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4/16 c1 71Jiggly Wess
It may not have been what you wanted to write but it turned out pretty awesome anyway. Very enjoyable one shot I loved reading it great work
10/27/2016 c1 tommyjude21
Loved this! It was playful, serious, and romantic at the same time. I love vulnerable and honest Tommy just as much as I love cocky and full of himself Tommy. LOL! Tommy is Tommy and Jude is Jude, they had some rough times in the show and in your stories, but they really did/do love each other and you are so good at portraying that with your stories, this one included.
I am curious though, what you intended for this story, because this was really good and as I've said with most if not all of your one shots, I think you could continue the story.
After the angst ridden story you are currently posting, I think you should do something fun and light hearted for you and for us. This was a good reprieve. I love Tommy and Jude. Thank as always for sharing your amazing talent! I hope you keep posting new material for a long time yet. Looking forward to your next update and story!

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