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for Coby's Choice

11/14/2016 c4 Guest
This is a danm good story so far. PLEASE update soon. Looking forward to see what you do with Coby
11/14/2016 c4 1Bobboky
Very good work.
11/14/2016 c4 iitrnr
Good one. Thanks.
11/11/2016 c3 iitrnr
Good chapter. Thanks.
11/11/2016 c3 Bobboky
nice work
11/11/2016 c2 11homozyghost
Finally a story with Coby that is not a one-shot! I'm really looking forward to this :D Keep it up!
11/10/2016 c2 Guest
Good start.
11/11/2016 c2 iitrnr
A very interesting idea. Can't wait for the coming chapters. Thanks.
11/10/2016 c2 1Bobboky
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