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7/12/2020 c16 Shifuru
Dang, really wished I could have read Semiramis murder Dumbledore.
4/21/2019 c15 138Quatermass
A shame this was abandoned. I remember seeing part of this story, and tried to track it down. I didn't find it until now. I'd adopt it myself, but I'm not that interested in doing a Semiramis-raising-Harry story anymore.
1/10/2019 c15 jamesvconnolly
i do wish that rather then setting this story to complete you had left it as tagged unfinished. maybe put a notice in the description that it is abandoned?

i was most disappointed to find this chapter. this story is grate!
4/29/2018 c16 raonidbg
Are there any news about someone taking over this? Really looking forward for it
3/5/2018 c16 FirstThaumaturgy
A moment of silence indeed...
2/28/2018 c16 5The Indominator
A moment of silence for this story...
2/28/2018 c16 fellow
It was a really interesting story while it lasted. Thank you for the hard work that you put into crafting it. :)
2/28/2018 c11 AmethystPone
Ya know...I feel like Harry has been living in a much more magical environment than wizard with that one sentence...I live in the fortress in the sky.
2/28/2018 c3 AmethystPone
Unless Harry was doused in the Cursed Fire of Angra Mainyu and remaded by Avalon...and awaken his Origin. No, Harry can never be quite as distorted as Shirou.
Shirou thinks like a sword, acts like a sword, abeit living one. He seeks like a sword too. He seeks purpose, end-goal, dream, his role, what have you, and Love even if he doesn't know it (Or his scabbard, teehee).
2/28/2018 c2 AmethystPone
OH yes, all that and reaction speed, movement speed, all that good stuff...HP wizards aren't really magical combatants...As in having super-human capability...HP wizards are more or less human with magic a person with gun can win against relatively easy.
while magus combatants are...well, superhuman that even if you have guns, it is not particularly effective. That, and Magi while a bit behind the time, are actually much more in touch with the modern world.
2/28/2018 c1 Shurukkah
I hope you’ll post a notice once someone pick it up
2/28/2018 c15 4Leon Midnight
Darn it! It was a great story too... *sigh* Would you consider putting this story up for adoption?
2/3/2018 c14 guhgiog08e9rhiogoiheg98whgiogo
Awesome story, shame you're discontinuing it, but I'll be looking forward to the rewrite! Would you be willing to post an update for when it's out?
1/26/2018 c15 Dracowoman
besides how passive Harry was towards the British after being bound to a contract. I really enjoyed this story
12/1/2017 c15 Ramax Viscurio
Ohhh... thats very sad. Well, it is what it is. If you are going to make a rewrite, then i'il paitently wait. Anf if not, well, maybe someone else comes up with a good new story with some of your ideas.
I liked the portrail of Semiramis, aswell as the use of Japanese-Style Magic.
Good job, maybe there will be a next time :D
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