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7/31 c34 10Marcii Winters
7/31 c4 Marcii Winters
7/27 c22 Mitsuya Ryuji-Ken
dont mind them stay on the grind
7/26 c29 LordKnight007
You should've used other term than "pass out", reading it feels weird like it doesn't belong there. It does not matter that it is technically correct, what matters is that it's messing up the reader's interpretation of it. Other than that (and other wrong terms that you used), this story is great! Definitely loved it!
7/26 c29 LordKnight007
pass out?
7/26 c34 UrFanficLover
I really enjoyed this even though it involves a bit of swearing and f***. But well, the story's really really really great and I really really really wish you would continue it. And btw if you can I don't really want the Tonks&Lupin relationship breaking up so I would personally like it if you could go on with the Jackaleur(terrible ship name but well) relationship. But anyway that's just my thoughts and it doesn't really matter.
But what DOES matter is that many people REALLY WANT you to CONTINUE this fanfic that we all enjoy!

(p.s. sorry if there are too many 'really's but well, just wanted to emphasise a few things so...)
7/23 c19 ymmmechai
the price to pay is death
7/23 c27 Deeznuggets2121
I enjoyed rereading this. It would be nice if you could finish it but ik life happens. I don't read many PJO x HP fics but this one is my favorite. Like another comment said, you could actually wrap this up quickly. Percy is OP and now that he knows about the consequences of his swearing, he would want to end this fast. And he could. Also a happy ending with Fleur waking up, them winning the war. The thing I want to see the most is how Percy lives when it becomes 2009 again. Does he stay in Europe? Does this repeat itself? It's even possible to gives us a vague, loose ending that's satisfactory but I would prefer some answers. Hope you update this some day
7/18 c15 Guest
so Percy is Blackjack in this au
7/14 c34 Guest
I neeeeeeeed more I have nothing else to read
7/13 c21 Guest
Everybody is a pawn in fates hand
6/27 c33 cowman77
I imagine this storybgwtting complete to a point where old percy lives through his life and meets the people back in 2000 whatever, I can't remember rn. And mentors them in the world of magic or like whatever. Ik unrealistic but a fun dream
6/27 c34 cowman77
I've read this story through so many times, gas to be my favorite story. Idk if you planned on continuing it, obviously is your choice, just wanted to say this story is legitimately my favorite books, including actual published books, would love to see it continued but you should know you've got at least one fan
6/18 c4 Guest
Hecate doesn’t have that power. Hecate as a goddess would eradicate anyone who disrespected her ignorance or not. This is a crack fic right
6/18 c3 Guest
Fun stuff but the character writing for dieties is wayyy off
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