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for Garfield Phenex: The Green Flame

2/14/2018 c1 Guest
Wew, i like this story
10/1/2017 c1 wolfofeternalnight
Need more its my teo favorit fandoms...cmon
9/9/2017 c1 3phantomkage
Continue this story dude
7/7/2017 c1 manticore-gurl071134
cool start! will it be continued?
6/10/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also have Starfire give Sirzech an armor piercing question that if Loki kidnapped his son would he be a concerned father first and a devil king next or a devil King first and a concerned parent next when he's saying he's a devil King first and a concerned brother second after Loki kidnapped Rias. Also can you put in Miu Ousawa, Chikage Izumi, Haruka Nanase, Kuzuha Duomoto, Ryouhei Uesaki and Minani Aihara from Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero in my Teen Titans/ HighSchool Dxd Fanfiction crossover to help The Teen Titans, Titans East, each individual honorary Titan and Rias's servants fight villains from both the original Teen Titans cartoons and Highscool Dxd as well as Beast Boy and Speedy flirting with Miu due to her beauty aand how her shyness makes her cute.
6/10/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also have Raven help Gasper learn to control his powers her ways by teaching him to meditate and in pacifism and submerging his emotions so that they'll be easer to control after he has the best day ever with Cyborg and bond over them having similar powers that they're afraid of using their and how they can't control and have Raven tell Rias that her making Gasper train to control his powers won't do any good, cause more problems for both him and everyone else and make it even harder for Gasper to control his powers not only that but traumatize him as well as and might end up biting all of them if not handled properly along with telling her she's going to make a big mistake leaving others to deal with Gasper and ignoring his needs instead of trying to help him deal with. Also during Starfire's He Who Fights Monsters Speech to Rias and her family have her give Rias and her family the Gremory's including Sirzech, her mother Venelana, her father Zeoticus and Grayfia a calm brutality honest The Reason You Suck Speech pointing out how flawed they are, that their not incapable of making mistakes and have negative traits like how the Occult Research Club frequently worships the ground they walk on and shower them with praise and compliments, that Rias is constantly weeping about living in her brother and Grayfia's shadow yet doesn't do anything to achieve great feats of success to prove she's worthy of being recognized that she's capable of inheriting her title and live to her brother's reputation, how she doesn't live to up everyone of her servants praise, her and her family's pride and that she's far too late to realize she blew it as well as despite all the affection and compassion her and her family posses for their servants they lack any empathy for them to understand the suffering and pain her servants experienced and that her love for her servants is possessive, stingy and controlling as well as entitled and that despite knowing them for a long time she has nothing in common with them only being her friends through circumstances and owning them and telling her what Raven said to her about her giving up on Gasper and finding him a lost cause but in her own calmer brutally honest more perceptive comparing ways and how her making Gasper train his powers without being there for him and assisting him in dealing with mastering his powers will make things worse for both him and others and is going to backfire with the trauma and mental scars he suffered from the training she put on him and not only be a big mistake but also a considerable failure due to how unhelpful and neglectful her decision to leave others to deal with Gasper and focus on her social standing is as well as give Sona a calm brutally honest yet indirect The Reason You Suck Speech pointing how she isn't the greatest or most perfect person or master as well as her being a enormous jerk towards others to Rias and that Rias is somehow blinded to Sona's flaws and pointing out Tsubaki's flaws to. Also have Starfire tell Kiba that he isn't nothing without Rias or the Gremory's and that he can do greater things than serve her showing much of Starfire's wisdom and intuition. Also have Beast Boy introduce Gasper to tofu and treat to an all you can eat tofu buffet as well as not criticizing or ridiculing his fear and aversion to drinking blood and empathically telling that him not drinking blood is like him not wanting to eat meat because it's cannibalism due to him changing into different types of meat producing animals means he might eat himself leading Gasper to love tofu and non-meat foods like vegetarian pizzas and tofu burgers.
5/23/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also have Raven tell Rias that inviting the Excorcists Irina and Xenovia isn't a very good idea and that she should think before doing it and think about how bad or negative her decision to let the Excorcists in the club room effects and that she needs to be suspicious and wary of them because being friendly with them doesn't end well as well as telling Rias she should've question Sona asking her to allow the Excorcists in and Sona wanting her and Rias to go to their secret bathing room with Tsubaki and Akeno instead of going through it as well as pointing out that Rias shouldn't keep secrets from her peerage and discuss with about how it might end bad or good before she goes through with it as well as not being that sure if doing what Sona are good ideas. Also have Raven tell Rias that her ignoring Kiba's thirst for vengeance and disregarding his hatred for Holy Swords and his past with them will only end up doing more harm than good and Kiba could fall to the dark side and cross the lines between good and evil resulting in him doing something really amoral and ruthless like seriously harming multiple innocent people or becoming evil and try to kill us if we don't do something to help him with it also saying that she's taking it too lightly and foolishly not seeing what might come back to bite her in the butt as well as telling Rias she is relying too much on her wide-eyed idealism and belief that it's something unimportant and doesn't matter to realize how badly this situation is. Also during Beast Boy and Raven calling out Rias, Akeno and Koneko after their and Kiba's fight with the Excorcists have Raven tell her that neither she or Sona are that smart and capable of making mistakes and/or screwing up like with the Excorcists and that Rias is a coward who hides under her position, high class social standing and servants devotion and respect for her so that she can get of the hook as well as that she's incapable of realizing when she's at fault for her decisions either because of her servants praising and compliments to her, her refusal to admit she was in the wrong or childhood friends of similar social standing making her feel good about herself which she thinks the person whose not at fault at fault and blaming them thinking they're in the wrong and she's in the right not realizing she caused the problems in the first place. Also when Koneko says she doesn't like keeping secrets from Akeno have Raven tell her isn't that what Rias, Sona, Tsubaki and Akeno did to us making Koneko say she's right and that does sound hypocritical now that you think about it. Also have Raven call out Rias, Akeno, Kiba and Koneko for keeping Gasper locked up not to see how he's doing or if his conditions are better and call out her fellow peerage for agreeing on Rias's decision to lock Gasper up and leave him their neither feeling sorry for or bad for what they did to him saying just because they're fellow members doesn't mean they get to isolate him because of his powers and treat him like a danger towards others it only shows that fear his powers not showing concern for his wellbeing or feelings as well as calling out and criticizing Rias's decision to have Beast Boy and her deal with him and have them train him so that he can control his powers instead of helping him make his life better telling Rias it's she lost all hope with him and given up on him as well as slapping Rias on the face for not apologizing towards and not bothering to making him happy and that your doing what your told you to do lock him until it's time only made things worse for Gasper.
4/14/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also have Beast Boy refuse to ditch Asia when the Occult Research Club decide to leave not caring about Asia's feelings or her safety with him saying that Asia's gonna stay here then so is Raven and I with Raven agreeing with his decision making Rias's peerage try to get him back to the club and separate both of them from Asia by Koneko knocking out Beast Boy and Raven so that get back to the club room only for the three other Titans Robin, Starfire and Cyborg to intervene with Starfire pinning down Koneko defeating her and the fellow Titans battling Rias and her servants for Beast Boy and Raven's choice to help Asia, their rights and free will and so they won't lose the two again with Raven and Beast Boy joining the fight resulting in the Titans becoming the victors and bringing Asia to the Titans tower to be heeled and well fed with Beast Boy and Raven declaring to Rias's peerage that they are and will always be part of Teen Titans meaning that you can't do anything about it. Also have Raven and Beast Boy call out Rias, Kiba, Akeno and Koneko for being so harsh and indifferent towards Asia just for being a nun and wrongly judging because she's made a pact with fallen angels as well as Rias for being discriminative and bias for Asia because of how she is also saying that Asia has done nothing wrong to either her or her peerage yet you still treat her like mud and desert her when she needed it the most due to your self-righteous predijuice towards religious people and having a Black and White view on Hell, Heaven and Religion thinking that religious people aren't good and are agatonistic foes because of them being religious and have Beast Boy call out and critize Rias for telling him to forget about Asia and let her suffer and die with him punching Rias in the arm for sinking as low as to not caring about her wellbeing and safety giving her an earful for her selfishness and lack of empathy towards Asia as well as her being unfeeling, spiteful and cruel to her giving Rias the Reason You Suck Speech in the process and calling out both Rias and The Occult Research Club for ignoring and not bothering to protect Kuoh Town and lacking any concern for tons of innocent people living there being threatened and in peril and Beast Boy and Raven telling Rias that the Titans are their true family and their part of the the team because he and Raven will always be true blue Titans who stick together and preferring to be with the Titans instead of the Occult Research Club also saying that being a devil and servant to a high-class demon isn't cracked up to be as it is and it's not as great as it seems choosing to be a human and members of Teen Titans because at least with them they know what their doing is right and that they don't act all self-righteous and opportunistic saying that being on Rias's peerage and working for her family not that glorious as it seems followed by Raven slapping Rias for using their roles in her peerage against them and smugly and entitledly forcing them into staying with her and her peerage and Beast Boy that he and Raven with the other Titans saved the world countless times and are experienced heroes resulting in Kiba, Akeno and Koneko to question their part in Rias's household, wether their involvement with Rias and her family's luxuries and the actions from them do good or not, how that could've been on them and how heartbreaking and saddening if nobody bothered to help and save them and did Rias really recruited us in her peerage out of good intentions and to help us or because they could be of use to her and her family and that she's a high-class devil whose the younger sister of the King Of Hell meaning she has tons of privileges including being allowed to have them as well as despite what Rias's mom Velenea taught Akeno, Koneko and Kiba is serving Rias and her family really that cracked up to be and agreeing with her and her family's on their motives, actions and decisions actually changing both the world and hell for the better or the worse ( Koneko and Akeno will do it again during the Holy Swords arc after being called out by Raven for sucking up to Rias and her family and being fine with doing nothing but letting Asia get bullied and almost harmed by Irina and Xenovia) and thinking about becoming honorary Titans and staying in one of the America's states like New York or Florida for a while and fighting crime and villainy with them having cool names like Sword Master, and Smasher Kid. Also when Beast Boy learns of Gasper's past from Rias have him and Raven decide to bring him to Titans Tower to meet Cyborg so that he can make Gasper feel great about himself and be happy with Cyborg making Gasper have the best day of his life going to arcades, watching movies, going to amusement parks, seeing Baseball and other sports games eating food from the concession stand, spending time at festivals and fairs, drag racing, going to carnivals and playing carnival games, playing pranks on Beast Boy, traveling on blimps to see the world up above, visiting and exploring other countries like France, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Peru, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Germany, Jamica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Carribeans, Brazil, Switzerland and Sweden, playing video games, seeing boxing matches, wrestling matches and martial arts tournaments, going to zoos, traveling to and visiting Hawaii and all other fun and exiting stuff like bowling, having barbecues dancing at dance parties and after all that have Beast Boy take him to Tokyo to show him to his fan girls where they gush and fall in love with Gasper because of his ears making Gasper feeling more better than ever was and also after that have Gasper wish he could've of spend his life ( including childhood) like that instead of being scorned and shunned for being half vampire and that due to that Sierchez and Rias locking him up because they must keep him up under surveillance due to his powers revealing that he believes he deserves that due to him being a abomination which results in Cyborg being empathetic towards Gasper's past and telling him he knows how he feels with him telling Gasper about his past from the original Teen Titans comic including how his mother died from a incident with a galactic portal creature from his parents lab,how he became a cyborg, how his home environment and his friends treated as viewed him as and his strained and rocky relationship with his father and that before meeting his fellow thought himself as an abomination ( and saying that he still does) and Raven joining in comforting Gasper about his past and her tell him about her past including how her father Trigon and her mother had her and how she grew up knowing that she might cause Judgement Day for the world making Gasper smile that two people understand his pain and have Cyborg tell him that he's got something extraordinary that Rias and her family lacks which is humanity while the Gremory's are well known for their love and feelings to those close to him you have something even greater and stronger than that even before you become a devil was from you being part human as his human side is what makes him a strong capable and great person not that you bishop of the house of Gremory or a reincarnated devil. Also have Starfire give Rias a He Who Fights Monsters Speech comparing her and her family to the people and pure blood vampires as she was forced to lock him up and did so without question fearing his powers and not bothered to apologize or make up for making his self-esteem lower than it already was making Rias realize what she and her brother did was wrong, cold and did more harm than good to him after finding out that Beast Boy sent Gasper to Titans Tower to have a happier life and give him confidence wanting to make up for it and that her promise overdue and didn't fulfill it as she was more concerned with the outcomes of his power rather than helping him with his feelings. Also have Cyborg reveal his past from the original Teen Titans comics to Akeno after hearing about her past and how she grew up hating herself and everything he told about his past and Cyborg tell Akeno that she like Gasper has something Rias and her family didn't a human side which made her powerful, brave and strong before becoming a devil the fact that your half human makes you special, unique and amazing for you are and that at least unlike him she looks completely like a human where he looks like a cybernetic robotic weapons who looks threatening and dangerous making Akeno thank him for understanding her pain and be proud of her human side and want to keep it because it makes her special. Also have Cyborg fight Baraqiuel for trying to harm and attacking Gasper and wanting Akeno to embrace her fallen angel half and forget and lose her human half resulting in Cyborg defeating Baraqiuel and sending him flying with his sonic cannon. Also have Robin meet Kiba once again and tell him that he's not with Rias or her family but wants to help him defeat Gaper and Freed but without becoming like them and telling Kiba there's a line of good and evil and that he likes Kiba almost crossed the line and that he's preventing Slade from Kiba his apprentice and that Slade's involved with the Holy Swords and wants to stop him before he uses them to take over the world and Robin telling him about his past from the original Teen Titans comics including him losing his parents and being trained by Batman and telling Kiba about his failures in stopping Slade and how he almost crossed the line as Red X not only losing the battle but almost losing his friends which touches Kiba and makes him smile as well as thank Robin and allow him, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg to join him in destroying the holy swords and defeat Kokabiel, Gaper and Freed. Also have Raynare reform and Atone for her actions and become an honorary Titan called Danger Light who uses her fallen angel powers for good
4/8/2017 c1 danielm366
you butchered it a bit, try to keep the spelling consistent and correct if possible, keep the fic going tho
2/12/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also after Raven, Beast Boy and Kiba's fight with the excorcists have Raven tell Rias that just because Beast Boy and her are servants of her household doesn't mean they are her yes-men and pushovers who agree with her on everyone one of her choices and never question her actions, decisions and motives like Koneko and Akeno who don't have the balls to call out either Rias or her family for their actions when they're questionable and are frequently kissing up and sycophanticly pleasing Rias's family including Rias herself and tell Rias just because she's the heiress to the Gremory household who took us in as her servants and was kind to us doesn't mean she gets to unashamedly act like a sanctimonious, entitled, high n mighty, obnoxious and ungrateful Royal brat who lives off her families title and inheritance and smugly rubs in the fact that she gets to do whatever she wants to do them because she's their master and that they serve her as well as spitefully and self-righteously reminds them of place as her servants in her peerage and rubs salt in their in their with not only telling them that but also showing that she has lived a great life with a joyful happy childhood that hasn't witnessed any tragic or tramutizing in her past by callously and mercilessly telling us that she's never going to do anything to help us with dealing wit it and solving our problems and overcome our traumas because your more concerned with your social standing and not wanting to face the political repercussions at all and uses excuses like she can't do anything to help you with it because she doesn't want her family's and brother's name tarnished and then reason they can't leave her is not because she cares about them or about them but because they're servants of her clan and peerage meaning she's not allowing to leave at all because of that. Also have Beast Boy and Raven give Rias the Reason You Suck Speech to her about her devotion and faith in her biology family and if your so loyal to how you are as a Gremory and that your the heiress how come her Brother Sierchez didn't rescue your from Riser's clutches or did anything to from suffering from the rating games made you witnessed including helping you be free of him, how come neither your parents didn't protect from having her heart broken or what Riser was gonna due to you, how her mother or father just watched as their daughter almost had her life ruined, suffered from a being engaged to a horrible husband, witnessed something traumatizing from the ratings game and made her watch Riser's peerage harm her peerage and how come Grayfia didn't apologize or made it up to her for getting her and her peerage into that mess by suggesting a rating game with Rias as first prize and let Rias's peerage get harmed and threatened yet you still forgive for what they put you through and wanna keep their family name intact making Rias no better than her family. Also have Raven call out Akeno and Koneko for being Rias's sycophantic suck ups who don't call out neither Rias's family for their questionable actions or decisions like getting them into that mess with Riser and agreeing with either Rias's and her families decisions that'll benefit Rias's families reputation and lifestyle not for the better of the world or of good intentions like helping those in need and witnessed far worse than others and are really that desperate to please Rias's family as well as fine with being their boot lickers including willingness to prevent Rias's family's name from being ruined and keep Rias from dealing with political repercussions going as so far as to almost constantly agree with her decisions like not helping Asia and keeping her safe from the two exorcists when her life being at stake and her problems with the excorcists bullying and taunting about her faith in God as well as believing what's necessary to clean her of her sins was much more important and more serious than Rias's family name being tarnished and Rias might having to face political repercussions. Also have all of the honorary titans including Pantha help the Teen Titans, Titans East, Beast Boy, Raven and Rias and her peerage fight fallen angels, rogue devils, other devils and others who might threaten both the world and the underworld like evil gods such as Loki and stray devils as well a the Titans villains including Brother Blood, The Brain, Control Freak, The Amazing Mumbo, Mad Mod, Plasmus, Johnny Rancid and Slade as well as the H.I.V.E Five.
2/10/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also have Raven ask Asia if she was really fine with Rias, Koneko and Akeno not being the least bit worried with defending her from the excorcists doing nothing to make it up or help her out and why did she easily forgive them for neglecting her safety and feelings and allowing Irina and Xenovia to attempt to do something really bad to her and nearly let her die just so Rias will preserve her family name instead of caring more about their friendship with her and the times they had as well as not being reluctant to put in danger so Rias won't have to face political repercussions. Also have Raven ask Asia that did she really believe it was necessary for them to be perfectly okay with sacrifing to the excorcists beliefs and predijuice and how com she doesn't feel hurt or betrayed by Rias's decision to ignore your suffering and well-being telling because she should because it looked like they took advantage of her trust and bond with them and used her beliefs and past against her. Also have Raven tell Asia that she should have a word with Akeno and Rias on choosing to allow her be mistreated and almost executed by the two excorcists Irina and Xenovia and ask about what's more important Rias's high-class devil status or the friendship they share in the peerage as well as asking Rias if she really understands to have a past filled with suffering and sadness and does she knows what it's like to experience the discrimination, the misery and what she's been through from her painful past including losing a home and being shunned by those close to her, living with no food, shelter, comfort or love at all, being alone all her life with no protection or anywhere to go and losing all hope in the world and that Rias if she couldn't know what it's like to have such a hard and troubling past suffering the hardships and tell Rias that when she done nothing to help her or make it up it felt like she was rubbing it in that she lived a happy great life and hasn't understand what trials she been through due to having everything she never had before friends, family and good childhood which it makes it even more heartbreaking and hurtful that wasn't there to comfort her and make it up for her being fine with Rias leaving Asia to suffer and have her heartbroken from the excorcists emotional attacks and willing to give her up for her family and brother's name rubbing salt in her wounds. Also have Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg as well as Starfire call out and give Michael to archangel an earful for what he did to Asia and his treatment of her including neglecting her suffering and pain as well as calling him out for his willingness to have the needs of a many outweigh the needs of a few and how hypocritical it is with Raven correctly pointing his flaws including using pacifism as an excuse for your actions and that he's basically living in the lords shadowalong with brining up the holocaust, ancient Egypt's slavery of the Hebrews and Ancient Rome feeding many Christians to lion in gladiatorial areas as well as that Isreal might be wiped off Earth for good and telling Rias that she and Akeno are no better than Micheal for nearly letting Asia get killed by Irina and Xenovia so that Rias will avoid political repercussions and that her brother's name and family's reputation will remain intact and Cyborg giving Micheal a lecture on humanity and how meaningful it is and Raven pointing out to Rias and Akeno that they're too unwilling to call out Michael for his mistreatment and the pain and suffering he inflicted upon worrying that'll effect Rias's status as High-Class devil and saying just because Micheal is a great leader and an archangel doesn't mean you can easily forgive him for his unjust action towards Asia and find nothing wrong with his actions at all making Micheal extremely remorseful and regretful of his actions and wanting to make it up for Xenovia and Asia. Also have both Cyborg and Starfire fight Baraqiuel and beat him up when he attack their friends including Beast Boy, Raven and other of the titans including honorary titans like Speedy, Aqualad, Argent and Kole and Gnark and you don't know what it's like to discriminated or to lose your humanity you think humanity is bad and you too unwilling to give up your wings because your too proud of being a fallen angel and call him out for calling viewing him as a abomination because he's part robot and say do you think I like being part do you I have suffered people seeing me as a monster for so long and it made me telling Baraqiuel he has crossed the line attacking his friends and discriminating for him unjustly which ends with Starfire rendering Baraqiuel unconscious and sending him flying to which after Robin arrests him and puts him jail threatening the citizens of Jump City so he can fight Cyborg just of a misunderstanding of what Azazel telling him about Cyborg and his friends. Also have Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire called out Sierchez for allowing Loki to capture Rias his little sister and not doing anything to save her just because of his reputation as the king of Hell and Starfire also giving him The Reason You Suck Speech on his priorities like being King over his siblings and what family should mean to him. Also have Beast Boy stand up for Saji and call out Sona for her mistreatment of him and how miserable you make him and calling out Tsubaki for helping Sona make it worse for Saji and she constantly agrees with Sona's view on as well as how Sona views Saji as and telling her she treats like a slave and a scapegoat having very little respect for the poor who work hard for her and being truly to her for very long giving her The Reason You Suck Speech to her making her realize how awful she treated him and that she needs to treat him better with Saji asking Beast Boy why with Beast Boy saying because he was treated just like that in the Doom Patrol with Mento having realize that he didn't know that and thanking him for that.
1/28/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Also for my Teen Titans/ HighSchool Dxd crossover Fanfiction idea have Starfire tell Rias that despite being there when her longtime peerage members and friends were around that unlike them she and her family hasn't suffered any trials or tragedies in the past before due to being raised in a life of luxury and happiness and being sheltered therefore incapable of knowing what it's like to have a dark past as well as telling her that while she is compassionate she isn't truly empathetic which along with the fact she has not witnessed any traumatic experiences and lived a sheltered life of happiness and luxury is doing more harm than good to her peerage members like Gasper, Asia or Koneko and that she believes there's nothing she can do to help them is making things worse as their problems haven't due to her not keeping her promise of making them happy and not actually living up to her promises more concerned with her social standing, high-class devil status and lifestyle and nobility than truly cheering them up and assisting them in solving their issues and problems. And have Starfire tell Rias that there something she can do to help them she doesn't get an epiphany yet and that how her and family got her peerage and Occult Research Club members of her household was more getting Christmas gifts or pets you adopt at store than actually doing the right and following your heart as well as for political and nobility gain and that she has everything that her servants wanted or never got: Friends, Family, a happy upbringing, a home, shelter and comfort, childhood that was happy and positive, a great live with loved ones and never been tortured, abused, shunned, exiled, homeless, starving in the streets and cold, alone in the world surviving, discriminated, experimented upon, mistreated, betrayed, hunted by others, abandoned, attempted to be assassinated, enslaved, tramutized by witnessing any scarring from war or lost any of her loved ones including family meaning that she doesn't know what it's like to have a very sad past. Also have Starfire tell Rias that she's unable to realize despite her brother being ruler of hell for centuries the corruption in the underworld or how the world truly is and is unable to understand what it's like to experience paid and tragedy in her background life her fellow peerage members who had dark pasts before in their as well as while she does help them it's only when it's dire to her like keeping her household or affects her status as a high class devil of noble birth rather than the goodness of her heart or her own conscience and have Starfire tell her that despite being the next in line for Tamaran she like Rias's servants has been through a tragic past being raised from a warlike planet that was attacked by enemie visitors which results in her being captured and brought as their for months thus knowing what's like to been through in the past and was betrayed by her own sister who helped the enemie aliens enslave and capture as well as mistreat her. Also have Cyborg give Akeno a speech on humanity and why it's so important to him as well as tell her his past which Akeno points out as very similar to hers and that Akeno shouldn't let being a devil or half fallen angel take away any of her humanity and why being human makes her and so many other people special because of what they can do and how balance her fallen angel half, devil half and human half.
1/6/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Can you make another Teen Titans/ Highscool Dxd crossover Fanfiction where Raven and Beast Boy become a part of Rias's peerage with Beast Boy as a pawn and Beast Boy as the main character. Also have the other Titans meet Rias and her peerage.
1/5/2017 c1 Jack Whitty
Can you make another Teen Titans/ HighSchool Dxd Fanfiction crossover where Raven and Beast Boy become a part of Rias's peerage with Beast Boy as the main character and as Rias's pawn. Also have the rest of the Titans in this Fanfiction crossover helping Beast Boy and Raven as well as Rias's peerage fight fallen angels, other devils that are evil and wicked, diabolical mythological figures such as Loki, Hades and the old Satan faction as well the Titans villains like Brother Blood, Slade and The Brain as well as Control Freak, Mad Mod and The Amazing Mumbo. Also have the Titans East help both the Teen Titans and Rias's peerage fight the villains. Also have Rias, Akeno, Irina, Asia, Xenovia, Rosswessie and Raval have a crush on Aqualad and fan girl swooning and humorously competing over him while still in love with Beast Boy. Also have Beast Boy chew out Rias and Grayfia in arcs such as The Holy Sword Arc for preventing him and Raven from saving the world from villains, saying that he and Raven are servants of the household instead of her friends or real family, letting Asia get bullied and attacked by Irina and Xenovia and despite rescuing Rias from suffering a horrible life with Riser she's still chooses to show that she's a Gremory and not give it up for her loved ones ( her friends) as well as calling out Grayfia for not doing anything to save or make up for letting Riser treat Rias badly and getting him, Raven and the rest of the peerage in this mess. Also have Beast Boy and Raven poke fun of Riser and says he's like Control Freak another couch potato with squandered powers he doesn't use and have Riser Phenex act and behave like both Jack Spicer and Control Freak and be the butt of the jokes like him ( or have the actual Jack Spicer replace him as the main villain of the rest of season/ volume 2 but with his main ambition being to rule the world). Also have Wuya and Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown be in Fanfiction as main antagonists who oppose both Rias's Peerage and The Teen Titans. Also have Beast Boy chose to be a Titan and apologize to Rias for leaving her saying forgive me but Raven and I are Titans and it's our jobs to fight crime hope we can still be friends. Also have Robin track down Kiba and says he understands what having someone or something that haunts your past because he also wants to take down and get payback at somebpdy telling that it's Slade and it's been haunting him ever since. Also have Starfire compare Kiba to Robin and how similar they are to each other to which Kiba says she's actually right. Also have Brother Blood as a leader class fallen angel yet also have the Titans still be able to battle with him (or Slade as a leader class fallen angel who tries breaking Xenovia, Irina and Kiba by talking to them). Also have Beast Boy and Raven call out Akeno and Koneko for questioning Rias's decision to have Execorcists in the club room and not giving her an earful for allowing Irina and Xenovia to vellifying Asia, picking on her, making her suffer more and attempting to kill Asia as well as for joining Rias in ignoring Asia's pain and feelings when Xenovia and Irina are emotionally hurting and almost trying to destroy Asia worrying more about Rias's familiy name, her position as a high-class devil and her political inheritance as the next lord of the Gremory household than Asia's feelings and well-being as well as saying what kind of friends allow others to bully and attack their friends whilst being more concerned with their social standings and name of their families instead of their comrades lives and happiness and not apologizing and not feeling bad for Asia when she was heartbroken and mistreated by Irina and Xenovia just standing there and watching taking nods on Rias's hypocrisy. Also have Koneko feel guilt about letting Asia get bullied and almond hurt by Xenovia and Irina, realize that Beast Boy and Raven are right, apologize to both of them, says she wants to make up for allowing Asia to picked on by the Execorcists, wants to help Beast Boy, Raven and both The Teen Titans and Titans East destroy the Holy Swords and help Kiba take his revenge on them, decides to be a join the Teen Titans and maybe become a honorary member of them so that the Holy Swords yet have Irina and Xenovia keep theirs, help Kiba make sure that his friends death will be avenged and not in vain and stopping Brother Blood ( or Slade) from using them to Take Over The World and kill a whole lot of lives as well as make a alliance with Irina and Xenovia. Also when Xenovia, Kiba and Irina are chasing Freed and Gaper have Beast Boy, Raven, The other Teen Titans, Titans East and Koneko ( as well as Saji) follow the three of them, search and find the two stray Execorcists, help Kiba and the two Execorcists fight Brother Blood ( or Slade), Gaper and Freed and go back to Titans Tower after defeating Freed ( who escapes), Gaper and Brother Blood with the help of Azazel and his apprentice ( which Brother Blood gets comically mad that has to ruin his plans, show him up in everything and appear just when he's about to finally take over the world and interfere) where Robin shows him his room full of things on and stuff that's related to Slade having Kiba decipher that Robin truly is obsessed with catching and defeating Slade to which Robin says yes he is he's aware of that but doesn't like admitting it with Kiba pointing out that they're ( Robin and Him) not so different after all. Also during the arc where Gasper's introduced have Cyborg and Raven emphatise with Gasper because Cyborg had a similar past being discriminated by his former friends and environment and Raven because how her powers and backstory is alike towards Gasper's and have Starfire, Raven and Cyborg tell Rias that her and her family are no better than either the vampires or humans back in Transylvania due to the fact that instead of comforting Gasper and helping him deal with his problems with both humans and his powers she locked him up, isolated him and making it harder for Gasper to love himself not only that but also despite promising giving him a happy life Rias promise to fulfill that is empty and because she kept him hidden and locked up it's only making more terrified of the world and of others as well as his powers saying also that because of how her brother wanted Gasper to be locked away and where there are no people so he won't be a threat to them and instead of questioning him and seeing how badly that'll affect Gasper you did what he asked you to do and ignored Gasper's sadness and misery ever since until the time you guys needed him it makes you see him more as property or a danger to everyone instead of a person and a loved one and that she and her family has not felt bad or want to make it up for Gasper for isolating and not giving him the happiness he needs and deserves making Rias and her family be shown as not exactly Good Samaritans as well as Cyborg giving Rias a speech on humanity and how special and important being a human including telling Rias she never had the luxury of being one here's or giving up her heritage, pure devil blood and her status as a high blood devil to feel what being a human is like as well as both Starfire and Cyborg telling Rias she has been discriminated or shunned by people meaning she doesn't know what it's to be ostracized or face predijuice. Also have Gasper comically mistake Beast Boy for a green vampire which tells him he's not a vampire but was a human and have Beast Boy realize that Gasper Valdi is the same person whom he chats online with, play video games connected with and plays on the Internet and be pleased, suprised and exited to finally meet being friendly and nice to him. Also have Cyborg and Raven wanna help Gasper with his problems and make his life easier for him showing empathy and care and when Gasper asks why they're doing this have Raven and Cyborg say they had similar pasts like him with Cyborg saying that like Gasper he was discriminated in his home environment, family and friends due to him being part robot infuriating him and that ever since then he hated being part machine and Raven saying she was born as half-human half-demon daughter of Trigon with demonic which she's been trained to control fearing one day she'll become a portal for her dad to come back to Earth and conquer it as well as she was trained to her emotions and hide them so they won't cause the end of the world knowing this ever since she was kid making Gasper smile and say thanks I'm glad that two people know what's it's like seeing themselves as freaks. Also as part of helping Gasper with his problems have Cyborg and Raven tell Rias to leave him alone he's already tramutized as it is and that constantly scolding him non-stop isn't going to help him it will make hate himself more and worse things will happen to both him and everyone else possibly stopping the world in time as well if she doesn't leave him alone and that they'll help him and encourage him in a nicer and more helpful way that won't make it harder for him to use his powers and that he'll be happier and more confident in himself. Also when Beast Boy is playing video games with his client have the client reveal himself to be Azazel and Beast Boy tell Raven and the rest of Titans that Azazel's in the room with and that he needs his friends help the fight Azazel transforming into a Cheetah or Tiger ready to pounce on him and the Titans ready fight him Robin with his batarangs, Cyborg unleashing his sonic canon, Starfire ready to fire her starbolts and Raven prepared to use her demonic powers. Also have Titans East meet Azazel while training with the Occult Research Club Speedy with his arrows, Aqualad with his hydrokenis, Bumblebee with her stingers and Mas Y Menos with their speed ready to punch Azazel. Also have Titans East, The Teen Titans and The Occult Research Club go to the Underworld meet Rias's parents ( with Beast Boy, the other Titans and
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I liked the idea it's actually pretty cool
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