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for Coby's Choice

1/4/2021 c135 3Goku275
12/29/2020 c7 1EnsanityFanatic
Yo! I’m afraid to say that the Triceratops fruit has been eaten by the Tobiroppo Sasaki. However, you could change Sasaki’s to an Ankylodon and keep his armored dinosaur theme. Hope this helps!
12/27/2020 c135 Thatbooooi
Best one piece story there is PLEASE make a part 2 and don’t abandon it this is the best written one piece story there is thank you for making it and sticking with it please get the part 2 finished I can’t wait to read it
12/26/2020 c135 Nunami112
I was wondering if cobys choice part 2 will be another story or continue on from this. Also i just finished the story and i think it is definetly one of my favorite fics and keep up the good work
12/16/2020 c135 Game raider
Hey swordofthegods
I was planning on making a drawing of coby's swords and posting it on my tumblr. What do you think of this?
12/12/2020 c135 1Lycoan2109
The fruit you gave Coby has appeared in the Manga ch 998 now
12/10/2020 c134 Luffy
If possible, after the Fishman arc, ace will be made directly by 12 year old children, with your own storyline, at the same time given Luffy the devil fruit Mizu Mizu no mi, Luffy's ace is fire, while the ace of the child Luffy is water to turn them over.
12/7/2020 c61 1awesomestar
Wait... You just took Usopps' arc? I feel like he would've still put up more of a fight... I mean, like... okay then
11/26/2020 c15 1awesomestar
Okay, I'm loving ur story. Are Grace and Coby gonna be a couple or something (Not really sure if I ship, but seems cute. I expected Boa or someone else to fall in love with him.)? Also, found out Grace's real name is Marianne, not telling you to change it or anything like that (would be much too late, anyway), so it's just a fun fact.
11/20/2020 c136 Will'D'Lucifer
Story is the best,luffy and nami
11/20/2020 c137 O.W.E.N.E.W.O
If you're going to be editing this fic can you pls tone down on Gin and his entire attitude cause honestly it is getting annoying especially with his I killed god claim, he says it in almost every sentence and what and him taking the spot light from the monster trio is just not as amazing as you think it is and let's not even talk about his accent that is almost impossible to understand most of the time infact I just skip to the next dialogue when he start speaking I know you have the accent and you want to showcase but the accent and culture but you did not pull it off well enough for the conversation to flow naturally infact just change it back to normal cause it really distracting except if you can pull it off then carry on and before I forget what was that crap about reincarnation that you did with ace how did ace know he would be reincarnated that he has the guts to tell Luffy to find him ,please as a concerned reader don't just pull this kind of thing out of nowhere and expect it to be ok if you can just cut all that unnecessary parts your fic would look better infact if you can get a beta reader to bounce your ideas of that would be great it would really improve your story
11/11/2020 c80 3Justaguynobigdealallright
I never expected for Luffy to give a lecture about reality like that.
11/6/2020 c137 Guest
So...when would Coby's choice redux be released?
10/31/2020 c137 Guest
Go go update author san.
10/27/2020 c29 Guest
Don't Hiatus author san
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