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11/27/2016 c11 34Rimeko
I like that ending ! Well... "like" may be not the right word, but it was well-written
However, I found that a little bit too quick as conclusion (but maybe it would be better with the epilogue !)... And that stuff with holy water seemed strange to me, I didn't understood why Bobby did that.
11/17/2016 c10 24copperheadstails
The suspense is killing me
11/16/2016 c10 Guest
Loved your Wendigo stoy. Can't wait for the rest.
11/15/2016 c10 34Rimeko
I look forward the next chapter with impatience !
(By the way, I like Maddy, and the fact that she is not a helpless woman !)
11/13/2016 c9 Rimeko
This chapter's end was really sadistic. Can't wait before the next chapter !
11/12/2016 c8 Tindra9090
Thank you for mention me in this chapter! I really like your story. Keep writing! / Tindra
11/12/2016 c8 Rimeko
I'm glad that you didn't plan this to be a deathfic ! I hope Sam would manage to save him and the others too...
(I was just wondering, when Dean came back to the motel, did nobody notice the clawmarks ?)
11/11/2016 c7 Tindra9090
Hi! / Some Person from Sweden
11/11/2016 c7 Rimeko
Hi ! I discovered your story and I couldn't help but read all before reviewing I love this ! I hope it would have a happy ending...
11/9/2016 c6 2BuyyeeeYall
I just started this story and OHMYGOSHDARNGOD! This is amazing! This is your first fic and you're already doing so well! I hope you write more stories, because you're a great writer!
11/8/2016 c5 Guest
Want more chapters of this kickass story
11/8/2016 c5 LilQueen101
can't wait for next chapter
11/8/2016 c4 Tindra9090
Loved your your chapter! Want more.
11/7/2016 c4 LilQueen101
love this book soooo much
11/6/2016 c3 Tindra9090
Great chapter. can't wait until next chapter comes out.
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