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for The Game show of Jaune Arc's dating life

8/15/2020 c20 2PlayingRascal
And before I forget, a fem version of one of the Jojos. That would be fun to see... kinda
8/15/2020 c19 PlayingRascal
BTW, where's Coco and Velvet? Haven't seen them as contestants. Same goes for the other girls namely, team NDGO, Fem-Sun, Fem-Ozpin and etc. Hope you continue this because it is quality crack
8/15/2020 c1 PlayingRascal
I have two suggestions but the game they're in is not that popular... I think. Its Marina and Knight Captain Eva from Guardian Tales
8/14/2020 c20 2NeonFC4
Your a legend man love you *but not in the gay way*...UWU
8/13/2020 c20 AshuraNoKami
God I love this story!
8/13/2020 c20 Vanitas50
its almost like getting reacquainted with an old friend
8/13/2020 c20 Guest
Please bring in Rin Tohsaka, because tsundere.
Either her or Yuuno Gasai
8/11/2020 c20 LuckyPickl3
Story level over 9000!
8/10/2020 c20 1Jack54311
Rin and Sakura are definitely good ideas! Tamamo and Boudica i think would be good contestants as well. Good chapter, though I highly doubt he scored particularly well considering he kept having to mediate between them.
8/10/2020 c20 Leman42x
I’m so glad to see this story come back! These two last chapter where great. Penny’s date was a fun friendly date the was fun to read and having everyones favorite giant killing attack dog robot Freckles was funny to see. And Yang’s and Tifa’s double date was fun to read as well. Plus I like having Wiz and Boomstick in there Death Battle look over the look of them from RVB sooo please keep the new look.
Anyway the next girl should be Rias Gremory(Highschool DxD) do to one simple fact that she is the last girl on the podium so she kind of gets it by default. But that also allows you to refill the podium with new players and my votes for that are Molly Mollusk(Grimm Anthro), Romana Torchwick(R63), Crocea Mors(Weapon AU), and Vernal (V5). For new arrivals I would like to places some of my earlier votes and add some new ones out for next candidates:
A) Present Day: Velvet Scarlatins
A) Present Day: Emerald Sustri
A) Present Day Willow Schnee ( She can be from either volume 7 or present day works just fine)
D) Wildcard: Cinder Arc; A Cinder that was married to Jaune Arc that never got in to Beacon, and who by this time died on the the Highway in the Crossfire of the fight between Roman Torchwich in a Paladin Mech-Suit and Team RWBY. (Idea inspired by the story “A Monster’s Marriage “ By Jiu-jitsu dude)
D) Wild Card: Neopolitan (Neo) as a Mad Hatter from Monster Girl Encyclopedia
D) Wild Card: Major Penny Polendina from the A Ghost in the Shell RWBY Universe (Her outfit is the same as Major Motoko Kusanagi‘s from the first season)
D) Wildcard: Yandere Ruby Rose
D) Wildcard: Yandere Velvet Scarlatins
F) Other: Ryoko Hakubi from Tenchi Mayo!
F) Other: Mihoshi Kuramitsu from Tenchi Mayo!
F) Other: Yukine Mare from Tenchi Mayo! War on Geminar
F) Other: Tier Harribal from Bleach
F) Other: Suì-Fēng from Bleach
F) Other: Anko Mitarashi from Naruto
F) Other: Queen Tyr’ahnee from Duck Dodgers
F) Other: Tionishia “Tio” from Monster Musume
F) Other: Rachnera Arachnera from Monster Musume
F) Other: Plot from Monster Musume
F) Other: Cathyl from Monster Musume
F) Other: Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect
F) Other: Jack: Subject Zero (Mass Effect 3/ paragon Version) from Mass Effect
F) Other: Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars (Us the newest version of her from Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 7, that version of her should be closer to Jaune’s age after all)
Anyway can’t wait to read the next chapter keep up the good work.
8/10/2020 c20 Guest
Its good I hope you download faster
8/10/2020 c20 Momijifan Low-Ki
This was a great chapter & I'm glad this didn't end up disaster, but next time stick to one girl per date & don't use a girl that's watching Jaune get lucky to be a contestant.
8/9/2020 c20 44StallionWolf
Heh. Only Jaune can charm only when he doesn't mean to
8/9/2020 c20 Khorne berserker
ihave a few sugerences for ya if you want of course

Io from Code Vein
Atalanta from Fate
2B or A2...mybe both?
Michiru Kagemori from BNA

8/9/2020 c20 14Phalanx30
Another great chapter

Looking forward to Cinder Ella Fall, just so we can watch the actual Cinder explode from her counterpart's sweetness.

Can never forgive Cinder for executing Pyrrha, but a nice Cinder would be neat to see.
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