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16h c91 1jestermon101
Soundbite choosing a lullaby?
Well it worked.
Sort of...
2/28 c83 jestermon101
I can totally see him being a complete dork like this. XD
2/23 c74 jestermon101
Found Soundbite a bit hard to understand but i can totally see Cross pulling this shit. XD
2/22 c72 jestermon101
You know it's bad when Smoker treating you like your seriously ill.
2/18 c68 jestermon101
There's SUxOne Piece crossover if your interested.
It's really good! ;D
2/18 c58 jestermon101
Hancock is such a nut. XD
2/18 c57 jestermon101
... X'D
2/17 c51 jestermon101
They bring the fury upon themselves.
There is no sympathy for shippers.
2/17 c48 jestermon101
2/15 c38 jestermon101
Erm... WTF? 0.0
2/15 c35 jestermon101
Who would win in a fight?
Erza vs. Zoro.
2/15 c32 jestermon101
X'D *Dead*
2/15 c25 jestermon101
Fairy tail?
2/9 c14 jestermon101
I think the idea of flirting with a female Luffy might actually be WORSE for Sanji than the two year timeskip and all that he endured in 'that place'.
This is just beyond hilarious! X'D
2/9 c13 jestermon101
Gotta love Soundbite's perspective on his awakening.
I feel like BROB had something to do with a 'coconut' just happening to fall exactly where Soundbite lives.
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