm very anxious To see the face that will put Brock when Ash finally retains it.
(Evil laugh)
Cof cof
And look, Misty is starting to feel Darkrai's Tsunderes vibrations.
I really like the chapter, thank you.
12/15/2016 c8 Anonymous Person
I wonder if I can actually say a pokemon is Tsundere? Darkrai sure the heck is giving me that impression, though in all seriousness I actually can't fault Ash's reasoning saying he wasn't scary but cool. After all, I really can't say I think Darkrai is that scary either, in fact when the movie first showed I'm also guilty of thinking Darkrai was really cool though sorely misunderstood by the town.
12/15/2016 c6 15gryphonsson
...I was not expecting that bit with Team Rocket. (The bit with Route 1 considering them heroes, I mean. I saw them blasting off coming as soon as Darkrai spotted them.)
12/15/2016 c2 gryphonsson
Snarky Darkrai companion from day 1... this is going to be EPIC. And I do not use that word lightly.
12/14/2016 c8 3RavenHairedSpectrobeMaster
Me like me like.

This is really good, actually. Darkrai is very amusing. Keep going, you just earned a follow and a favorite.
12/14/2016 c8 14PerParallel
Heheh, so it seems our favorite Darkrai had a part to play...Good choice, interesting Pokémon for Ash. And now that Gym battle may seem pretty good...

Great chapter, I have nothing else to say because I am speechless with amazement! :D
12/14/2016 c8 24Harmonious Wolf
Yes~~~ I need more of Misty being suspicious and almost catching Ash's interactions with Darkrai. And just excepting it as another Ash-oddity XD
12/9/2016 c7 Beautiful-Liar13
love it Darkrai is funny and Jessie James and Meowth trying to get Darkrai I cannot wait to see how that goes
12/8/2016 c7 150Vismur
Fanfiction trolls me
That Ash, it seems that you can use the "please" to your advantage, you only have puppy eyes and will be everything ... wait Darkrai is a tsundere ...
Magikarp vs. Metapod is the best battle of the century, I did not think it was going to happen this way, but it's been fun to imagine it in my head, Magikarp is going to have its moment, why am I thinking about Godzilla right now?
I liked the chapter very much. Thank you.
12/8/2016 c7 2Hunter Redflame
This is good, filler chapters are one of the more difficult aspects of good storywriting, but this is good. It kept my attention throughout, and even put a different twist as to why the beedrill were indisposed! (Of course, there is the whole aspect of Game Logic in the Anime World... But I digress, it was done well.)
All in all, a solid chapter. I look forward to the next one!

Hunter Redflame
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