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1/26 c1 3Lostbasin
Also, I'm rooting for Bonnie but am not opposed to just how complicated you can make Danny's love life. Looking forward to future shenanigans.
1/26 c16 Lostbasin
I'll admit, I was a little on the fence for all of a chapter or two because of how Kim first reacted to Danny and he was a bit broody at first, but I can honestly say I am now fully invested in this story. I'm seeing a nice blend of the two stories and the characters are developing nicely. Loving it.
1/16 c16 Richard1081
Will Danny overshadow is in game avatar in this considering the problems that Technus had getting in the game Danny would probably have a harder time doing so and what effect will it have on his character class change to lich or necromancer or a race change to undead
1/5 c16 Rhonin Magnus
Ron should really learn when to quit while he's ahead. At this rate Zita is more likely to fall for Danny, that's how Playing Cyrano situations usually turn out.

Pray, Danny, pray to every deity you believe and don't believe in that Tara will be merciful.

Technus is being rather clever with his plan.
1/5 c16 84DJ Rodriguez
This was awesome! Sorry for long delay, but dealing with some deep personal issues...

Technus manages to come into Everlot, but it seems that he has problems coming into the game. And also, Danny is back in it and from the looks of it, he looks cool! And Ron is in fine form in this game... his character design matching his real-world self! Hehehehe…

And now Stoppable seems to have bitten off more than he could chew by accepting a mission that is WAY beyond his skills! And I liked it on how Danny just explained to him on why he would not help him on it, and to just tell Zita the truth.

But now, he is in DEEP trouble when he runs into Tara, and I have to say... her avatar looks extremely fine! Excellent work on her like that!

All in all, this chapter was very good on many levels! Keep it up!
1/4 c16 3Raidentensho
not bad at all. hmm, so Tara is a homage to Atalanta from "Immortals: Feneix Rising". nice pick. looking forward to more. until then, later!
1/4 c16 7Frosty Wolf
Nice chapter. Everlot actually feels like an MMO instead of... whatever they were going for in the original episode. And Danny trying to tell Bonnie nothing will change if he dates Kim, that'll end badly no matter what he does. Still, no way to make everyone happy all the time.

Danny does have skill as a wingman though.
1/4 c16 Badger12
Great chapter. Looks like Kim is in the lead right now which I’m happy about. I can’t wait till the next chapter update soon
1/4 c16 Guest
Bonnie needs to step up her game if she wants to date Danny. And Danny needs to wake up and see how much she loves him.
1/3 c16 11MindForgedMan
Short but nice to see another chapter!
1/3 c16 gwb620
Excellent chapter!
1/3 c16 WolfassassinKing
I’m watching the second campaign as I read this.
1/3 c16 PieKnight
Damn, I feel bad for Bonnie now. Kim beat her to the punch and Kim doesn't even k ow it yet. Nice to see Tara taking part of this arc. Looking forward to seeing what she does.
1/3 c16 DP-Observant69
Beating a mmorpg? I hope Technus is willing spend maybe two weeks with potentially insufferably toxic players and pkers who would bash on the way he talks and constant chat spamming. MMORPG are notorious grindfests. And judging by game terms, there doesn’t seem to be a main quest meaning it’s a very open exploration game that has no set linear quest line that can be completed on short notice. In other words, there is no end for “Everlot” that Technus could beat and that he has effectively put himself in a dead end.
1/3 c16 demzerff1
Hmm Tara seems to know the thief's lurk.
Haha man Ron really can screw himself with expert technique.
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