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10/1 c45 RYJAN
One of the Longest stories I have ever read, nice to read about a Wedding focused on one of the best TV Couples of all Time !
7/22 c45 20Hasty Hastings
Really love this story! Hope you continue it soon.
6/16 c45 LonaG
Hi this story is so great are you planing on continue it. Thanks
5/24 c31 29SouthernB3lle
Michael and Lisa time. Such a sweet proposal. Michael just could not wait any longer and just spit it out. I love it and it’s just like Michael. And her being in the dance studio was a nice touch.
5/16 c30 SouthernB3lle
Aww they’re married. So sweet and such a happy wedding. They deserve it after all they have been through. I loved the “I’ve been waiting for you” line. It had so much meaning. The waiting for the wedding day and waiting for her while trying to find love. So good!
5/16 c29 SouthernB3lle
What an intense chapter. And great build up too with the final scene. It built slowly, each guy realizing slowly different things. I’m so glad he’s back in custody and Logan and Quinn can now get married in peace. I still need that Zoey and Chase talk though.
5/16 c28 SouthernB3lle
Wow Dana being the stripper definitely created awkwardness. And poor Vince was so out of the loop and confused as to why it made the guys uncomfortable. I mean of course it would! They were sort of friends with her! I’m surprised they didn’t just pay her and make her leave. But Logan held his own and I’m glad. And wow Quinn didn’t kill her. Now that’s some growth right there. Two weeks until they are walking down the aisle. Hopefully Bart will be caught before.
5/9 c27 SouthernB3lle
Hopefully they catch Bart soon with Quinn’s new information. But I agree with Quinn. It might be best to have the wedding after Bart is caught and locked back up. But I’m sure you will work it all out. I love Chase and Michael being afraid of picking out shades of orange and green. That’s so like them lol. Shoe shopping is a good idea. Distract the girls and let the guys relax some. I don’t think Quinn is going to like the stripper especially when she finds out it’s Dana.
5/9 c26 SouthernB3lle
Okay, Lola doesn’t believer her mother. Of course. But her mother is right. I’m glad her mother likes Vince. That’s always nice to see. And great callbacks to Falling. Really enjoyed that. Julia paying for the flowers was such a sweet gesture. I’m glad Logan is starting to see her more as a mom. It has to be hard since she is his stepmom. Bart coming up behind Quinn like that! Omg! I really thought he was going to kidnap her right there but nope. You are dragging it out lol.
5/9 c25 SouthernB3lle
When I said I wanted Chase and Zoey to talk, this is not what I had in mind. Zoey either because Chase just threw her a bombshell. Seriously why aren’t they communicating. I love that Quinn and Logan are getting the house. That’s a great gift. Malcolm knows Bart’s out? I might have known that. Really should have started over. They need to tell Quinn and Logan. We are meeting Lola’s mom. Yay. Uh oh. She knows something is up and now Lola does. Lola will definitely tell Quinn.
5/8 c24 SouthernB3lle
Quinn’s dress sounds just like her and of course Zoey can fix it up. It sounds perfect. Zoey and Chase need to sit down and figure this Paris thing out before the wedding. Quinn doesn’t need to deal with that while planning her wedding. Uh oh, Bart is back. That’s not a good sign.
5/8 c23 SouthernB3lle
I jumped right back in and maybe I should have read a few chapters before this but it all sort of came back to me lol. The Michael and Lisa scene was sweet. Hopefully they can put this all behind them. I love that Lola basically forced a guy to audition her. That’s Lola for you. Really surprised Malcolm talked her up. That was nice of him. The slideshow Chase did was so sweet. Just what the party needed even though it was because for Logan’s dad and not Logan and Quinn. Stacey showing up was nice. Hope she sticks around.
9/12/2019 c41 CabbieLoverSAC22
Sorry for the really late reply school started back again up and work has been exhausting I feel like I have no time for myself. Any great chapter I loved it. I thought it was funny how Quinn figured out Zoey was pregnant even though she knew all alone. But, did she had to announce it the girls like that.
9/7/2019 c41 aesaesi
I love this story sm ! I really love how all the characters are so realistic, and how you’re making their lives come together. Like, neither Lola or Logan is completely successful at the moment and the others are kinda just living normally. Every time you update, I panic a little cause I’m so excited to see where the story line is going. But you update every month so I’m trying to be patient but I ! Love ! This !
5/19/2019 c38 CabbieLoverSAC22
Great Chapter I loved it. I am so excited for baby Matthew, which we already know the gender and name because if your pervious story. I felt bad for Quinn and Logan not be pregnant however, I am excited for their storyline. Wow Lola and Vince home life storyline is interesting and I cant wait for you to explore that.
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