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10/29/2020 c22 3fanficfanatic711
You made a slight typo in this one. You wrote “an Egregious menu allowed them to pick different meals” Egregious means terrible. I love the story btw
9/22/2020 c100 darkrai
cool pearlshipping story with hot ending
8/16/2020 c100 9Creedsz6
Thank you for the wonderful story
8/7/2020 c100 wiser one
well capturing legendary pokemon and pearlshipping was good though i would recommend two shot of aftermath for
remath between ash and tobias. ikinda expected him to be
a champian of his home region kanto
7/18/2020 c22 7PearlxAdvance
So far, this is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy your style a lot and your character development is incredible. I feel lucky to have found this tome. It is a low chance to find such an amazing read on this website, and stumbling upon it was a very lucky find indeed. Cheers!
7/2/2020 c32 rameliztwentyone
Shadow puch doesn’t miss?
7/2/2020 c32 rameliztwentyone
Shadow punch doesn’t miss? Are you sure
7/2/2020 c31 rameliztwentyone
May I ask why dis Ash stop team rocket from capturing wild pokemon? They are wild pokemon. They are not stealing
7/2/2020 c31 rameliztwentyone
Dawn didn’t have to know about Moltres. Ash even promised to Moltres that he will not tell on it
7/1/2020 c28 rameliztwentyone
gym leaders pokemon provided by the league? What? haha i know its a fanfiction but still
That’s really not how gymleader system work haha

And conference every 6 months? Lol first time I read this idea. Lol

Last one, ash not required to get all badges again? I know thats how it is in the games, but come on, thats just so you can grind levels on the elite four.

7/1/2020 c27 rameliztwentyone
Lol ash always saying he’s the only one who can get to someone. What is ash, an psychologist?
6/30/2020 c24 rameliztwentyone
Lol very original jacen
6/30/2020 c24 rameliztwentyone
I skipped the battle. Boring
6/30/2020 c22 rameliztwentyone
So despite Ash’s training in mt. Silver he still thinks the same way as others about type effectiveness when he had actually proven before that type is not everything. And Pikachu can’t finish the battle quicker? Nice training
6/30/2020 c20 rameliztwentyone
Lololololol you are so against this Jacen guy when he is actually cool that way lol you really have poor taste
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