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8/18/2017 c7 2Cook1ez
I haven't beat the game yet so now I'm glaring daggers at my friend Solas, and curious about how you're going to have the big reveal of "In from the future, everything is fucked in my timeline a lot more than it's tucked in the time line only me and Dorian have seen."

I like the way this is going and I look forward to more. (I love Solas so I'm curious if he will be a villian throughout this or if we shall bring him to the light.)
1/28/2017 c7 6YaoiHellian
Aw the poor tortured munchkin. I just want to hold him and squeeze him and kick solas into the fade. Oh well thanks for the update.
1/28/2017 c7 whrr.trudy
poor guy, I truly feel sorry for him... I can picture how thrilled and then gutted he will be when he first runs into Dorian and realizes that this Dorian doesn't know him.
1/22/2017 c5 4Angelic-Demon96
please please please right more! this is pure gold!
12/16/2016 c5 6YaoiHellian
I literally screamed when I got to the end of this chapter. PLEASE continue, I haven't read a well laid out back to the future like story for DA I'm very excited to see where this goes. Thanks for writing.
11/19/2016 c5 whrr.trudy
*bounces up and down excitedly* yay a new chapter :)
fun as always and lol I can totally see that happening!
11/10/2016 c4 whrr.trudy
Enjoyed the chapter :)
and a very good point... always thought it was silly not trying to talk to them
11/6/2016 c3 whrr.trudy
oh my, I was so engrossed I almost didn't notice clicking next chapter :)
Thank you for the treat of two entire chapters! I really do love your story, and I can just picture how hard it would be to not speak of something you Know will happen... hmm I could see our favorite dwarf being a fellow conspirator, he has seen more then enough sh*t to be able to come to terms and help him not mess up to much and say something... or maybe not, lol ya never know :) and oh what horrors I don't think the dear has realized that this Dorian doesn't know him
11/4/2016 c1 whrr.trudy
ha, oh that is fun I do hope you continue this :)

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