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for Coby's Choice: Paradise

12/7 c125 arjunnagarajan2

I don't remember this part all that much addmitedly...
12/7 c124 arjunnagarajan2
Sengoku went super saiyan lmao
12/7 c123 arjunnagarajan2
pro goat advice

in reality, imagine not having therapists, and this is what happens to people. You end up with a guy that talks to a goat, a dude getting split personalities,messed up family relations, etc etc...
12/7 c110 arjunnagarajan2
hancock be actin like a bih
12/7 c107 arjunnagarajan2

damn, Sunny
12/7 c94 arjunnagarajan2
makes me wonder why nami is the one who always gets kidnapped
12/7 c85 arjunnagarajan2
pro Gin
12/7 c62 arjunnagarajan2
Luffy got slapped with the metaphorical relationship chains

RIP Luffy
12/7 c59 arjunnagarajan2
sometimes I wonder whether or not it should've been ussop to eat the lightning fruit, since railguns and all that
12/7 c48 arjunnagarajan2

*cries tears of sadness*
12/7 c41 arjunnagarajan2
a literal lightning fast dude who uses tonfas like machine guns, and combat based around extremely aggressive close quarters

nothing bad will happen, of course
12/7 c37 arjunnagarajan2
rip sanji's dignity
12/7 c4 Kuro.435
Nice way of opening romance between them, thx
12/6 c2 arjunnagarajan2
I still can't believe mans called it the pussyfoot technique

*criges to death*
12/4 c3 Kuro.435
Nice seeing Coby’s progress and I loved Gin joining since he was one the characters that I always thought should have joined and I have only seen 1 fanfic making Gin joining the crew so Thx
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