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6/7/2019 c28 Crystal Glaceon
Happy you’re back. Loved the teacher, can’t wait to see more, and it will be exciting to find them figured out Moria is evil. You really are a good writer, this story is legit so good, and I love how you make up things that you wouldn’t hear ingame for the sake of the story. It’s awesome, it’s like Wizard City is real place, when I imagine it
5/20/2019 c27 ZooFan
Your story is really interesting I’ll give you that. It’s also been worked on a lot which is another thing I’ll give you props on. I like how you express your characters which is a hard thing to do. But, to me I feel like this story may be a little mature compared to the actual game. Now I’m not saying that people didn’t die in the game but the way you go about it kinda ruins the wizard101 vides for me. But it is a story you should be proud of.
6/3/2018 c27 Jimmy Flores
A very nice take on the game's story; just reading it gives me bits of euphoria... I look forward to seeing those neat spells found in game: like that puppet minion that myth learns very early on. Something I always wanted to explore in that universe was how spells are made in the first place and how someone could invent one if possible. The characters are unique, although I have not seen that much backstory on rose yet...The main issue is that it would likely take a great deal of work to get these characters ready to go to dragonspyre.
5/26/2018 c27 20gh0stheart
Good job, besides the A/N. I am not saying what. You did make an interesting chapter.

At least now there is a name associated with the person/thing that is connected to Shard. Sadly, I don't think Safir is evil, but as I haven't had the whole story, I cannot be certain. Though the questions are, "What happened to him? Why does he want to come back through Shard?" I could be wrong on that last part, but, I don't think I am.
5/10/2018 c15 mr. jack joke
hey! you forgot balance! the school of balance!
4/11/2018 c26 11Minjiuu
As always, nice chapter! Can't wait for the next and keep the good work!
3/28/2018 c25 20gh0stheart
Interesting chapter. I wonder what will happen next? Good job on making it peak fascination.
3/13/2018 c24 Iron-ninja
Don’t trust the Darkkettle
3/12/2018 c23 Iron-ninja
Rocky your a total asshole

Good chapter this is something I didn’t see coming
3/3/2018 c24 11Minjiuu
Lol I'd wait for the next chapters. Don't really have access to the game this (3) years. XD

Gotta agree with Ghostheart there, I'm wondering too on who could Gretta be married to.

And Kane, sheesh. What has gotten into him today?

Oh well. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
2/25/2018 c24 20gh0stheart
Okay, I wonder who Mrs. Darkkettle is married to since Mrs usually means that the person is married. Ms means that they aren't. I know, I know, shut up Ghost before she decides to critique. There are also a few grammar errors in this chapter, but I don't feel like saying them, and I'm pretty sure you don't want a huge review of grammar.

So, I hope you get inspiration (I'm curious about what could happen next) and am hoping that the next chapter will be equally as interesting.
2/15/2018 c23 11Minjiuu
Woah when was the last time I reviewed this...? TBH, I've already reviewed but for some reason my reviews aren't posted so, I'm trying again I guess.

Yeah, I feel terrible for Rose. My fave part however was when was all like, "But pigs do fly!". Because in earth pigs DON'T fly so I was wondering 'Why on earth did she say that?'

I remembered something: those pigs with wings that you can keep them as a pet. I forgot what those are called since I haven't been playing for 3 years...

Anyways, keep up the good work and I'll do my best to review more often (if the site would let me) next time!
2/3/2018 c22 Iron-ninja
... dang ok I’m still absorbing this information that’s just taken place. Ok wow shard, magic a eviler presense that’s some kind of kid like shard, and a ward for unicorn way. ok I need to get my head around this

But keep going and your fight seen was good
1/23/2018 c21 Iron-ninja
...well f*** I didn’t see that one coming at the end also poor daisy as well

Also I’m honored you reply to my comments thank you :)
1/22/2018 c21 20gh0stheart
Finally, after many distractions, I can review. Before I say anything else, please proofread your A/N. Sorry, my grammar and spelling well. . . self could not take the major grammatical error in the first paragraph of the bottom of story A/N. It is the fourth sentence, "And if they find her, will her be on their side?" The part before the coma is great but after the coma, it should be not her but she. It basically means it should read, "And if they find her, will she be on their side?" I'm sorry I could not ignore that. I tried really hard, but it didn't work out, as you can tell by this bulky paragraph.

Other than that issue, I think you did a pretty good job. I unfortunately still like Rattlebones. And am still kind of wondering why I just don't like Emer that much. The only part of her character I like is her name and the reference to it. Yes, I did decide a while ago to research a little into some things and the name came up. . . I just felt like saying it now instead of then.

I liked the thought of Nolan being forced to be in a pixie costume, but it was a bit random. I wonder if it was explained a bit more in the original version, though I can't complain. It is good revenge for what happens (in game) in Cyclops Lane. And the mental picture is worth a few laughs and drawings. Not that I'd ever draw it. . .

So now that I'm done critiquing, good job! All in all this is one of my favorite chapters (so far). So keep going! I am curious about who will win the battle over the ruler of the fairies (even if I'm kind of hoping it will be Rattlebones. . .)
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