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3/24 c14 PleaseUseMyIdeas
Damn, rereading this again and still great. Can't wait for the next chapter
3/19 c14 genzk77
Next chapter please author
3/18 c11 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Are you actually using the continental system from John wick ?
3/8 c1 Guest
Are you going to continue with your Hero Amongst Shinobi story or is that dead.

3/8 c10 Romeperson
Re reading this and just noticed how you hinted at what Jaune might be doing
3/5 c2 Guest
Screw the Color Naming Rule

SNPR literally sounds like Sniper, it actually fits with Shirou/Archer so much it's unsettling lmao

It's also a nice way to say that Shirou doesn't abide by Ozpin's rules or laws, kinda like Ironwood

SNIPER (SNPR) FOR THE WIN, fuck colors )
2/27 c14 VinniTheP00h
Nice touch with the fireworks - really makes Torchwick seem like a fun and self-confident asshole he is (damn I want a fic with good and fun Torchwick as a fully fledged antagonist).

Also, Yulia... Her name is kinda hard to read for anglophones (and even to russophones, with how vague translit can be), and it is not even grammatically correct (nevermind male surname with female character, it happens often IRL with emigrants, but patronim as part of the surname?). But hey, I think it is first pseudo-Russian RWBY character I've seen, so props!
2/24 c14 Fictional Skill
I love the twist!
2/24 c14 DragonB0b
Neo has the ability to make illusions, which shatter when damaged. But those illusions are perfect and she uses them so well, jumping from place to place while invisible so it looks like teleportation, and never using her illusions in an obvious manner.
2/23 c2 1OoOXylionOoO
Quite interesting
2/21 c14 Neoyle
Man, awesome chapter...!

This is one of the few novels where I'm actually rooting for a harem ending between those three, to be it fair it would be really bittersweet and heart-breaking to see one of them lose (Plus Remnant is already post-apocalyptic enough, I'm sure they wouldn't mind polygamy as long as it's consentual.)

About the team name of SNPR, what about Scarlet...?
It fits the Color Naming Rule just right, plus it's meaning is usually devotion, courage, passion and sacrifice.

Basically OUS Shirou lol.
2/18 c14 Guest
You have your story labeled [Shirou Pyrrha] but you have me cheering for [Shirou Blake] with all that adorable fluff
2/16 c12 PlzDontReferToMe
The tag should be changed from [shirou, pyrrha] to [shirou x blake]
2/6 c14 3AFalseName
Excellent chapter.
2/6 c1 THOTSLAYER9000
Shit story
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