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5/9/2020 c149 ImGolden
This is amazing
5/9/2020 c149 4Fudgecicles
Wait, why would you be getting hate for that last line? That’s beautiful.
5/9/2020 c149 4Voidborne II
Going off of Sly Bahamut’s comment, how about using the forgotten Ultimasaurus from Jurassic Park as Coby’s monster form?
5/9/2020 c149 5Monkey D. Conan
Bbwwwaaaahhhh! It’s so beautiful! I’m not crying! You’re crying!

WOW! I can’t wait for the next story. Monkey D. Ace, the Prince of the Pirates. Luffy’s going to have to work even harder to not let history repeat itself. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to Ace. Also could you imagine the reactions of the World Government when they eventually find out? Can a 1 and a half year old even have a wanted poster? (I bet the picture would be cute though. Like Ace sucking his thumb and waving at the camera as Nami and Luffy are fighting Marines around him.) I remember when this story basically just started. It’s been an amazing ride, and I look forward to the next one. You have a gift for writing. I can’t wait for more!
5/9/2020 c149 midnightscar17
Is luffy kid ace reincarnation
5/9/2020 c149 3Anonymous4.O
Ok, now I'm definitly looking forward to how they'll deal with their advenrures with a baby on board. A baby. In the new world. Yep, that's going to be tough
5/9/2020 c149 8Power of Magic
That was a very good chapter, and I look forward to what happens next time. AND YES! I KNEW IT! I knew that Nami was pregnant, and it looks like Ace might have reincarnated into Nami and Luffy's child and is once again, going to be the Prince of the Pirates
5/9/2020 c149 Guest
luffy should have sneeze at the end there
5/8/2020 c149 CAR123
i forget to ask, is baby Ace gonna get his hat and dagger back? i hope so, cause yeah, that's a pretty damn cool hat and dagger
5/8/2020 c149 CAR123
Congratulation Nami! That last part make me smile like crazy! :)
And for you the author, thanks for making this story
It's one of the best story i've ever read, good job!
Damn i still can't forget that last part XD
5/8/2020 c149 Sly Bahamut
Love the story so far.

Could you please just have Law cut Rum out of Gin during the Punk Hazard arc. Law cuts out and then swaps the personalities of the Straw-hat Crew canonically so why could he not just cut out the violent split personality of Gin's and put it in a much weaker body so Rum would be gone. I know Rum is connected to the Rumble-Rumble Fruit but Rum is a psychopathic asshole and I think everyone on the crew would agree it would be for the best, even if you add that there was some downside for Gin if Rum is removed.

Personally I say have Sabo still eat the Flame-Flame Fruit and maybe down the line give Baby Ace a different Devil Fruit. Also can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Monkey D. Ace's reveal to the world after Dressrossa.

An eventual Omake request during a later chapter: Vinsmoke Judge's reaction to the fact that he can't use Sanji as collateral for his alliance with Big Mom and will have to either piggyback off of the alliance between the Straw-hats and Big Mom or have to have one of his super-powered kids marry a Charlotte.

Could you please do one or two more chapters/omakes in part two that describe more about the crews training and some of the antics of Baby Ace while on Weatheria?

Have you give any thought to how Coby's Monster form Should be? My first idea is a Mammoth sized Triceratops with some characteristics of stegosaurus and ankylosaurus(sort of a Indominus Rex of Herbivores). my other idea is him evolving into a F-you western dragon(Example: Welsh Dragon) just not with the fire breath.

I hope to see the Sequel or the new chapters soon.
5/8/2020 c149 1Whitefang24
Ace has been reborn! and is this going to lead to a non trying to kill sanji and his family wedding between him and pudding
5/8/2020 c149 6Xseyver
primero el echo de que llamaras al hijo de luffy ace ya se olia desde hace unos capitulos pero eso no quita lo epico que es no puedo esperar leer las reaciones de los muwiguara al hijo de nami y luffy
5/8/2020 c149 Lord Halcyon
Called it, I f #king called it! Fantastic conclusion to this story and I cant wait for the next one.

Hope you post soon.


Lord Halcyon
5/8/2020 c149 4561394
When Ace started talking about reincarnation I doubted he thought he’d come back as his goofy little brothers son
ha ha ha

Also I thought big mom did that it would explain how she was able to have a kid as young as Anana at her age
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