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for The Stripper and Diner Guy

6/7/2020 c66 1lorelaidanesgilmore
Pls update the story! I know it’s been a few years. But this story is too good to be left unfinished!
6/2/2020 c66 bbscotch08
Aw man Rory is such a brat. Far out this is amazing and Lorelai is so strong.. Great story, and Chris what a dock.
2/26/2020 c1 Shezdog15
12/1/2019 c66 1lamentable-libra
Please update! Amazing story and amazing writing!
9/20/2019 c66 Hetwaszoietsals
Just could not stop reading! What a fantastic story, emotions running high! I hope you find the time and joy one day to finish it.
10/14/2018 c66 meganalise29
I never usually review stuff but I just wanted to say that this story is really good, as are a lot of your other ones and I hope (even though it seems unlikely) that you will continues it :D
6/24/2018 c66 5Halle Alexis
I love this story! I thought it was completed for some reason and now I realize it isn't and it's been a while since you've updated; are you planning to continue it? I know it's been a while, but I really, really hope you will. It's a great story and there's so much left to tell.
2/7/2018 c53 12cecilia.dryan
Please update update whenever update
2/7/2018 c52 cecilia.dryan
Please update
9/5/2017 c66 IowaHawkeyeFan
I hope there is more to this story! Really enjoyed the unique storyline and path you took to get here.
8/28/2017 c34 Guest
Oh, now I'm having 8-year old flashbacks. This was my Mother's preferred method of punishment on car trips. Great story
8/7/2017 c66 Guest
Please update. Pretty please with a cherry on top!
7/17/2017 c66 Guest
I morning this story! Please update with more!
7/2/2017 c32 1marthapreston4
Confused why does the 10 talk like he is six. They do not call there mom's mommy at that age
7/2/2017 c28 marthapreston4
Luke is annoying in this its not lore fault his sister is a deadbeat why isnt he mad at the sister for abandoning her kid
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