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3/31/2017 c1 5sy210
I shipped them ever since that kiss! And there aren't any other Elsie x Clementine here so I'm so glad I found this. Thank you for doing an awesome job. I hope you write a multi-chapter fic about them tho :)
Thanks again!
12/31/2016 c1 30KJMusings
For guest CP Turner... thank you for the lovely review. As for your question, I'm afraid the G!P stories are not really something I'm comfortable writing. Don't mind reading them, but they're a bit outside of my comfort level. :-)
12/31/2016 c1 Cp.Turner
This was fantastic. If you make more, can one of them be a G!P story?
12/4/2016 c1 Cpasq
Loved it! Hope you continue this.
11/18/2016 c1 2Drika Achele
Perfect! I love Elsie and Clementine
11/11/2016 c1 WheresWhalley23
This was extraordinary, it was so sad reading her leaving! You describe their kisses with such sincerity it's so believable - I love it!
11/9/2016 c1 LoveGoodWriting
Hooray! Thanks for posting this. I'm eager to see where this pairing goes.

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