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5h c7 Gamma-X
..you do know Miss Valentine's actual name is Mikita rather than Amy, right? Also, Grace Marigold? What is she? From Amazon Lily? Any relation at all to Boa Marigold? Hancock's sister?
Also, very interesting to see that Coby has one of Ancient Zoans that belonged to one of Kaido's soldiers! :D
11/14 c1 svomami
Someone should make a "Reading Of" version of this with the ones reading being the canon cast. Their reactions would be soooooo hilarious.
11/14 c102 SunsetSongwind
Oh my gosh you did not just add in Melanie and Militia from RWBY... I take it back, you totally did. That is awesome!
11/14 c127 3Goku275
10/31 c4 YoruKokuto
No hate to the ship but the romance between Nami and Luffy just seemed kinda random and out of the blue.
10/13 c41 Dudethatlikestoread
YESSSSSSS i knew it was between Nami or gin to eat the goro goro no mi Nami cause its frigging electricity and we know Nami is a very good weather predicter and gin because he didn't have a fruit
10/9 c6 Dudethatlikestoread
when did luffy become nami's boyfriend?
10/7 c59 14Lady Umbra666
dude you're making this more emotional than the anime
10/4 c27 Lady Umbra666
you could have always just hit "Paste"
cut does copy what you highlight
9/19 c7 Guest
If you’re editing your story valentine and goldenweek’s real names are: mikita and marianne respectively.
9/6 c7 Bigguy45
I gotta ask why a triceratops?
9/4 c131 Dragon king11111113333
This is amazing love the book and hope for more in the future!
8/31 c130 ketse 11
la suite est bientôt?
8/4 c130 APogChamp
I hope you release Part 2 soon! This story is amazing!
8/1 c130 MDM11
I can’t wait til you release the Post Timeskip Chapters
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