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12/30/2019 c6 Dallace
Fantastic story! A lot if good points about Veronica and her relationships.
Thanks for sharing!
5/2/2019 c6 nikthornton
Reading this made me realise there really wasn't all that much Logan and Wallace and now I feel like we really missed out something special, great story this would have been a fantastic ending to the original series.
9/20/2017 c6 1AmyPC
I LOVE THIS STORY! Logan and Wallace building a friendship is the biggest hole in canon, and this, this right here, is the answer! Thank you for this! I hope you write more stories some day, I like how you think! Cheers!
11/7/2016 c6 2mallow87
I really enjoyed this story. I can get behind a Wallace fic finally!
11/5/2016 c6 AnilCadz91
Wow I love it! I love the confrontation you had between Wallace and Logan at the beginning (and that Wallace won!), I love how you made Wallace realize he hadn't really got to know L before, I love how they work together to find Gory and how you made Logan force Jake to do something, I love you have him confront Veronica, and he made her see her mistakes! And I love this epilogue! You made me cry when V made her tearful confession. It's a great AU, one that helps Veronica to realize her flaws and that gives Logan another chance and it's especially great in its use of Wallace, I love his POV during the whole fic. He was seriously underused in S3, and here you make him help V with the video, and help her realize what's she's lost. I seriously love the friendship he has here with Logan, and how he got to understand him and see how he and V are made for each other.
I like this Wallace, it makes sense the way he acted here to the Wallace we saw in the show (the one in the movie was so anti-Logan :( it made me sad to see him so angry at L 9 years after :( ).
Really great fic :)! I don't know why I hadn't read it before, but it's really good.
11/3/2016 c6 Guest
Loved it
11/5/2016 c6 3frenchbobcat
You pick up and process an important side of Veronica : the fact that she compartmentalizes her differents friends. Not a lot of fic are about this matter, It was interesting to read. So thanks
11/3/2016 c6 NVMF
I liked this... I liked Wallace and Logan working together and I like that Wallace finally called Veronica out on some of her issues. The end part where Logan and Veronica faked Wallace out made me smile. There aren't too many fics where Wallace is the primary narrator, so that was interesting. Nice job!
11/2/2016 c6 guest
LOL they tricked him. Poor Wallace. I'm glad she told him everything she loved about him, it was the one thing I wished canon Veronica did.
11/2/2016 c4 guest
Maybe it's time someone confronted her. Those two work well together.
11/2/2016 c1 guest
Ugh I felt bad for Logan too...he just loved her too much and she was hell bent on pushing him away
11/2/2016 c6 Guest
Wonderful story. Really wish the writers had gone this route!
11/4/2016 c6 67Heavenli24
Just read this on my phone last night, so popping by now to leave a review :).

Loved this story - I liked how you focused on Wallace and explored his relationships with the other characters here. It works really well, and I think you got the characterisations spot on :). I could totally see this happening in the show. I also liked that you tackled Veronica's issues here - with her compartmentalisation and separation of the different parts of her life.

Great job - looking forward to reading more from you :).
11/3/2016 c6 labroussard
Absolutely adorable!
11/3/2016 c6 15Johijoha
ok, that was super cute and emotional and sad and beautiful... and despite the fact I love happy endings I think I would have prefered if Logan had stayed strong and told Veronica to take it slow. Very slow. I think at this point of Veronica's life she probably needs therapy before she is able to have a healthy relationship with anyone let alone Logan...
Anyway, I loved your story and especially that you had Wallace be the one to set V straight.
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