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11/8/2016 c1 Ann
Nice one Iam Australian and its affecting us too
11/8/2016 c1 Guest
Offended? NO, it's great. I love their tenderness toward each other ... thank you!
11/8/2016 c1 Guest
Beautifully written

I am an American an I have the same fears that you have expressed here

We are also a compassionate and intelligent and loving people that will in the end do the right thing
We will be honorable people

Thank you for sharing
11/8/2016 c1 9TrainToAlaska
This was beautiful
11/8/2016 c1 Guest
Nicely done. And yes, we Americans are worried.
11/8/2016 c1 18madcrafter72
Great story! Perfectly Castle and Beckett, and also expressing the concern the whole world feels right now. As an Aussie, I am right there with you.
11/8/2016 c1 cindy.t.crenshaw
I'm sorry this craziness has upset you. I understand because so many American's are upset too. But, this too shall pass as my grandmother used to say. We have to all stick together and fight for the things we believe in. I have never been to Canada but hope to someday. You are great neighbors. Take care and be safe.
11/8/2016 c1 TORONTOSUN
Not bad at all. I like how Rick concerned for Kate and for Lily.
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