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9/9/2004 c1 Shannyn
Hi there is a family at my church that just had a baby girl. Well somthing went wrong when the mother (Vanessa) was pregnet and she had to have the baby (Airabelle) at 30 weeks. Airabelle has heart problems and it will be another three or four weeks before she can get surgery. Can you please pray for he to live? Her name is Airabelle Garcia.

Thank you
2/6/2003 c2 38Songbreeze Swifteye
another great poem! so true. like wind, we cannot see God, but we can hear Him, as He speaks to us. when you hear wind howling, is it the sound of the wind itself? well, sometimes, we can hear God calling us to Him, i think at least. anyway, good job on this. God is really like a gentle breeze. well, keep writing!
2/6/2003 c1 Songbreeze Swifteye
wow...this is a great way to describe the Trinity! you couldn't have put it better! i'm glad i have the Light in my life. yeah, God puts our hearts on fire with a passion for Him. well, good job on this! keep writing!
2/6/2003 c2 Smiley-Bear2
This one reminds me of the one I wrote on the wind it is so true! Good job. Thanks for the reviews. K/Writing
2/6/2003 c1 Smiley-Bear2
I never thought of it that way good point! Good job! Keep writing!
2/6/2003 c2 Chaos of the Scythe
I have always loved the comparison between the wind and God. You know He's there because you can sense his presense. It's exactly like the wind. Another awesome job!

~Heart of the Sword
2/6/2003 c1 Chaos of the Scythe
Awesome work! I love the imagery you used.

~Heart of the Sword
2/5/2003 c2 Paramount
Are you saying God is the result of a warm and cool pockets of air meeting? I'm confused . . . the wind is easily understood and proven. . . very unlike God.
2/5/2003 c2 Minnie Mouse2
I don't quite understand the one about the candles, but I think it's beautiful. You made a great point about God being like the wind though.
2/5/2003 c1 moose8
it kind of makes sense. i havent read the bible though. ya, it made sense. i bet this review doesnt make sense either. how dysfunctional.

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