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5/15 c10 ShadowArbitor
Well played chapter.
5/14 c9 ShadowArbitor
Glad danny didn't hit by love song spell.
5/14 c8 ShadowArbitor
Cool though I hope ron and kim end up together.
5/14 c7 ShadowArbitor
Danny is going to have some also he may be seeing or meeting sam and tucker soon.
5/12 c17 Catoradeluv72
Woo Hoo! Glad to see an update. I can totally empathize with Tara in this chapter. I hope for her sake she can finally tell him how she really feels. Also can't wait for the final battle between Technus and the gang. He's probably gonna be super OP by that point and give the kids their toughest battle yet. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future :)
5/11 c17 Guest
Alright, another chapter! This is definitely my favorite Kim Possible/Danny Phantom crossover.

Good thing Danny has his boots of haste back. He's gonna need them!

Technus had a good plan. Wait until the fight was over and the party was exhausted, then strike. Going intangible means the party will blow whatever high damage spells and abilities they have left without harming him, leaving them with nothing left to defend themselves with. Well played Technus.

I'd say a surprise attack might be the only way to hit Technus. Though I mostly play fighters in D&D, so there are probably magic options I don't know of.

I'm hoping Kim ends up joining the game like she did in the episode. I think the episodes where she's out of her element make for some of the best ones. It would be especially funny in this story, since she'd probably want to impress Danny. Good luck noob:)

If this game has the same character options as D&D, I'd say a monk would be the best character choice for Kim. Unarmed fighting is what she does best after all. I've never played a monk myself, so sadly, I don't know much about them.

I've been trying to figure out what her dad is working on, buy so far I drawing a blank. Should be a fun surprise!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
5/7 c17 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
5/7 c17 JAKEkenstein
You'd think danny and tara would drag bonnie to play everlot with them. At the same time what class would she be? Personally i would go with Cleric everyone needs a healer.
5/6 c17 6Jebest4781
Can’t wait to see what’ll occur next on this
5/6 c17 85DJ Rodriguez
Thanks for the update! It was worth the wait! Also, I am hoping that you would take a look at my Danny Phantom/Dragonball crossover called "Danny Fenton: A Chaotic Adventure".

It seems that Danny paid the price for being wingman to Ron who is aiming for another girl other than Tara. The action you showed between the two was just and dynamic, and for that I thank you. Hope that Tara and Danny don't too immersed in the game and start to flip out from real-reality.

The team of four prove their mettle against the immense undead dragon, and reap the rewards! Ron is on top of the world, and it seems that Tara once again needs Danny's help in order to secure a lock on the man she adores very much.

Technus is using his ghost powers to cheat here, but I suspect that will change when he meets up with Danny. Should be interesting to see...

All in all, this was worth the wait! Keep it up!
5/6 c17 ghust95
It's great to see this story is not dead, hope to se more soon and nice work
5/6 c17 fresh prince1
I liked this chapter it slowed things down and had funny moments, set up the next chapter, and was still a good read.
5/6 c17 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
5/6 c17 3RonaldM40196867
Technus is here.

Tara is such a romantic.

Happy May!
5/6 c17 8Wolfking0811
Great chapter as always. I can’t wait to see how Danny handles the Josh situation.
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