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for The Lost Report of Mystic

5/4/2018 c1 21Going to enjoy this
How dare u try to get me banned If anything u show be banned u violate site ruled by putting up disgusting sick fuck fics with incest rape u are the biggest hypocrite there is and yet u have the gal try to get me banned u fucking prick since you were bitch I took down Ur fic but you continue to abuse me I will make you pay I will plagiarise every one of your fic and even if it gets banned all it takes is one minute to create an account I will make you wish you never Fuck with me I will not be bullied anyonire been bullied all my life and even raped but this ends now

RApist prick like u get sex while amazing guy like don't even got never got even kiss on cheek this is so unfair

Also you are a sexist rapist prick consider ING how many rape fics you write and slow a sick fuck and complete psycho u write incest clown

I don't deserve this bullshit I am an amazing guy and the world has wronged me only thing I had is this and you ruined it. I hate you you are the reason I don't want to live anymore

There is no law against plagiarism and I haven't done anything wrong all fanfiction is plagiarise of jkr I hate you and your fans they are sending me death rape and racist threats I don't even want to live anymore

U cunt this one thing I had that gave me joy and you ruined it. U fucking one thing that had me going and you ruined it. I hate u I hate this world I don't even want to live anymore u ruined everything hope someone crucios u haaaawq ...f.f.f.f

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