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4/22/2019 c2 Guest
Good story about the victims of war.
9/24/2018 c2 1TheFloristFriar
Beautiful and haunting. Love these stories that focus on other portions of the universe. 10/10
8/31/2018 c2 ffntfy456
I like this one. Simple, to the point, and it's not about the main characters. I always like stuff that fleshes out the world.

I've got alerts turned on so I'm looking forward to any more about Malfoy Manor.
11/19/2016 c1 ffntfy456
Well done. I wary about stories with OCs but this got me interested right off the bat. I'm looking forward to the second part.
11/19/2016 c1 Runecutter
Not a bad setup, but it suffers from the vagueness of it all, the disconnectedness of the miniature-scenes (or maybe 'vignettes' would be a better word for it?) and their own sketchiness... It is hard to feel empathy for your characters when all you have is a name and a vague idea that they are Slytherins around the time of the Marauders at Hogwarts...

Still, trying to give the "faceless" but not Voldemort supporting snakes in THIS setting (where the enmity would probably have been close to a blood feud as all around them people were killed or vanished due to the war going on and here both sides have their kids and they can run into each other every single day...) is a good concept and with a bit mor efleshing out and making them more into living, breathign human beings, this could turn out a great story.
11/5/2016 c1 1Radio Free Death
[There would be a full moon tonight. And the stars would light their way back to the castle.]

A full moon would also provide light, a lot more than stars could.

[and dad'll go along for her sake."]

Dad should be capitalized here since it's used in place of a name.

[He couldn't shake Lucy Hollingsworth from his head. They'd hardly ever spoken. He didn't know much about the girl—hadn't even known her father was an Auror until reading it in the paper—but the image of her face crumbling as hear heart broke haunted him. Wherever she was, Silas hoped she was well. As well as she could be, at any rate. He thought about his own father and his little bookshop off Diagon Alley, and he couldn't help but imagine himself in Lucy's shoes.]

I really like Silas. So far none of the Slytherins are into this blood purity thing. Even with the knowledge that one of their own had a halfblood for a father. You can tell the knowledge of someone's death, even by someone Silas hardly knew, affects him deeply.

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