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6/10 c12 1SlytherinInToxicKat
I really hope you update soon! Love this story!
6/10 c12 CoZoeKay
How fun! This was my favorite chapter so far. I know your chapters have been coming out slowly, but I hope you haven’t given up on this story. It’s been really fun to read!
6/6 c12 1bondgirltrb
love this story. please come back to it!
6/2 c12 AerynMistaya
very well written. I'm so loving how you write the interactions with dragons.
6/2 c12 3Wolvess
Absolutely love this story. Can't wait to see how hermione and Charlie's relationship progresses xx
6/1 c12 1kitkat982
Please update soon! I love this story
5/26 c12 viola1701e
the next chapters should get really interesting;)
5/24 c12 draco'snumber1slytheringirl
Please, please, please continue this book. No words can describe how brilliant and wonderful it is. You're such an amazing writer and I adore all of your stories. I really hope you can update this story. Thank you for writing the wonderful things you write. I don't know how many times I've reread this story.
5/23 c12 Snickerdoodle97
This is incredible! :D
5/19 c12 ace1777
Gah! So fucking good, every time! Absolutely knocked it out of the park with this chapter.
5/15 c12 Guest
I love your work! I can’t wait for more chapters of this. I keep coming back to see if it’s been updated. You’re definitely one of my favorite authors!
5/12 c12 Notahugger247
This is so awesome! More please!
5/10 c12 2All is calm
This is the best Charlie/Hermione fanfic I’ve read.
Really love that the dragons get more than a passing mention and that C and H don’t immediately fall into bed together (well technically I guess they do but) hoping for loads more chapters (soon?) to find out what happens next at the sanctuary & to watch them finally admit their feelings. Pretty pretty please update.
5/2 c12 Guest
I loved everything about this chapter! The bonding over failed hook-ups was brilliant.
4/28 c12 Danielle.vball
very eagerly awaiting your next installment!
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