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6/4 c15 ValiantError
loving this so far and I can't help but feel like Cinder is Miyu. Shirou has no idea when or where Miyu arrived in Remnant and considering Cinder's backstory as an Orphan and the likeness of both characters, it would make sense
4/22 c14 Of the Worst 3
"Can you stop that? It's really creeping me out. I'm gettin' weird déjà vu vibes here like I've had this same conversation and-"

Did Torchwick meet Archer at some point?
4/21 c4 1Trapdere
This Shirou is an asshole. His holier than thou attitude towards both Weiss and Cardin, his deliberately dodgy way of talking to his friends, his lack of respect to the lecturer and all his petty insults together makes him worse than even this fic’s Weiss.

Then the world bent over backwards to treat him as the second coming of Jesus anyway.
4/5 c15 viviangonzales326
This fucking awesome
Take your time on the fic bu the time your finished im sure it ill be a work of art
3/15 c15 DrackoXylnthian
Very good story I hope you continue it in the future because it is one of my favorites
3/10 c15 sir Gigiuaswattiuas
I really love this story. I'm excited to see where it goes. if cinder is miyu that would be interesting (i kinda hope not) cant wait
3/9 c10 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
he has the whole fuckin animeverse inside this one building wtf, Gun-hee, Cha Hae-in, Kobeni, Power. bro gonna put every character possible
3/9 c9 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
Cha Hae-In too? holy damn man got all the good characters going in
2/23 c15 Snig1815
Cool and interesting so far, hope you'll continue writing this fic. Prehaps Shirou and Roman(seeing how displeased he was) will team up against Cinder? It would be pretty cool if Shirou worked undercover(for some time) and separated from his team in Kiritsugu-like style. Good luck with this story, stay determined! (Btw. Finaly Crossfic where Mercury and Emerald are not complete morons)
2/17 c15 Archer2079
I hope you continue the story.
2/14 c15 codywhite162
Really like reading this story and I hope that it gets updated again soon.
2/1 c10 Brittany Rose1
So I’m assuming Roman robbed them first, then had Neo craft an illusion that it wasn’t robbed which then vanished. Or an illusion that they were robbed, so they left to chase him which let them do the theft with all of them gone.
2/1 c8 Brittany Rose1
It took me a moment but it has occurred to me that team SNPR, could be team Snapper, as in Red Snapper, a type of fish known for its vibrant pink/red colour. You mentioned the professors couldn’t think of a name, and while I’m guessing most people are reading it as Sniper, I think Snapper works really well for the colour rule, and is random enough to fit Shirou’s luck while keeping to Archers red colour theme.

This chapter also made me pretty curious about the interaction between Velvet and Shirou’s powers. Not just the camera- though it would be cool to see if she can copy noble phantasms, but also her semblance. Velvet has the ability to automatically know how to use any weapon she sees. Could she then learn to use mage craft just by looking at a mages weapon. Could she activate a noble phantasm, or would she just use it like any other sword/spear/weapon? Things to consider to be sure.

Anyways as always I am loving the story and will continue to read more.
1/22 c15 spehain
Just post the 3.5k words bro. Ive been dying to see another chapter or to know that you’re back. but in all honesty you are an amazing writer and I hope you come back.
12/26/2023 c15 LambMan2424
Please, please if you do go with cinder is miyu, dont do the “you didnt come for me” drama, I see those happening a lot but it would make no sense with miyu and shirou as miyu knows he fought an entire war and sacrificed a world to save her so the whole “you werent there so I hate you now” trope would be stupid please dont also the whole cinder is miyu thing wouldnt sctually work as shirou’s wish was for her to be happy not for her to get yeeted to another world so it wouldnt make snese for her to get sent somewhere just to suffer again
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