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for The Game show of Jaune Arc's dating life

8/9/2020 c19 2the konoha 2nd demon
I meant Rias Gremory
8/9/2020 c20 6memefarius
Loved it
8/9/2020 c20 Kitsuna G
That was great its so good to see this story updated. I wanted to ask if you could have weiss alter bleiss apear on the show. It would make sense her wanting to me a jaune that liked her and wants to take him away. Her personality would make jaune react perfectly and would probibly give weiss an embarassment anurisim. Anyway thanks for the update I'm looking out for dreaming of a happy ever after. Keep well and good day.
8/9/2020 c20 5Aravas
I fully understand why this was so long in the making, at least longer than you yourself anticipated.

I vote for you to bring back erza as an option, considering how in Fairy Tail, Jellal chose to be an angsty shit.
I just want more Erza, dammit!

But hey, your call. I enjoy it regardless
8/8/2020 c20 3Onyx Gabriel
8/8/2020 c20 rwbyfan0071
Velvet crowe from the tales of berseria pls.
8/8/2020 c20 LoamyCoffee
Fabulous work, those two can definitely lead to a fun time~
I'd like to suggest Yoo Mira of The God of Highschool, Camie Utsushimi of MHA, and Charlotte Pudding from One Piece~
8/8/2020 c20 ThatGuyYouMet
8/8/2020 c20 14ZLT180
How about Android 18 from Dragon Ball?
8/8/2020 c20 2the konoha 2nd demon
Oh please, please do Road gremory, and if you are taking requests for new characters do kuroka from highschool dxd, Akeno from highschool dxd
8/8/2020 c20 commandosquirrel
hope you start to update this and your other stories more regularly than just commissions like at least once or twice a month maybe take a couple months a year for focusing on your stories since isn't that what most people supported you on patreon for
8/8/2020 c20 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
8/8/2020 c20 Baron Bolt
Scathath from Fate
Nero from Fate
8/8/2020 c20 3Marioturtle
Loved the chapter! A funny idea for Jaune if he's is going to train his strength, endurance and speed even further that they have to call in Saitama to do it. Also would it be possible for Jaune to unlock his semblance during the show? If so, than stick with the original semblance, but expand it with the infinite generator theorie. (aka Jaune can turn himself into an aura beacon with unlimited aura at his disposal, for he just amplifies his current amount to rediculous heights.) anyways these are just suggestions/questions, love the stuff you do and can't wait for the next chao/
8/8/2020 c20 Rider126
Seeing that comment on Esdeath made me think about the idea of Jaune getting his own version of Incursio, what do you think?
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