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for See What You All Have Done?

11/11/2016 c1 11FoxyGuy87
Just to clarify, the story is feral. I know that it has some anthro elements but it's feral. Just wanted to say this because some people may get confused.
11/6/2016 c1 2Nbspower
good story and it would cool to have this plot in a zootopia fanfic
10/30/2016 c1 4Spirit Omega Wolf
I found it good to read. however gor really confused really quick. At the start it sounds like a feral A&O story. then in the middle it turned anthro the at the end again it seems like its feral again
10/30/2016 c1 The Return of the Enclave
Good job on the story but to me it was a little funny than dark. That's me but you have a good day.
10/30/2016 c1 4OmegaWolfSaint
Well. I would say this is super tragic and sad and everything, but, not saying this is bad at all, I've seen a few more depressing. And dark. But the thing is, I mean, wow. Just... Dang.
Probably all I should say in the reviews, Besides how great this was, and how mine will never be this good.


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