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18h c12 MoonEyes8706
Man this is one of my all time favorite stories. I really wish it was updated...
6/23 c12 39leprekan187
Nooooo I need more! Pretty please?
5/9 c12 36A for Antechinus
Wow, i've never read this pairing before, but you have me hooked. Not sure if you will finish the fic, but I hope you will. I really enjoyed the story so far.
4/19 c12 Guest
I know you will update when you can but please pretty pretty please with chocolate covered cherries on top on the biggest ice cream sundae you have ever seen can a few more chapters please I will forever be indebted to you please I am not beyond begging if needed.
4/19 c12 emmabrady
I hope you add more to this..
4/15 c12 Guest
Please please please come back to this story at some point! I love rereading this wonderful world you've built!
4/14 c12 Guest
Absolutely one of the best charmione fanfictions I've ever read I was devastated when I got to chapter 12. Pretty please with a cherry on top continue the story I'd absolutely love to read more.
2/25 c12 FlyFreeForever
I had no idea I would love this story so much! Charlie and Hermione are so good together! Started this as a break from my addiction with Hermione and Death Eater stories, and its Sooo good! Eeek!
2/21 c12 liasora
I need to read the next chapter. Over-all, I loved the plot line and all the concept that is Dragonsmeade! I also loved how you portrayed Charlie Weasley. It is intense and captivating at the same time. Please, update soon. I will be eagerly waiting for a new chapter! Thank you for sharing such amazing story.
2/20 c12 liasora
Oh Charlie, now you just dig your own grave. lol
2/18 c12 mimisemily
Big big fan of all your stories, this just so happens to be one I hadn’t considered before
2/18 c12 mimisemily
I love love love this story. I didn’t know I liked Hermione and Charlie together like that but you write the tension between them so well
2/17 c4 mimisemily
I fucking LOVE Charlie!
2/15 c11 1XxxChelaxxX
Can't remember if i'd reviewed this one or not...
Sending it some love since it is outstanding in its glorious amazingness.
Possessive, aggressive Charlie and strong Hermione is totally going to be one of my new tropes.

Can't wait to see Amy either come around or bite it. There's a dragon mass migration, the ever awkward "Do you wanna move in?" question, the budding sideline romance between two tamers, a baby potter, and the sizzling sexual tension...

What more could anyone ask for, except another chapter :)

Can't wait.

- Chela
2/15 c12 scarlettangel11
Holy. Hell. This story is bloody amazing! Like dude the writing, the tension, the action. I love how Hermione is still bookworm ish but still quick on her feet and not afraid to do what she needs to for the dragons. And charlie is freaking awesome with how you've described him. I can't believe I'm just discovering this story. I'm invested in this story and I'm grateful you put it out there
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