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5/8/2020 c149 4761394
When Ace started talking about reincarnation I doubted he thought he’d come back as his goofy little brothers son
ha ha ha

Also I thought big mom did that it would explain how she was able to have a kid as young as Anana at her age
5/8/2020 c149 2LoveGlutton
...oooooooh... ooooooooh... Ooooooooooh...

I wasn’t sure how you’d handle that until now.

So... going back to edit huh?... I wonder what that entails

A small part of me is hoping that it’s Ms. valentine and Ms. Goldenweek their canon names, but hey, you do you.
5/8/2020 c149 Guest
So, Nami is finally a mommy? I can’t wait to see everybody’s reaction, especially our favorite ero-chef’s. Given Sanji’s behavior, I bet he’s going to be disappointed not only for Nami having Luffy’s kid, but for being absent during the breastfeeding stage.
Sanji: *Thinking about Nami’s chest* Heh heh.
Nami: *Punches Sanji in the head* Wipe that look off your face! And as for you. Quit filling everyone’s head with those ideas or so help me I’ll give you a pain similar to childbirth! *Ace crying* I’m coming sweetie.
5/8/2020 c149 92yoshi3000
So, you're a fan of Andrew Joshua Talon's work? Because this had to be a "Our Mrs. Monkey" reference. However, bravo to you for a wonderful chapter.
5/8/2020 c149 Guest
Quick! Somebody pour out some sake so we can make a toast. For the birth of Monkey D. Ace. And for what is to come later in life. Now let’s make like the Straw Hats and party like our lives depend on it! Gather up all of the crew! It’s time to ship out Binks’s Brew!
5/8/2020 c149 12Fencer22
Well saw that coming a mile off. Ahh well. This fic is a bit to happy go lucky for anything else. Looking forward to what comes next.
5/8/2020 c149 2Reclusive Dork
holy shit...

Holy FUCK.
5/8/2020 c149 32deant33
That wasn't super obvious.

I like the choices for all the new crew members. And I like the fact you're using Boss Dugong from This Bites! as well.
5/8/2020 c149 70KatoGS123
*cue anime tears(most likely Izuku from My Hero Academia during the sports festival when he cause the ground to crack from the intense pressure from the One For All user’s ugly crying)*

5/8/2020 c149 chunnin33
Fucking gottem.

When you had them get together oh so long ago I wondered if you'd pull this EXACT STUNT!

Anyway, congratulations and thank you for completing part 1. Looking forward to part 2, good luck with your real life shenanigans in the mean time.
5/8/2020 c149 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/8/2020 c149 2WyrmTheFrostDragonSwordsman
Monkey D. Ace. I'm crying. I Love this. Are you doing a separate fanfic for part two?
5/8/2020 c149 10Yellowpikmin88
YABBA DABBA DOO! This has been the greatest One Piece rewrite ever and it's only half time!

And what a way to end it. Seems Luffy won't have far to look for Ace's reincarnation XD It's going to make for one hell of a reunion when part 2 arrives.

I am a bit miffed we didn't see Garp's fate but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Part 2 will be worth the wait for sure and I'll cheer when it arrives. Thank you for this story. Now I wait...
5/8/2020 c149 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Well we got our reincarnation of Ace and it’s in Luffy and Nami’s Son. How soon til the sequel?
5/8/2020 c149 mlkoolc86
Wow wasn’t expecting that ending lol. Be interesting to see things with a 1-2 year old on board.
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