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7/3 c1 RDDash
This story would probably give me a headache.
5/30 c14 Hello Again
Thank you for your time and work
5/30 c7 Hello
5/30 c6 Hello
Schools having to suffer through shooting is bad. I hope everyone is alright.
5/30 c5 Hello
Thank you Thalia
5/30 c4 Hello Again
They are quite good siblings
5/30 c3 Hello
Your choice is perfect for pairing bro.
5/30 c2 Hello
Dinner meeting. I am hungry...
5/30 c1 Hello
What an interesting and amazing start
3/29 c14 Haruka001
I love this wayyyyy too much, reading it to the late hours of the night despite having exams tomorrow
3/29 c2 Haruka001
I love the interactions with the other professors
3/29 c1 Haruka001
I love this
1/19 c14 Guest
Last commenter a dragon can destroy what a town i a high level espada is multi country to multi continental in power with above light it’s no contest
10/13/2020 c8 12Makuro767
A dragon is just an oversized Espada level Arrancar
8/20/2020 c2 jcampbellohten
I can't fault you or Noxilicious for the level of bullshit to Ichigo's powers, because it actually feels like reading the final arc of /Bleach/, so in that way it's close to the source material.
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