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11/7 c68 19Ptool
so effin good. you write a really really good Edward, one of the best I've seen.

Hopefully you finish this one up, and am eager to see what else you come up with. Though Breaking Dawn was - far and away - my least favorite twilight book (and not only cause half of it was in jacob's pov; rather, it seemed like much of the angst was simply manufactured because she was out of ideas ((the issues on isle esme with his control; the issue with the wolves wanting to kill ness; the issue of jacob being as obnoxious as possible ('we can share? are you effing kidding me? Edward should have broken his leg for that remark)); the 'non fight' with the volturi; etc.

But my point is - you took a very lousy story and made it interesting and great!

So kudos to you for this.
10/1 c59 Guest
I love this but every time I hear him say “the child I’d given her” I want to scream, it’s just so out of character
9/29 c83 wildflower1779
Please update
9/17 c83 New2Twilight2021
Re: A/N.
The scene with J Jenks in the movie is done completely differently from the book! Even if you treat movie scene as second visit! It's still different. It makes an assumption that Jasper made the order, which we know he didn't as they went straight to Amazon to look for Nahuel... don't allow this to stop you! Just go with the book version, please.

Quick question, I know some other BD EPOV fic authors made a few APOVs for BD Book3 just to explain what how Alice and Jasper found Nahuel, are you planinign anything like that? Maybe Edward retelling Alice story? Just so you can stay with EPOV?
9/17 c82 New2Twilight2021
Thank you so much for this great chapter! Bella's breakthrough happened exactly at the moment when she thought Renesmee was threatened for realz! And this experience was very instrumental when she was completely furious later on the field with Voltury. Seeing it from the Edward's POV and all others as Edward was reading them is great! Please keep writing! I hope you can find time and energy to finish the story! We are all greatful and patiently waiting! 3
8/13 c83 Stephieli
please please update
8/9 c83 titsoak
When there's not a new chapter yet: *there's a possibilityyyyy*
8/1 c83 Guest
Ahhh I can't wait for more! ️️ Just came from finishing frozen fire as well and it's also amazing
7/23 c83 27Jessica314
Aw, Edward is so forlorn when he's separated from Bella and Renesmee, just for a few hours. He's pitiful! It's sweet, but that line about Alice dusting him off now and then is reminiscent of Marcus. Just goes to show the danger of being mated.

Thank you for the cooking details! I always missed that subplot once we got into the later half of the saga.

He really is pitiful! The hours were emptier than the whole century with Bella! *shoves Edward onto his fainting couch*

And Bella really is a bad actress... She's going to have to work on that. Edward's wild theories about what secret she might be keeping remind me of Bella's superhero guesses in book 1 lol.

Renesmee's first Christmas is so bittersweet here; hopefully her next one will be a lot more relaxed! Still, it sounds like the crowd at Charlie's house was a fun one, even if Bella and Edward couldn't really relax—here's hoping that eventually everyone can come together once thr danger is past.

I'M CAUGHT UP! :) See you on the next update!
7/22 c82 Jessica314
I like how you highlight Edward's continued disappointment that he still can't hear Bella's mind, even now that she's learning to manipulate her sheild. It'll make her surprise in the end all the sweeter. And it still hasn't occurred to him that if Bella can get more comfortable with manipulating her shield, there'll be plenty of uses for that—like shielding everyone else's thoughts so he can have a little peace and quiet sometimes! Maybe even be allowed to play chess again lol!

Good job with the shield-training scene! I don't think I've ever read Edward's POV of this scene where he lets Kate shock him over and over... I never thought about how many times she probably did it. Ow.

"War made for strange bedfellows." LOVE that line. And it goes to show that for all the optimism he's sharing with Bella, he knows they may be fighting for their lives very soon.
7/21 c81 Jessica314
I'm getting closer to catching up!

Oh I really like this detail about how some of the other gifties were discreetly trying to apply Kate's lessons to their own gifts. I can see why that didn't have any effect for them-her lessons were pretty shield-specific, I guess-but so cool.

Great job on this chapter! I really enjoyed the extended scene w/Kate's training and all the movie moments you managed to get in there.
7/21 c80 Jessica314
Haha right. I wonder why Alice took Jasper when he could have fought to the death to save us? Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

Aro would probably call it a "misunderstanding between friends" too. If he can kill the sister he loved...!

I'm just picturing Esme hanging up one of those pretty cottage-y signs from Hobby Lobby, like those live/laugh/love ones, but it says "No dismemberments!" no we just gotta make it rhyme...

Yessssss you know how much I love fight training scenes! Even when it's an hour of Edward stalling and angsting about how he just can't do it, lol. He does sound more grown up lately, Bella-worship not withstanding - - and he has a good point when he says that he would have wished to keep Bella all time himself this whole time, but that he's grateful for the others helping her train. It's a good thing they do have Renesmee and the fight training, or they really might spend this whole month of waiting alone in their cottage, overthinking everything.
7/21 c79 Jessica314
I can just imagine the glee on Banjamin's face as he is finally allowed to have some FUN with his gift. I wonder how much practice Amun has allowed him over the years, or on the flip side, has he been "training" Benjamin's gift?

LOL you're absolutely right. If Aro decided to dismiss the charges, Carlisle WOULD invite him over for tea so they could reconcile!

Oh that's perfect, Edward considering leaving for half a second because he's an "unwilling spy in their midst." but right, at least they all know it. It's up to them to keep those seditious thoughts to a minimum. But his angst over it is so in character, as is his worry that Bella might accidentally "drop" her shield during her training with Kate. He's more right than he knows, although a passive shield can't be dropped by accident-it'd be like dropping something up into the sky (mutters to myself about how Eleazar should have gotten to shine and nerd over gift classification here).


I' m really enjoying all the gift discussion in this chapter, the way they try to describe how various gifts function. And it's sweet to see Edward's trust and love for Alice, even though he has no idea what future he's heading towards.

Hmm, now there's an interesting scenario-if Alec blinded a person and at the same moment Zafrina made them see something, who would win?

LOL right, Zafrina beats TV any day!
7/19 c78 Jessica314
Love all the details here as Edward observes all the visitors' thoughts. I especially like how he compares himself to Benjamin.

Nice bit of movie canon there with Benjamin's water trick ;) I'm intrigued by the line where Amun knew what was wrong just by Carlisle's desperation—do you mean he realized Carlisle was in trouble with the Volturi? Or something about losing a son, in general?

I've always wondered about Maggie and Charles's gifts—I like your theory that it's the *intent* to deceive that trips their alarm, more than the spoken words of a lie or the omission of words. So in a sense they might be a subset of empaths, sensitive only to deceit?

Poor Amun lol. I guess it really doesn't matter if they stay or not in terms of exposing Benjamin to Aro-the knowledge is already there in Edward's mind. But maybe Amun didn't realize that yet.

Oh so true—as fascinating as it must be for Edward to observe all these minds and memories and interactions, it must also be overwhelming. Too bad Bella hasn't figured out how to shield him yet!

I like Edward's one-sided answers to Amun re: his telepathy. How many times did he had to answer that same bunch of questions all in a row that week, I wonder?

I do think it's good for Edward to have to "play the host" and actually be in charge for a while as everyone arrives. I suppose Carlisle might have handled things better, but I think Edward is doing pretty well!

Looking forward to Benjamin's demonstration ithe next chapter. Meanwhile I think my favorite line in this one is "Our friends were not bad people, aside from all the murders" :D
7/19 c77 Jessica314
I wonder this, too-will any of the Cullen witnesses besides Garrett make the switch to animals after this, or at least try to? This gathering is an unprecedented event in several ways-I imagine everyone had a lot to think about when they left.

Ooh, the "blood on their breath" line! I never thought about that. Plus it just sounds cool.

LOL these two, arguing about Edward's having been a serial killer right in front of their baby. Ah well, she can probably handle it. Having these two as parents is probably one of the reasons she's growing up so fast ;) I do wonder how it must have felt for Edward back in the 30s after he came back home-the first time he was in a city a night and was aware of a violent crime being committed. I wonder if he ever acted without killing, or whether it was too difficult and he had to hold himself back. I imagine a few tough conversations with Carlisle over that one.

Aw, this whole scene with Edward feeding/holding Renesmee is so cute. And very reassuring that she's determined to try and win some of them over to the animal diet.

Haha OK now I'm picturing Charlie pulling over a car for speeding and it's Vladimir and Stefan! Or Amun!
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