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1/15 c12 SkyArk
Love how the story is going so far! Can’t wait to see more of it!
1/14 c12 Guest
I really like this story, can't wait to see what happens next
1/14 c12 Super98
Awesome chapter!
1/14 c4 AlphaKenny1
I really like how you've written Shirou, he stays loyal the his original design yet shows the changes of his personality due to his choices, more than that the fluidity of the story and the interaction of the characters are very well done. Love the pacing, Love the action. I really hope to see you advance your writing and I can't wait to read your future projects.
1/11 c12 1Lokyloco
What a heartfelt chapter this was, a lot was exposed and damn if I didn't tear up when the Weiss and Blake argument reached it's climax, you have a way with words that is really hard to explain.

But after this chapter. . . God damn it I'm rooting for the ShirouxBlake even if it's almost not possible judging by your pairing tag. Oh well, one can dream.

thank you for the read!
1/8 c12 Locothehood
I got 3 words
Pet the kitty

Also if she takes him up on his offer of that shirt will inspector nicos go ballistic opon seeing her in his bed?
1/7 c12 conradn.jena
Thanks for the chapter! Wishing you a great 2022.
1/6 c12 Anton Fire
it's five o'clock in the morning, and I have NEVER regretted the decision to read this
1/5 c12 name the missing
Thx for the chapter
1/5 c12 Samsara2345
I was initially going for Shirou X Pyrrha but now that Blake identify her feelings, I change my mind and I’m rooting for Shirou x Pyrrha x Blake Pairing. Shirou already knows she have feelings for him, so maybe the next update or two, he’s relationship with both Will progress to that point during the week Blake stays with them and I bet the Blake is in bed with is Pyrrha.
1/5 c12 pan0ply
The direction you took the Weiss vs Blade argument makes me believe that Weiss is the "correct" one here. I put correct in inverted commas because obviously, both are being obtuse and thus both are in the wrong, but I personally lean towards Weiss.

Given Weiss' explanations about constantly being targeted by terrorists, her reactions, while not necessarily correct because she's coming off as really prejudiced, are understandable. I think any of us in her situation would start to feel paranoia and even prejudice. Hell, I'm sure a lot of us feel those for things a lot less life-threatening than being targeted by terrorists.

On Blake's side of things, I personally feel that her argument of "they weren't always violent terrorist murderers" is honestly rather weak considering they're literally terrorists and murderers now. The way Blake's argument is framed kinda sounds as if she's giving the White Fang a free pass for their terrorist activities just because once upon a time they were peaceful. That's...not going to be agreeable for a lot of people. That may not necessarily be what she's trying to convey, but that's certainly how I interpreted her lines.

Personally, I think a key factor you have to take into consideration when you write about their future encounter is 'understanding'. They have to be able to understand each other's perspectives.
1/4 c12 Xareth
I feel like miyu is gonna turn out to be cinder, cuz she has the same features as miyu and miyu left before shirou so time could be different between worlds that would be a painful blow for shirou for cinder to be the future version of miyu after she ended up in remnant all alone even her fighting style is similar to his so she could have saw it and copied it.
Just a theory but if you think about the facts it makes sense.
1/3 c12 Guest
I know you seem keen on having Shirou paired with Pyrrha, but Blake is coming up as a really good contender for Shirou’s affection, unless “Eroge Protagonist EX” can come into play for a multi-parring?
1/2 c10 Guest
1/1 c12 ImHateful
Hopefully it's both shirou x pyrrha and Shirou x Blake, I wouldn't mind that outcome. Two girls is the sweet spot because it's easily manageable with naturally developing the relationship and it's more realistic than like 5 or more girls falling for him and developing feelings. As I said two girls is very manageable and easy to write from a writers perspective. I really enjoyed this chapter! Keep me p the good work.
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