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4/11 c16 sweetpea4662
Thank you for all your hard work and creativity I am very grateful for your entertaining story and would like to see hopefully more of it sometime in the future
3/12 c1 blackthorngirl85
hi I have found and lost this story a couple times, now that I found it again I was wondering when the next chapter will be out? I really want/need to know what happens next
3/6 c2 Guest
Love this story but does it exist anywhere else?
Like wattpad or we novel?
Read this once but then I couldn't find it again before now 2-3 years later.
11/16/2021 c1 Sapphire Simmons
when is the next chapters coming out. I love this book so far and I want to know what HAPPENS next please
11/12/2021 c64 jgood27
Love the story and can't wait to read more
11/11/2021 c64 lucky333123
I hope you continue!
10/12/2021 c37 airunee
Margays are frcking adorable thank you for introducing me to them
10/12/2021 c16 sweetpea466
I really enjoy your story and hope for more in the future thank you for all your hard work
10/11/2021 c7 airunee
Yesssss thank you for including Bucky I absolutely love him
10/10/2021 c43 3FredrickWeasley
All the Greek was correct, and I should know I read and write Greek

Είναι μια καλή ιστορία μέχρι στιγμής.
10/9/2021 c39 cassnova5424
I loved white collar
10/5/2021 c64 Guest
Hi i love this story so much and was hoping you would continue it i have re-read it many times and love it more so each time I read it
Hope to see more for you soon
9/29/2021 c63 1SixFtWookie
I must say, if you never do manage to continue this wonderful story I am still happy that you spent a long time writing it, and that I spent a much smaller time reading it. I hope the slow grind of the apocalypse lets off of you for a time, whether or not you choose to use that time writing. This was a delightful story, now I'll see if you wrote anything else I want to read.
9/26/2021 c20 2psychotic-olaf
How is it that everybody immediately knows it’s a basalisk when they are supposed to be supper rare and illegal?
8/5/2021 c63 10hunterofartemis126
This is definitely one of the best Harry Potter and avengers crossovers that I’ve read so far. You’ve managed a nice balance between the two, which many authors just don’t seem to manage. I hope you’re able to write again soon, I really want to know what you have planned next.
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