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for Coby's Choice

9/6 c7 Bigguy45
I gotta ask why a triceratops?
9/4 c131 Dragon king11111113333
This is amazing love the book and hope for more in the future!
8/31 c130 ketse 11
la suite est bientôt?
8/4 c130 APogChamp
I hope you release Part 2 soon! This story is amazing!
8/1 c130 MDM11
I can’t wait til you release the Post Timeskip Chapters
7/6 c129 Guest
If this story will be updated in the future should you mark it as complete right now?
6/30 c80 1EbayUserGreen
Hmmm, I do hope Perona joins the crew as I read more of this story.

Also I see you are revising previous chapters but I am wondering one thing, are you going to edit enough to where I will have to re-read (honestly wouldn't mind) or are you just putting a bunch of small chapters into one big one with some small edits
6/24 c1 storm lili
vous avez déjà essayé de faire que des personnages de one piece regarde coby choice.
6/19 c130 1PokeKing Charizard
So cute! And so Nami.
6/19 c134 Nami4Life
That was lovely , looking forward to the next chapter.
6/19 c134 PokeKing Charizard
Just about to start the chapter, but I wanted to say this: when Momonosuke shows up, and he starts trying to be perverted with Nami and Robin and any of the other women, you should have Luffy say that Momo is making the "Sanji face".
6/19 c134 midnightscar17
Id rather see some new chapters popping up more often
6/19 c134 themattman4000
When part2 when
6/19 c134 2Rivet94
man,, that was cute. I'll look forward to the return to sabaody arc being done and getting posted
6/19 c134 4Le055Li0n
I love this, it was so lovely.
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