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11/28/2019 c6 Shirosaki Kizuro
Kinda a minor plot hole here. But Shirou mentioned that he fight Gil with his Aura depleted. But in previous chap, he just unlock it
7/26/2019 c8 1Takedo
Oh c'mon... It was pretty decent and it turned out to be dead.
3/13/2018 c8 1Nero Syrinx
Please don't make Jackie evil, she's one of my favorites... Begging aside, this actually pretty good. Normally these crossovers just add Grail wars and make Shirou appear in Jaune's body. This is pretty good though.
10/8/2017 c8 Ryoji Mochizuki
6/6/2017 c7 ChaosRune
The fic started ok, but it's starting to focus in too many characters
5/27/2017 c8 lazyguy90
Interesting Stuff.

Keep up the good work.

And yes, multiple POV's tend to muddle things up a bit. You could try to clarify it George RR Martin style. Preface each POV section with that character's name so the reader knows who they're following.
3/27/2017 c2 1BanTheFairyKing
Avenger's shit though. How did he cut off Qrow's arm?
3/10/2017 c5 2Diaspared
I mean, "Shirou" is most likely Avenger. It's pretty hard to miss.

I suggest using as few spirits as possible; thus, no Mordred.
2/15/2017 c8 Guest
Very interesting fanfic please update soon
2/1/2017 c8 3coronadomontes
buen capitulo-good chapter
1/25/2017 c6 Falvern
Hmm. I honestly liked where this story was going up until the introduction of Ko-Gil. And even then, my opinion only soured due to how the fight turned out. I was honestly expecting a more serious confrontation (be it physical or verbal) between them (even if both are merely children right now). I realize that this Shirou wasn't close to Illya in UBW, but with having some memories from his HF counterpart, and being who he is, I expected him to fight harder against the man who blinded her and ripped out her heart. Maybe that's just me. Interesting story overall though.
1/24/2017 c8 Galer
Good chapter

well gilgamesh is aparently more nice probably for the potion of youth
1/24/2017 c8 TimeDiver
Yep, separating the chapters did a whole lot of good for easing perspective whiplash. Still iffy on whether including Tsukihime-elements will work out in the long-term, but 'going with the flow' for now.

Bit more expansion on the whole 'Why isn't UBW manifesting properly', but still open to ALL the implications. And much lulz on Fuji-nee's Torashinai making a most appropriate cameo, and Yang wanting alcohol already...

Going by an extrapolation of Shirou's own assumption on the nature of Aura back in Chapter 5, I'm still sticking with my 'either a Heaven's Feel-route Shirou or Miyuverse!Shirou's soul was summoned-and-bound-as-his-Aura' theory.

Addendum: Is Shirou technically (biologically-speaking) at Yang's/Weiss'/Blake's age, or two-or-so years younger like Ruby herself?
1/24/2017 c7 coronadomontes
1/24/2017 c7 Guest-kun
Several (possible) mistakes made in this chapter, Vampire!Vlad cannot use Kazilkli Bey: Lord of Execution (B-rank Anti Army/Unit) when in vampire form, instead it becomes Kazilkli Bey: Bloodstained Demon King (C-rank Anti Unit) which is significantly more weaker and even then the stakes would be an instant kill since they add the concept of 'skewered' which causes even more stakes to erupt form their body, thus killing them.
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