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for The Red Swordsman: Shattered Fragment

4/1 c16 Bluenite
Bro the story is awesome to read and u actually complete the story instead of leaving it half done which I like very much, also ur the only person (other than anaklusmos16) who got me so interested in their fanfics because of one story, one story and I'm hooked. Really God job
3/31 c2 Moon knight
Damn boi when u said the prologue was 1/5th of the first chapter, I didn't expect it to be soo long

Really nice story
3/22 c5 andrenunes1
Hey, I'm readying through your fanfics because I find them interesting. Originally this one really annoyed me because it a lot of events happened differently, but I realised that's one of the points of a fanfic and look at it as it own story at least partially make the whole thing very enjoyable and I hope you create more fanfic.
6/4/2020 c30 Ethan Kironus
Litrosh better be a Red-Eyes Black/Baby Dragon. Jump Force doesn't have nearly enough Yu-Gi-Oh! in it. And if you add in any non-Jump Force elements, I second Fate/Zero-that Thousand Rain skill of Rain's from Lost Song is just a blue version of Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon.
5/26/2020 c30 1Joeclone
What a perfect way to end this wonderful story! How far along are you in writing the sequel? I haven’t played Jump Force but I just got Fatal Bullet. How will you handle an Online MMO version of JF? Like Xenoverse I assume but with powers randomly given? Hope I can figure out a way to put my character somewhere.
5/25/2020 c30 TriforceHero
Here we find ourselves at the end of another Well Written SAO Story. Mataras, I cannot thank you enough for honorable mention at the end of the story, it makes me very proud to know you appreciate your readers and followers. Hard to believe its been over 3 years since this story was started, and it has been a privilege to see it as well as your other SAO stories through to the end. I cannot wait for June to be upon us where we will join our Team on their next adventure, and believe me when I say that I will be there for every part of it! Until then, stay Healthy and Safe and I will see you all in Lost Wish!
5/25/2020 c30 1Naruto Sakura Uzumaki
I really appreciate your thankfulness! And I did NOT expect Shonen Jump's "Jump Force" game to be the next crossover! I've good memories and bad memories with them.

Ironically, "Naruto" was what got me into anime and manga in the first place (besides Yugioh and Pokemon). However, the ending of "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden" and the sequel "Boruto" is what ruined the series for me... I still like Jump, but I am officially done with the Naruto series as a whole. The 4th Great Ninja War arc and Kaguya arc took WAY too long, yet the ending itself felt rushed... I may not like the series anymore, but the moves and the fights were still great!

Ok. Ranting is over. Can't wait to see what you do in the next installment with so many characters! IF my OC ends up in the next story, then I would like to be one of the Yugioh characters, preferably Seto Kaiba. Yugioh was my TRUE first anime.
5/25/2020 c30 2SilvrSkyline
This was... nice.

I can't say much more, not in a critical fashion anyway. I'm not exactly in a position to criticise someone with multiple quality stories while I have yet to get anything past a minor one-shot out.

Anyway, I doubt you'd recognise me, I've since changed my Username from when I last reviewed, though my most notable one was on Toa Of Aincrad- Especially since you recommended your Doctor Who one-shot to me.

Either way, I've grown since I started following this story. I've grown in ways that I can't possibly figure out, maybe that was due to influence from this story or maybe it wasn't. I don't care either way.

This story is great, Mataras, don't you dare let anyone take that away from you.

It's influenced me, and it has probably influenced a great many others. I can't say that it was all in a positive manner, I can't possibly know if it is though I can say it helped me, if in only a minor way.

I... probably won't continue onto Lost Wish, for the simple fact that reading a Jump-Force crossover is uninteresting to me. I'm not knocking your choice, you probably like Jump-Force after all. I will, however, be waiting for the next story of yours that interests me.

It's bound to be a good one, after all.

I won't say much more, this is getting rather long, but as a send-off- or rather a "See you later"- I will say this.

Keep moving forward.

In whatever endeavour you decide to pursue, just keep moving forward until you reach its end.

Be Unyielding to the Absolute End.

-A Skyline Of Silver Ice
5/25/2020 c30 6Marcus Cersy
Thank YOU my friend for giving us another grand adventure that isn't even over yet! Although they only had a few background appearances, Ion and Angel were done well.

That being said, Ion and Angel would happily dive into JFO for some fun. Please consider inviting them back for new appearances. If you ever want to use them again, they will follow you.
5/25/2020 c30 2KiroZen
And thus the curtain closes on the death game.

I should really add something more dramatic here but my Muse has been uncooperative for a while now.


Excellent story, looking forwards to the continuation.
5/18/2020 c29 Ethan Kironus
That was really something. It's (half) because of this story that I'm going to be hearing "My Most Precious Treasure " in my head for the next while; if I ever get around to my own SAO story, I know that it will not be worse than it is because I had this to inspire me. Also random question: is the number after the /s/ in the url randomly generated, or is it the story's actual place in all the stories on this website? Because that would make this the 12,214,505th story on this website.
5/17/2020 c29 TriforceHero
Hard to believe in 1 more week this story will see its end. Its sad, but they say all good things come to an end eventually. Looking forward to see how you wrap this story up and how we see the characters re-adjust to the real world after 2 years trapped in the death game. I'll see you in a week for the ending of Shattered Fragment and will hopefully be the first one to Lost Wish. Stay Safe and Healthy Mataras!
5/17/2020 c29 1Naruto Sakura Uzumaki
Man. This was a bittersweet chapter... I was laughing during ending scene, but crying during the middle and three-quarter parts of this chapter. You are an amazing author indeed my friend. I'm glad to have been with you the entire time, even during the start of your "Toa of Aincrad" story. However, now I am REALLY itching to find out WHAT the crossover will be with for the next installment!
5/17/2020 c29 1Joeclone
So good! Such clever twists and creative banter! I don’t want it to be over yet, but it’s great to know the title of the next one!
5/13/2020 c28 Ethan Kironus
To be honest I didn't pick up on a single clue, at least consciously. I just thought that it being Crimson or otherwise a new Hollow of Mataras was the most likely scenario, going by Mataras' own line of reasoning. The chapter is great; also liked the Inheritance Cycle reference with the sword's name. I still can't help but feel it might pull a Ganglari...
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