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for The Game show of Jaune Arc's dating life

9/20 c20 1SomeGuy300
Hey man, I know that things are going great on Ao3, but I hope this review reaches ya, and I would like to ask of you might be able to come back to this fic again? It was one of my main favorites when you did RWBY fics with our favorite NotFrench protag Jaune.
2/22 c20 darkdraco0021
Still updating ?
11/1/2022 c14 Bobthehuggod
I can just imagine zwei showing up not as a person or anything just a straight up dog the go on a date zwei licks jaunes cheek and they get an instant 200% comparability
9/6/2022 c10 wearedeadpool
it really sucks you never continued this story, but ok then I guess.
8/6/2022 c17 SenorMorales58
this nigga jaune done turned into butcher with the "oi" I'm dead
7/30/2022 c1 mathb495
Pair Jaune up with Emilia from Re: Zero and I'll follow you forever
7/13/2021 c20 Guest
Do one with Weiss and winter mom Willow
6/13/2021 c18 guest
Tyrian Callows on the pipe organ somehow fits just perfectly
6/11/2021 c11 1paleoboybostrom12
grimm ruby
4/22/2021 c20 MrBean123
Can one of the future contestants be a yandere Ruby or yandere someone else

Tbh I just want a yandere
3/25/2021 c8 Naruto-DXD6996
Poor jaune...he'll die form either battling her or broken pelvis if the rating was m!
3/18/2021 c20 aaronmckinster12
Author, this is probably one of the better fan fics on this site that I've found. So please come back if at all possible and grace us with thy story.
2/14/2021 c2 Steven
This is too good LOL
1/9/2021 c20 Guest
Please update soon
12/27/2020 c20 Razilian
Hi, I love your story and I really want to see what a date would be like, enter jaune and blake youkai version
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