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9h c1 Daniel cook
Love this chapter and this story as a whole, you're a great writer and please don't abandon it.
20h c34 Ketchup
Are you still updating? It was such a good story!
21h c33 ArashiNokitsune
I'm just going to say it outright mr. Delacour is a freaking dick honestly Percy resurrected his daughter and he's going to be a total prick about it the guy deserves some hate in return freaking overreacting prat be glad Percy pulled a miracle and brought Flur back to life... Percy did your family a favor for Frac sake he went to the underworld man not to mention Flur will probably go raging veela on her father for trying to kick Percy out of her life, the way I see things going Percy is probably going to pull a massacre on the Death Eaters that kind of thing has been coming towards to Psychopaths anyways they will feel the wrath of one descended from the divine and I'm looking forward to it
5/7 c34 Seeskabel45
I just completed this book within 15h 12h of those where just reading and it is one of the best I have ever read soo ples update? :D
5/6 c34 GAMESTREEMERPercyJackson Fan
I love the story, This is the best Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover I have ever read, Please update, And keep up the good work
5/5 c34 KJ
Just completed the reread of the whole story. PLEASES UPDATE !
5/3 c15 Yessenae
couldnt he just transform his wings and play some sort of angel demon thing?
5/3 c10 Yessenae
harry ron and hermione were in danger because of the deatheaters and he didnt realize it because he was fucking veelas? i mean...
5/2 c4 Yessenae
Lol that guest with his flame review seems quite dumb. He could have at least been factual instead of using curse words and then expecting to actually being taken seriously
5/2 c2 Yessenae
you wrote started to shit instead of started to shift and i found a couple other grammar mistakes as well, otherwise good work, pm me if you want them pointed out and cya
5/2 c32 Guest
Percy would never accept piers claim, and no farther would act like that after having his daughter brought back to life, shame on you! No person would hurt his daughter like that. Go do some psychology studying.
5/2 c34 Guest
Your sniveling coward version of Percy Jackson is embarrassing and quite frankly disgusting. I would recommend deeply thinking about what a person should accept when interacting with others and what a person shouldn't. You should also accept that that weakling mindset isn't acceptable when writing a bitter, spurned war veteran. Go think very deeply about all of that, feel the deep shame and start the fucking rewrite, retart!
5/1 c34 Zhyon
Are you really boutta dissappear for another year? how disappointing
4/27 c34 shadow7193
Awesome! Didn't expect another chapter rereading this story so love this!
4/26 c34 Ryouhaku13
One of the best crossover fanfics of any fandom I have read in quite a while. Definitely top 10 material, and fleur/percy is holy, please don’t fuck it. Otherwise, it’s great to see that the latest update was actually in this year! Just finished binging all of the current 34 chapters, and good luck with any more to come!
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