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for Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair

10/15/2017 c11 126TheRoseShadow21
February, huh? It was really that long ago I drew them? Holy hell, time flies, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm glad to see the full version of this chapter up. I have no particular conspiracy theories or anything just yet, but I can kinda see where things might be hinting at...other things, and it's all very interesting. So yeah, I really liked this update.
As far as your updating schedule goes, given you've got this, Lessons of Despair and the other new one (I've noticed it, need to check it out properly), I think if you do one update a month for each story, that'll be good. I wonder if making a specific schedule, like trying to make sure a chapter of this is up on X day of each month, and then Lessons of Despair on Y day of the month and so on and so forth might help? Or perhaps a specific day of the week, kinda like how I try to mainly update things on Sundays? Just figure out what would be feasible based on your other commitments (congrats on the job, by the way!) and take it from there. But yes, once a month for each would be perfect, and, if I'm being honest, knowing that the updates are coming on a regular basis gives me stuff to look forward to and having that means a lot to me. Though while I'm saying that, it's really up to you and what works for you, since these are your fics and it is your life.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work, as always! I look forward to the next updates!
10/14/2017 c11 2116Doobop13
It was wonderful waking up to see this story had a new chapter! Everyone got a good amount of screen time and my own OC is being written beautifully thus far. I'm of the opinion that schedules put unnecessary pressure on the writer to write, and if they don't feel into it, the story could suffer for it, so when I'm asked about schedule choices, I usually answer to only write when you feel like it. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm certainly no stranger to waiting for long periods of time for new chapters, and I definitely don't mind long ones, especially if you like them better. It's your fic after all. You do what you feel is best!

As for any conspiracy theories...

Here's a crackpot theory I've got. I have no evidence to support this at all, like, none, but here goes:
What if Kuzuri Inamine is the mastermind and this ENTIRE THING...Is just one giant beta-test?
Like I said, no actual evidence of any kind, and to be honest, I hope it's not the case, because I love Kuzuri and wouldn't want them to be evil-beans, but it's the crack pot theory I'm going with for now.
Congratulations on your job, and keep up the good work!
10/14/2017 c11 1LillyShepard
Well, color me excited, because today has been great! Especially with two updates from one of my favorite authors. So far everything is pretty cool, and ooh, drama among the cast already? This should be fun! The FTE's where nice, we get a cute bonding moment with Setsuka and Akira and Kuzuri is wonderful as always. Now for the questions.~

QFFR:Hm, well that depends on what you think you can handle..Because I certainly don't want you to overwork yourself and get sick. Just do what you think is best for you. Besides, I'll be happy either way really.

QOTC:Unfortunately, I don't have any theories at the the moment, though I'm not to good with mysteries. I love to read them but am terrible with trying to solve any. XD

P.S. Yeah, I was so ticked when I read about the ending of the first trial..Especially since I read so many theories that where cooler then what actually happened. :(
10/14/2017 c11 10Katastic Writer
Welcome, welcome back! I can understand the reasoning behind the hiatus, life plus some super-awesome games that came out, so no problems there. To quickly answer the QFFR, the lengthy chapters have been a blast to read and gives every character a chance to shine, so whatever method works to take your time with these chapters is perfectly fine by me.

On the actual chapter itself, I PMed my thoughts about the preview but it still stands here: Another incredibly written chapter! The interactions are great, and the FTEs remind me that Setsuka and Kuzuri are on the top of my list of favorites thus far! Interesting on the viewpoints of Ayumi; I guess not everyone is going to automatically trust her, though now Akira has more information on her condition.

So far so grand! I couldn't say anything about conspiracy theories yet, and any hints might have gone over my head, heheh. I'll watch for those again.

(hnnnngh v3 and the feels- )
6/30/2017 c11 madmissY01
I am so happy that you're posting again, I've missed this story
6/26/2017 c11 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
I really had to do a double take on my alert list but I am supper happy that I wasn't seeing things! You graduated congratulations I wish you great luck in your post high school choices and such! Anyway this was great even if it was just a taster chapter and all. Soo happy I get to read about my favorite officer again and I get to see more of the Snobby Classical duo as a bonus! Gosh I missed all these guys so much. Super hype for the free time events too! Man I think you just totally made my night!
6/26/2017 c11 1CandiedStars
I have been blessed here on this day. Seriously what a great surprise seeing that all three of your stories were updated it was great. Anyways you know that I loved that free time event because I love this series and you know that because I'm always bothering you about that stuff lol. Great chapter, I'm super excited for the continuations of all these stories so thats real lit. Sh*t's gonna go down soon and I am 100% here for that.
2/19/2017 c10 3Fujisaki-kun
Oh, I just realized I never answered what Kuzuri's last name would be if it were different! Probably Bakuhatsu! I like the more unique names that you wouldn't encounter that often!
1/21/2017 c10 5Vocalmon
Yay! Late review~ I'll try and make this brief or so.

Overall, another enjoyable chapter. We got to explore the plane in-depth, and many characters got a lot of screen time each. My opinions have changed (slightly) for some of them, but they're all still a lovable cast that shouldn't crumble away slowly. Unfortunately that's gonna happen and…haaa.

Another last name for Sayomi? Hm…I'm terrible with names, but perhaps Kashiwagi Sayomi. Maybe remove the 'mi' and make it Kashiwagi Sayo. BAM new character.

In terms of favorites, I really like Hitome. Like, she is actually really fun to read. There's really no least favorite, but perhaps I'll need more development for Alice to understand her more. I'll vote if it isn't too late but kudos once again for the update!

Haven't seen NDRV3 yet properly besides a small look at Vidya's stream but I know who the first victim is so that's fun :)
1/19/2017 c10 1RedEndz
Due to some personal things, I was not able to properly read this story but I finally had the time to binge read every single chapter and it will be too long if I just review every single chapter now. So yeah... sorry about that, I will just review this chapter. Just in time for my character to come out too. Phew. Enough though this review is late as well.

So far, I really liked how your portrayed every single one of the characters and these are all really good characters. It was always interesting to see how they act and behave around each other. Man, how am I suppose to choose my favorite out of all these people?

Well...Hitome's personality is totally not like a usual kunoichi. That's great. I am all for irony and these kinds of stuff.

Another last name for Keefe? I guess it can be Neo. Not as nice as using Ng with his full name, but it's good enough.

You are doing great with his character so far, no complaint on my side.

Oh man, you were spoiled for NDRV3? That's rough, hopefully, you were still able to enjoy it despite being spoiled. To avoid being spoiled, I already deleted my Tumblr app from my phone since last year as I usually only use the app.
1/16/2017 c10 126TheRoseShadow21
Theoretical other surnames? That's a random question, but oddly enough I have two answers. One is 'Murray' (if you look back in her history you'll probably figure this one out). The other is 'Akiyama' because that's a surname I was toying with giving Effie when creating her character. In the end I decided that 'Effie Iizuka' sounded better than 'Effie Akiyama', but whatever. Speaking of Effie-Yay, you used one of my fave quotes out of the ones I provided for her, and you used it well too :) :)
But anyway, new characters. I like people myself, but I sympathise with Alice's shyness quite a bit, actually. There have been times when I've wished I could just communicate via notebook-I write so much better than I speak. Keefe is lining up to be another favourite of mine. Once again, I don't even know why, but yeah, I like him a lot. As for Hitome...well, she has a different view of the world. I'm not so sure she should have been trained in any kind of killing occupation in the first place given how naïve and idiosyncratic her worldview is. I'm not sure what to make of her. I'm wary, but not because she has a killing-related talent, but because of her odd immature worldview. Somehow I feel like that is more a recipe for disaster than her talent itself. On the other hand-she puns! Will she and Effie have a pun-off or something?
Also, I really like your idea with balancing the FTEs based on votes and making sure characters get screen time. That sounds like a god idea and makes perfect sense, and I look forward to seeing what happens with that. So yeah, keep up the good work!
1/16/2017 c10 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Okay so its just dawned on me that I never reviewed which is criminal like what the heck how could I forget! Bad Tobi!

Ahem okay enough of that now on to what I thought about this chapter.

OMG ETANO ALL SCIENCEY WAS SOO FUGIN AWESOME! I could not stop laughing love how he is in complete denial makes me wounder how he's gonna handle that blood trail the musical trio found. Which brings me to the groups and their adventures of terror. Well not really terror they were just walking around the plane...something you already know...moving on.

Classical Snobs with a side of Pi - I feel so bad for Ayano for having to deal with them but as bad as I feel for loving every second of it. Shiori and Crystelle are absolute perfection man I wish I had the ability to make a snobby character. I believe in you Ayano find those loopholes find them and use them.

Athletic Supa Stars - Etano is golden in this chapter...wait no never mind he's silver well get to gold later. Setsuka has a healthy bit of skepticism and not full blown denial like some people *cough cough* Etano *cough cough* and Santiago takes the realistic approach which shocks me for some reason hmm weird. Love that they told him to keep the gear I'm sure it suits him.

Totally Out There Trio - .Gold. Pure gold and she is the most upbeat assassin I have ever seen in my life like what the heck if she kills someone she's gonna do it with a smile while she slurps a slurpie. September supports slushies which is a noble thing to support. Alice is...weird. But not bad weird just weird as in...I want to know more.

Musical Trio - WHAT THE FUGE IS UP WITH THE BLOOD!? Did that come from Ayumi? The put her in a barrel? Jezz talk about brutal. Effie is probably faking the whole cripple thing she is way too chill about a killing game. I can see it now a potential killer comes from behind and strikes but somehow Effie is gone its like she vanished. In reality she did an awesome kick flip off the side of the wall crutch gun aimed at her attacker back. Then she'd say a cool one lines like "Looks can be deceiving" or something then she knocks em out. I've done it I've figured it out I've learned Effie's secret no applause necessary. Satomi girl don'r worry you look flawless like always no need to constantly check...unless you just like looking at yourself than by all means do you. Kjartan spin those mad beat bro! I'm sorry thats all I got for him right now.

Akira and Hospital Groupies - Akira leave Eclair alone these innuendos seem to be reflex just deal okay. You too tracker boy Keefe that looks mad awesome in their suit like wow I may have a crush. Not that you needed to know that...ehem. Eclair said so many doctor terms that it made me grateful for grey's anatomy otherwise I would be lost. Enzo you make the perfect nurse you go dude use those magic hands.

Shocking Duo with a side of Sass Tea - Thats right Naki fight the power Ayano can't make you move with a flimsy sheet of paper. Now I'm sure she could get you to move with the power of endless equations seems like it would work on you. Love the bromance between my favorite beta tester and favorite electrician those guys are gonna be some good buds.

Cop vs Ninja - Ninja won cop wielded a banana which was hilarious. I can see them arguing about Hitomi's hit man job and Hitomi not even invested in the argument which does nothing but upset Akira. I see fun times with them.

DRV3- I understand the spoils I too feel victim and I blame youtube. My soul was crushed into many different pieces but I still don't know who the master mind is so thats something. Sigh damn my curiosity. Still gonna get the game though everything was in Japanese so I still have no idea whats going on lol.

...I'm not gonna ask questions I'm just gonna shoot out some names that I was going to give him originally: Tui, Mapu, Malala, Lefao, Niko those are a few that I almost used

Glad your getting better sleep I'm recovering from my own sleep deprivation myself so I totally understand with the whole sneaking up on ya. Got me in the middle of dinner and I woke up with a face full of spaghetti lol my loving family just left me there. Anyway awesome chapter as always sorry for the lengthy review haha kinda got carried away. SEE YA NEXT CHAPTER! *here's hoping for some videos*
1/15/2017 c10 1LillyShepard
Holy crap, it happened..It actually happend. I like all the characters! Usually in these stories I only like a few and are meh on everyone else but these guys are really great and I love them all so, so , so much! Which is both bad and good, good because if Santiago does I'll still read because I like the rest of the cast but bad because I'll still be heartbroken wen someone dies.. :(

On to the rest of the chapter, I'm having a bit of difficulty picturing everything but I think it's more because of the amount of information, I'll re read the chapter again to make sure I understand everything..I also think Santiago might be on to something about the whole using bleach to clean blood since didin't Kjartan, Effie and Sayomi find a blood trail in the cargo area?

For the chapter questions, if Santiago had a different last name it probably be something like, Rios, Garcia or another type of spainish name. My favorite's so far would be Kuzuri and Etano, least favorite would be..Maybe September? Not that's she's bad, just makes the least impression on me so far.

P.S. I saw the NDRV3 spoilers too. :( I skimmed over most of them and know the first thee killers/victims as well as two of the survivors and who the mastermind is. I forgot the rest at the moment though. But, I was so sad when I found out who the mastermind was because I soon as I saw them I basically stated that thy were going to be my favorite so I'm a bit dissapointed I guess. I'll still probably get the game though when it get's localized.

P.P.S. Also a good idea to have the general plot already planned out, might make it a bit easier when it comes to writing but what do I know? :P

Anyway have a good week, thank you for the long chapter that was certainly worth waiting for, as always, and seen ya next time!
1/15/2017 c10 1CandiedStars
Heyo, it only took me around 12 hours later to finally review this chapter, rip. Of course, it's amazing, really well done and written. There's so much content in this, I loved that we get to know more about their surroundings, and the fact that we see them slowly begin bond with the others.

I answered the QFFR through DM just so you know! Like I said I loved the update, I know that it took you a lot of time and effort to make it, and you can really tell. It's well written and the hype was totally worth it. Of the final three characters introduced I can't say I particularly like Alice as a person becomes she comes off as very snappy and distant. I liked the other two although Hitome is certainly not what I was especting the SHSL Kunoichi to be like. I don't currently have any ships lol, I'm kinda curious tho, do you?

Rip you being spoiled, I suppose there was no escape in the end. Thanks for the update! I look forward to the next one!
1/15/2017 c10 10Katastic Writer
Huzzah for lengthy chapters! In all honesty, it was the best thing to wake up to this morning and it was a great way to get to know everyone for first impressions.

Yeah, the map matter kinda bugs me. I searched for possible apps/programs to use but it's trickier than I thought. The only thing I can think of is MS Paint or other art programs. As for this QFFR, that sounded sneaky right there. Heheh. I'll bite and give you some alternate Italian surnames because why not; some examples I've found are Rossi (another form of "red"), Agnelli/Agnellini ("lamb"), Romano...The best one I've found for Enzo would be Esposito, but the meaning behind it would be spoiler-y to his history so I can't say it here.

For the characters all together, I think I've stated my thoughts on favorite/least favorite in my previous review? I can't remember? But now I can definitely include Hitome, Alice, and Keefe in my favorites roster because all of them are precious bun-buns!

The votes are in from me as well. Picking eight makes thinks a bit easier for me to choose my top faves, that's for sure!

As far as NDRV3 goes, I think I'm among the lucky few to not get spoilt yet and wish to keep it that way until it's released on Steam. The most I've seen is a video of the demo, which doesn't spoil anything of the story and was more of an introduction of the characters. Cool by me because I established that Kiibo is in fact a precious cinnabun, and I like the ideas of the others so far. Oof, I can hardly wait for the English release!
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