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for The Wizarding Chronicles : Return of the True Descendant

7/24 c1 sakura is a bitch
Multi animagus is bullshit
6/24 c62 Tatsumaki Isshin
Erro meu então a garota que tá fazendo o jogo por trás de Dumbledore e Voldemort é o orion interessante...
6/24 c37 Tatsumaki Isshin
O caos bolando seus planos pena que ela tem um garoto intrometido com complexo de herói armado com armadura de trama pra atrapalhar ela...
6/24 c23 Tatsumaki Isshin
Sera que essa garota que tá Armando um plano por trás com Voldemort foi possuída pelo Diadema?
6/5 c51 Guest
wait what
a mage is technically higher ranking than a sorcerer merlin was a mage while morgana was a sorcerer.
6/5 c42 Guest
if my own fanfic was in here then he would have absolutely CRUSHED granger by using his void elemental powers
6/5 c39 Guest
if granger make harry merlins chosen
6/5 c23 Guest
alot of people fail to realize that harry can escape those *insert colorfull words* by moving out of europe or even britain
6/5 c10 Guest
harry is fire elemental cuz hes a griffindor slytherin is water hufflepuff is earth and ravenclaw is air
6/5 c7 Guest
this is like half kissed hero
4/21 c86 Callum Runchman
Got to admit whilst it was a little chaotic I really was enjoying this and it had just got to a really good part with Harry beginning to develop his Illusionary and Reality Warping powers along with slowly unlocking his Necromancy and Dragon Lord abilities. If you'd continued this you could have Ironed out any of the more extreme arcs and been able to focus on the main multiple stories you had going on. I'll give your other story a try but I really do think that with the right commitment and effort this could be completed into an amazing fanfiction instead of the above average it is currently due to it's incomplete nature
3/11 c13 severus snape
i dint enjoy it like your other stories. Frequent change of povs like 10 times a chapter makes it less interesting
3/2 c22 30GreenTea4062
You... are not that good at writing mystery.
2/15 c31 love4HP
What's the use of awakening ancient magics if you don't intend to make Harry powerful! What's the use of elemental fire if Harry cannot defend or protect himself from a simple Pettigrew! You made Harry weak.
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