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7/13/2020 c3 sam
great, thanks
8/5/2019 c2 1AmandaH109
It seems like this could be a very interesting story if you continued it. Plus who doesn't love season 1 fanfics. You could have more of them develop powers but have them all do different things. It would be quite fun to watch them use them for the first time, and to see them use them against whatever bad tries to take them on. Imagine how it would of changed the conflict with the grounders, reapers and mountain men. And it would be a great way to bring Clarke and Bellamy closer together as they explore their new gifts, cause who doesn't love lots of Bellarke moments. You should definitely explore this idea more.
6/24/2019 c2 rednoxia
oohhh cool idea. I hope you continue this.
6/13/2019 c2 1AnimeAngel1011
Love the story Idea! Please continue the story.
1/23/2019 c2 1feluy
I hope you'll make that a real story because the start is great and really captivating!
1/19/2017 c1 Clexa shipper
As the name suggests, I'm a clexa shipper but I would still read the shit out of this if you turned it into a real fic.

So that's what I'm asking you to do.

Pretty please?
11/30/2016 c1 2StarKiss666
I like it so far and would like to see more with more description about where they are, how this happened, who they are with etcetera. Please write more. And if you know of any stories where some of the 100 have powers I would really appreciate it. I have been trying to find other stories like that. Update soon, please!
11/27/2016 c1 The Average Nemophilist
please PLEASE pLeAsE! make this a real fic! it sounds amazing
11/9/2016 c1 Guest
Sounds interesting so far you should continue
11/11/2016 c1 4skyorchid00
Please do more. I myself enjoy it very much as I know other people do to, so it would be ashame to leave a master piece unfinished
11/11/2016 c1 1PinkLemonadeChocolate
Wow, this is a really cool story idea - you should continue it!
Honestly there's no way you can't finish this! You can't leave us hanging! Please do continue!
11/9/2016 c1 4earth89
pleas consider writing more.
11/9/2016 c1 2SydneyRaineOfficial
Love this idea and I haven't read another T100 fanfic with this type of storyline yet so it's unique. I'd say you should definitely continue (if you want of course)! I'd follow for sure!
11/9/2016 c1 Emotionless-ash
This fic is pretty intresting. I think you should continue I would like to see where this goes.

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