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for Three for the Portal

1/15/2019 c6 Guest
Not bad. I still get a kick out of Lancer's response to the extra credit assignment. I really was waiting for Skulker to show up but your explanation at the end makes sense.
1/11/2019 c4 Guest
This is a cool idea having all three of them affected by the portal.
12/7/2016 c2 3cassianaswindell123
Writer-san, are you British?
11/21/2016 c3 17duskrider
Sounds like powers are going to be different between each of them. Maybe different cores as well now that I think about it Tucker could have a Electric Core, Sam could have a Plant Core.
11/10/2016 c2 Lady Fai
Oooh, this should be interesting.
11/10/2016 c2 11228248
1) loved the freak out
2) I'm guessing duration they were in the portal effects how powerful they are
3) great work
11/9/2016 c1 Vin
I already found a similar story in the past, even if it was incompleted.
However, this time Sam and Tucker were only partially in the portal, which I guess will make them somehow different from Danny.
You have my interest and attention.
11/9/2016 c1 TimeZone13
This seems like a good idea for a story can't wait to see what you do with it
11/9/2016 c1 1228248
I do like the idea of all 3 of them being hafas.

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