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5/5 c133 Exia Zero
Any idea when you will post Cobys Choice part 2 on this site? Because I love this story and I want to see everyone's reaction to Luffy and Nami's son.
5/2 c62 Guest
4/28 c12 1Tenjo
Who has Luffy killed? Wapol is still alive and, though he promised to kill Krieg for poisoning Coby, he spared him.
4/28 c4 Tenjo
I’m liking this so far. You’re sticking to canon like most other stories, but you’re not really sacrificing consistency to do so. Nobody has broken character (except Nami of course, but she breaks character in canon... or rather she just lacks self awareness), and you have organically changed little details of canon (Coby’s warnings preventing numerous injuries and leading to better results) as well as some bigger ones (Gin joining the crew, which is honestly something I think every fan agrees they wish happened in canon). None of that felt forced.

So yeah, I’m enjoying this for now.
4/27 c2 Tenjo
... the whole reason Zoro got left behind in canon was because Luffy was too hotheaded to notice he’d fallen down the oil trap. But in this, Luffy noticed... so why didn’t he just grab Zoro? His power is literally stretching.
4/27 c1 Tenjo
“To do what, kill without a second thought?”

See what I mean? She has the gall to say that less than two minutes after premeditating his death so she could get some gold which she did after using him as a scapegoat, fully believing he’d die. Not to mention when she used him as a scapegoat she actually chose to watch what she thought would be a murder instead of using the chance to leave the island.
4/27 c1 Tenjo
Nami’s first actions and her continued money grubbing make her my least favourite Straw Hat. She had no idea he was a pirate, but she gladly through him under the bus so she could get away. She already had the map she wanted but, because she was greedy and wanted the treasure too, she premeditated a plan to let Luffy die and would have gone through with it; at that point, her suddenly growing a conscience was ridiculously forced. She claims to only steal from pirates, but she abused Luffy for helping the town rebuild with their own bloody money because she wanted it, even if she technically had a decent reason she chose herself over others and was perfectly willing to steal from victims of the same fate her town went through. Can’t forget her willingness to let use a civilian as a scapegoat. She doesn’t follow her own code of morals.

She also acts like a loan shark (a person generally considered to be sadistic, greedy trash) to her own friends and her literal first act after freeing her town was to steal from everyone in her town (again proving she doesn’t only steal from pirates) who, like Orange Town, would need it to rebuild.

She’s an absolute cunt and the she’s out of character when she shows some kind of morality.
4/22 c133 1OceansAlliteration
So...I have a request on behalf of those of us who like downloading stories to keep in case the internet ever just...dies. Could you either post this story on AO3 (which has a download feature that can handle stories of this kind of length decently) or post this story in a downloadable format online? I’ve tried to save this story with the usual ficsave and fichub kinda sites and the downloads consistently have issues. They cut off at Episode of Grace and go no further, the chapter titles dont match the headers that the download formats assign (e.g. taping the link that should take one to the Aftermath chapter takes one instead to Episode of Grace), and the size is problematic for download times of reasonable length. I love your work and appreciate the story you have given all of us. But I’d like to be able to save it somewhere without all the issues.
4/20 c133 Guest
Not really a review but more of a question or a statement. So for each chapter/ arc for it to appear on here. On fan fiction we have to wait patiently for 2 to 3 months or is it longer
4/14 c132 Itachiuchiha56
that coby has a damn big harem and that it awakens its fruit and also that it finds one of the 12 Saijo O- Wazamono.

My opinion :)
4/6 c59 Blitz Drache
I'm not crying... you're crying... baka...
4/2 c133 DR5996
Eh, putting a pateon, on making on sequel, also if you will put these story in FF, is not illegal? It's not considered a "profit" for copyright laws?
4/1 c133 3Justaguynobigdealallright
I waited this long what's a little longer take your time u in no rush it'll come out really great anyways
3/31 c133 AnbuDragon90
Awww when I saw you had updated the story it made me super excited to read the next chapter, that being said waiting is fine with me. I'm probably going to re-read the story though can't wait to see more!
3/29 c133 10avatoa
Hey, dude, good to have you back! Although did you view the latest chapters of One Piece? Specifically a certain opponent in Wano’s special ability being revealed?
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