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3/14 c1 Itachi fan
I lo r finding fab stories like this involving itachi being reincarnated into another universe. But I also hate this story was discountied, I hope someone in future does something like this. Also love the tena four star references and how characters are based on them rather than the original counterparts
8/13/2022 c14 juan
bro cuando subes el proximo cap
7/9/2022 c14 Sento Uzumaki
6/16/2022 c1 OOTDKBlackBird
"Sigh" im gonna continue this but im not gonna post this here ,because this is a great story so im gonna continue this and change some of the other story
6/15/2022 c14 OOTDKBlackBird
whens the chapter 15 of this story is been 2 years wish you had time for the next chapter
6/15/2022 c12 OOTDKBlackBird
uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm its been 2 years whens the next chapter
6/15/2022 c10 OOTDKBlackBird
its been 2 years whens the next update
6/15/2022 c9 OOTDKBlackBird
whens the next chapter of this story
2/26/2022 c1 Tasty Food
Hey, it’s unfortunate that you and your friend have writer’s block and can’t continue this story. I think it’s a shame but I understand that sometimes you just have to give things up. However, please don’t delete these fics. Even they might not be the best, I still get an urge to reread them again y know? Like for instance the Golden Mage. I know it wasn’t originally yours and you were having trouble getting ideas for it but, when you deleted it, I sort of panicked because I feared you’d delete some of your other five as well.
2/18/2022 c5 Guest
did you swim in coke.
1/19/2022 c1 1InHumanMan
it's not a itachi fic. just a OC with his name.
12/7/2021 c5 Dj hayes
Man you are horrible at power scaling itachi power level of 500 billion that's how I. Know you are full of shit cause you need power level of 8000 to detroy the earth any you say itachi is above that lol even roshi beats itachi he blow up the moon lol stop meat riding you probably be looking at those power scaling videos If I where you I would give up and dose something else writing and scaling is not your thing
11/18/2021 c14 Guest
Joder que buena historia entendí la referencia del Día del Destino es por la canción jajajajaj
10/28/2021 c14 Zero
I need more of this pls
10/6/2021 c14 Dasgun

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