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10/9/2020 c64 1KatTheCorgi
Hey, take as much time as you need! Don’t rush yourself, and don’t worry about us. We can, and will, wait. You’re health is much more important than this, and any other, story you’re currently writing. Every writer deals with writers block, whether it lasts just a few hours or a multitude of months, it’s still writers block and it’s what we writers gotta deal with. Take care of yourself first, and then write to your hearts content when your writers block finally goes away!
10/9/2020 c64 pupstarstar
I'm happy you are feeling better.
10/9/2020 c64 4MaybonMarion
Oh i can't wait! This is seriously one of the best crossover fanfiction i have read, no joke. Love it!
Take your time!
10/9/2020 c64 3LadyCroft.Undead19
I'm very happy that you're feeling better and returning to writing!
All the best wishes for you and your family, stay safe out there! And don't forget to prioritize yourself! The story is amazing and I love it to bits, but you're the most important part! So take your time, as long as you need!
We'll still be here to cheer and enthusiastically read your awesome fic goodness!
10/9/2020 c64 Wow1mTheBoss
I'm glad that you decided to write again. This is one of the stories I really enjoyed a lot. Hope you're doing better
10/9/2020 c64 1setokayba2n
Great! Another good story that is going to continue
10/9/2020 c64 TeddyBlake
YAYYY ! I’m genuinely happy to now that you find your muse again, or at least that you’ll « mentally healthy » and inspired again :)
I’m eagerly waiting for an update to your incredible story, but I do not want to put pressure on you. I’m honestly just glad to read that you are back and that I will be able to read more of this fic.
Take as long as you need to continue these quality work, I’ll be there to read it for sure !
10/9/2020 c64 Guest
Please continue ,,This Gonna Be Good Remix''
10/9/2020 c64 JayBird993
Welcome back! Can't wait to read more from this story. I just found this story a couple days ago, and I fell in love with it. I rarely find stories about "Harry" going back and starting over with a new life. Again can't wait to see what comes next!
10/9/2020 c64 Trialmasta
I'll be totally honest I didn't expect to ever see an update when I initially followed this fic. It was exiting and amusing and dramatic and I loved it. But it had already been more than a year since it undated before that point. So thank you for coming back to this, I really appreciate it!
If you ever desire to brainstorm try PMing me and we can bounce ideas.
10/9/2020 c64 1Amber0522
Omg yay! I’m so glad your doing better!
10/9/2020 c64 7HeartlessVampireGirl
Whoo! I’m glad! I’m happy you’re feeling better. I was just thinking about this story the other day and remembering how much I loved it, so I was super surprised to see your author’s note. Happy, but surprised. There’s no rush to update the next chapter btw! I just wanted you to know I was glad you’re coming back to it and that you’re alright.
10/9/2020 c64 3Nariem
Yus! I realy love this story, I try to re-read it as often as I can! Welcome back!
10/9/2020 c64 Jacques Bernier
WELCOME BACK! OMG I am really happy that you are comming back to writing, and to this particularly, I have been re-reading it at least 2 or 3 time a years, with hope you would come back, so much i love it. I hope you are in a better place in your head and that it stay that way. As i said and rambled welcome back.
10/9/2020 c64 comodo50
Hello author, I doubt you'll read this but anyway...

It is important to work on one's mental health, specially thinking how shitty everything is now atm, almost everywhere. Hope you can continue doing so, and happy to hear that you feel like writing again. I used to write small stuff, that only best friend read, however at some point got swamped with uni and never did again, so, kinda know what you mean, a bit I guess.

ANYWAY, hope everything goes well for you


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