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for The Game show of Jaune Arc's dating life

8/1/2018 c18 hbouler3456
8/1/2018 c18 Momijifan Low-Ki
From a sexy hot tub scene to a Beauty & the Beast style dance, Salem was definitely in love with Jaune & as much as I want to see Penny finally date Jaune, I vote Yang. Get her out of there now, Azure. She & the other girls from his (current present day) timeline shouldn't be in the game show at all.

P.S. Sorry for reading this so late, been busy with work.
7/31/2018 c18 Guest
I'd like to see Penny next
7/31/2018 c18 Anubis the shadow
Great chapter man I love how you made Salem seem more human while still keeping her somewhat the same as cannon.
As for who goes next I am torn I wasn't poor Rias to get her turn after being there so long but I also think Pyrrha has gotten a enough advancement for a good few chapters...
Let's give penny some love!
7/31/2018 c18 1Jack54311
I'm cool with either Yang or Rias, or better yet, a date with both Yang and Tifa together! As for requests, mage/witch Glenda would be really cool. Thank you!
7/30/2018 c18 3InArkosWeTrust
A outgoing Velvet. Hinata from Naruto(Velvet) chibi Neo, chibi Cinder.
7/30/2018 c18 Vanitas50
7/30/2018 c18 1Plasma Dragon 312
Rias Gremory. Also this chapter was better than the previous one.
7/30/2018 c18 Lancaster Kidd
My vote goes to Jaune doing a date with both Tifa and yang at the same time. It’ll be a fun competition betweeen the both of them getting Jaune’s affection.
7/30/2018 c18 1Noble-Husky
Awesome as always, I vote for Tifa.
A) Nebula Violet
B) Young Winter.
D) Slytherin Cinder, Batgirl Ruby
E) R63 Young James Ironwood
f) Spider-Gwen
7/30/2018 c18 Zero Uzamaki Kryze
My vote for the next date is with current universe Yang with a side of a training session
7/30/2018 c18 3Fyr RedNight
Welp, here I was wondering how you were going to spin the whole Salem candidate thing, and you give us a most commendable result.

Good work there.

For the next candidate I say Rias. So we can be done with her... I like her character but I sincerely wonder what she is doing here.

Nonetheless this chapter was really great!
I'm genuinely impressed with how this chapter was written, after all it is of Salem we are talking about there.
But regardless of that fact you've handled this chapter skillfully.

Until next update!
7/30/2018 c18 Emmanuel20
Great chapter as always and in light of who should go next I think it should be either Penny or arias considering they’ve been waiting for a while for their turn to come I didn’t I feel it kind of mean to leave them in suspense since I really want to see what Yang act now that she’s there. Anyway that’s my opinion honestly I prefer to see the interactions with all 6 girls from Jaune’s universe.
7/30/2018 c18 DTKJ4
could one of the potential future candidates be Bo-Katan Kryze from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
7/30/2018 c18 LordLoverDuck
And so, Jaune Arc the Hero of Remnant, seduced the Dark Witch Salem, Queen of all Evil, Mother of all Grimm and saved the world of Remnant, meanwhile Ozpin blue screened and fell into a catatonic state and never woke up, nothing of value was lost, the end

Vote: Yang, I demand me some Dragonslayer

looking forward to the next update
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