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1/3/2017 c1 40Cuthbert72
It's good that you have documented the acceptance of Neville into the group. I also note that they are now reading 'The Quibbler', rather than the daily prophet. Yes, it had been a heartbreaking year, but not for all. Despite Ron's scpffing, it was Luna's tender love for him that overcame his clumsiness and general inadequacy. She has somehow overcome all the belittling and insults Neville has grown up with from his grandmother. Bearing in mind that Luna would be considered a sister, it is surprising she is not in their compartment, especially since she is more friendly with these Gryffindors than he is with her Ravenclaw housemates.
11/27/2016 c1 3stuckunderwater
This is adorable I love it
11/18/2016 c1 Radio Free Death
[Not to mention her and Harry]

It's 'Harry and her'.

["We let you guys in on the DA", said Ron.]

Punctuation goes inside the quotes. There's a lot of mistakes like this, which is a bit inconsistent considering you do know to put punctuation in the quotes sometimes.

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