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2/23/2019 c7 26Desslock3
Interesting read. Yes it is an interesting question about what if the free will that Kim and Ron think they have is really being manipulated by people in the back ground. But the part about Drakken and Shego having monetary reasons to help Kim and Ron is completely believable. I can also completely see Kim missing Ron's intentions with him saving her and instead blaming him for messing up the plan, that is classic Kim. Lastly, did like the part about Ron saying "Lets get dangerous", a nice little Dark Wing Duck reference.
9/18/2017 c7 Bobtrumpet
Nice to see new KP stories, and nicer to see a new saga. This first entry was interesting. Now for the next entry.
Thanks for writing!
11/9/2016 c4 Lionheart
Excellent story so far can't wait to see what happens next!
11/9/2016 c4 Guest
Typical Kim: Totally clueless about what's going on around her and quick to blame Ron. I'm going to assume the mystery Ninja was Shego. If so, is she going to pick up a new respeck for Ron, one that Kim doesn't give him?

So far, so good. I'll follow this story to see where it goes.
11/10/2016 c7 4CajunBear73
So the premise of this is that rolling the dice in life is what you are lead to believe?

Someone's really throwing loaded dice in this crap game...

Graduation came, the invasion came, Ron's fears (but for Kimmie leaving him, maybe?) still out there, but the Chosen One saved the world, not the photogenic heroine, with a big assist from the Blue Doctor...

Interesting family Wade has, don't he?

11/10/2016 c6 CajunBear73
His Essential Ronness almost drove the Fae to probably slit its wrists, if he'd have gone on much longer...LOL!

But lets see what comes of his wish, and Kim seems to be pretty glad to see her BF...

11/10/2016 c5 CajunBear73
I think Kim's going to learn a very valuable lesson after this night...

Good of Wade to send help, but was that Wade drone really one of his?

Now to see how things are going with Ron.

11/10/2016 c7 26Sentinel103
Interesting ideas all Jimmy, I guess we'll just have to wait...of course if your graduation is 'canon' things could get real interesting soon enough.

11/10/2016 c7 47daccu65
Congrats on finishing your first FF tale!

There used to be a few stories that worked under the assumption that Kim's grandfather (Nana's husband) was Indiana Jones. Speculations of shadow organizations make for wonderful reading.

Loved the tale. Looking forward to another when you have time.
11/10/2016 c6 daccu65
I like it...the plans of the supernatural, defeated by simplicity.

But it can't be that easy...can it?
11/10/2016 c5 26Sentinel103
Lemme see Yori has fixed Ron up while Kim took off after the PDVI (which she retrieved) and our eye in the sky Wade has gotten help to her. Now it's off to the races to see if they can find Ron now that Kim realizes he has been injured.

Why does something tell me that Kim is gonna get very hurt too?

11/10/2016 c4 Sentinel103
So Yamanouchi has come to play and become a spoiler Jimmy.

11/10/2016 c5 47daccu65
Nice Chapter! The cavalry is coming...but will it be in time?
11/9/2016 c4 daccu65
Okay, you had me fooled; when Ron said "Yori" I was sure it was another player in the game...yet was it Shego or yet another faction?

Is there a reason Ron is hiding his greater concern and competence from Kim?

I'm not familiar with what possessing a Faye's treasure entails. Does this mean that Ron has some power over the Faye, or does the Faye now have even more reason to do him in?

Questions, Questions, Questions...they of course have me eagerly awaiting the next chapter, for possible answers.
11/9/2016 c4 4CajunBear73
I think before long Ron needs to have a talk with Kim about how he reacted to the threat and why...he was able to only get wounded instead of killed. But he's got to stop downplaying his worth like this, he may start to believe it.

But the Shinobi seems to have brought up a flaw in Kim's logic over mission importance and the health of her Sidekick. Something tells me he found the 'trap' set by the Fae.

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