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for Danganronpa X3: Savior's Last Bloom

2/1/2018 c4 shsl-shipper
The character development Gekkogahara deserved i cryyy. Miaya might have been more human if you had her fail on some people. I guess you could pass it off as a SHSL thing but... Miaya's speech would have been more convincing knowing she has that background of having lost some people that Chiaki could relate to. Oh and Junko is a thing now I guess.
2/1/2018 c3 shsl-shipper
Savior? Yeah no thanks. That's even worse than a beacon of hope. Oh god what's going to happen to Nanami.
2/1/2018 c2 shsl-shipper
Okay let me just start with how much I love how human Nanami is here. This is dr3 Nanami right here. She's just a gamer girl. She wasn't thinking of hope and despair. She was focused on the present. On her friends. On her teacher. This. This chapter is so good okay. Thank you.
2/1/2018 c1 shsl-shipper
This is interesting because we never did get to see how cunning despair Chisa was or how manipulative she could be. The idea that Junko was afraid... hmmm. Nanami is alive and god I know she will suffer but I can't lose her again.
1/30/2018 c23 19Vixen7117
This chapter was so well deserved. I loved it. I awwed like five times throughout from my heart being tickled it was so sweet. All the interactions were perfect especially chiaki interacting with kirigiri. It's about time chiaki got some recognition for the amazing things she did. I love a lot of the scenes that are setting up for the next part, like what's black rider going to do and what is she like, who is enigma, will we see kitta again, and what's next in Chisa's master plan? This chapter was just so fun and lighthearted, but kirigiri's suspicion made me drop it like when you see a dark stormy cloud start to form on a clear blue day. Still, I really loved both kyousuke and juzo praising chiaki, all according to chisa's master plan. Just a great chapter all around, I can't wait for the next. Love love
1/1/2018 c1 Net Neutrality
Hey Ace Nero, I got your message.

I've been sick for two weeks and unable to make any headway on any voice work. But I will read your fanfic at the very least. From what I'm seeing in the first chapter, this looks promising.
12/29/2017 c22 28The Apocryphal One
Man, Kitta was really depraved. Almost felt bad for her at the end there, what with all that mirroring of Hajime, but nope. Too psycho, and to the end.
12/29/2017 c22 Phoenix Wright
Awesome chapter as always, poor Chaiki, the brain is awful, remembering always the bad things and not the good ones.
I suspect that "the conscience" who was talking to Chiaki was Chisa through the earphone, a very deep and wise words, i wonder if she is so in despair or can be saved.

So the trap was a brainwashing video and it was provided by Enigma, this and Yukizome training Chiaki beforehand it's clear what happened, Enigma (Kamukura) and Chisa did this to test Chiaki.

I don't feel anything for scum like Kitta, she was clearly manipulated by Enigma but she was clearly evil from the beginning, and like Chiaki said Junko never felt abything for her, she would have killed the same way she did with Mukuro if it was necessary.
12/29/2017 c22 19Vixen7117
This chapter was epic as hell! I knew chiaki would prevail, but it was so interesting to see her do it. While I was expecting Kitty to control a gundam, the use of the despair video was way better. I just wanted to give little chiaki a hug since I greatly empathized with her loneliness. Seeing chiaki easily break down the barriers was so badass. The way Kita lost her mind was great and reminded me of a scene from revolutionary girl utena where a character pulls out a knife after losing a dual. Chiaki better start getting some respect after her achievement. Awesome chapter that managed to go beyond my high expectations. Thanks for writing and sharing this story.

P.s almost forgot, who was behind showing chiaki junko's old playroom? My bet is it was either Chisa or enigma, maybe they're working together to build chiaki up as the savior.
12/20/2017 c2 29The Moonstar9
I found myself entranced by your writing style and how in character everyone was. I can tell that you really spent a lot of time and effort on this, which I do appreciate! Felt pretty bad for Chiaki though. She felt like she was worthless all her life. Very sad. But I know there's hope! Looking forward to reading more :)
12/19/2017 c14 Coden Lynx
Sorry it took me a bit to get to the next chapter. Man, was this intense. I think I feel almost as worried as Chiaki anytime Chisa makes her appearance in this story. I continued to wonder constantly what Chisa meant by "Transformation," but I didn't expect her to have Chiaki watch the Despair videos in order to become immune to them. Sure, she doesn't get the full on 100%, but it was clear that more then 70% was torture. Poor Chiaki. How long is this transformation going to take? How long will she have to suffer? So many questions. Boy, this makes me both nervous and excited. I can't wait to read the next Chapter. Like Extra Life, you're creating something that's more worthy of being canon then the actual anime. Keep up the good work!
12/18/2017 c21 Phoenix Wright
The dialogues between Future Foundation members are gold specially between Nanami and Naegi, If only they had met in DanganRonpa 3, and we have to love jealous Kirigiri and naive Nanami and Naegi.
Chisa trying to create a rift between Ruruka and Izayoi like she did between Kyosuke and Tengan, so evil, but in this case she is right, Ruruka is a bitch.

So Junko is hiding something, Naegi observed that something is not right and Chisa tear off one of Junko's diary pages to hide evidence, maybe is the AI thing?

I wonder what Nanami has to expect with that psycho bitch, nice idea the communicator, but I have doubts if it's between Nanami and everyone in Future Foundation or just between Nanami and Chisa.
I don't know why but i think that bitch is going to say something about 77th Class to Nanami.
12/15/2017 c1 The Moonstar9
Wow! That ending though! You really have something interesting going here and I think the characters are all in character. I like this!
12/11/2017 c21 DR2TrioFan
Still loving this! Makoto and Chiaki having that conversation was just so well done, and her constant blending of gaming with reality continues to make be laugh with delight. I'm still giddy over the basketball match and her driving, classic Chiaki. Still loving the pacing here, Chisa is still causing me no end of stress, but I actually have a feeling Chiaki might save her. Maybe I shouldn't, that might only lead to more Despair, ugh...

Really curious what Chisa tore out, something that shows Junko's plans for Chiaki as the catalyst to convert her class to Despair? If not that, then I'm stumped.

I'm banking on this confrontation with Kitta being broadcast to everyone outside, but I'm kinda hoping Kitta is so arrogant, she's broadcasting this to the Despairs worldwide, which the 77th will pick up on and find out their dear class rep is alive. (Really, just wanting to see that reunion, hoping for a "even under Despair, Chiaki is their friend, and wouldn't hurt her. Deliberately." scenario.) I'm also seeing Chiaki's title as savior becoming more than just a nick name bit by bit, can't wait to see her be on par with the Ultimate Hope! As always, looking forward to more!
12/11/2017 c13 Coden Lynx
Man, am I glad I got to read this series again. The opening scene that showed us another flash back of Chiaki's time with her fellow student playing basketball was nice. I also like how this showed us that her knowledge of games isn't always going to help her accomplish everything (Another thing the anime didn't do right, and therefore made those new to the series think she's a Mary Sue.) These sense help give the characters more development, as well as show how much you pay attention to detail.

It's a little painful, not just for Chiaki, but for me as a reader to have to be hit with the sudden reminder that the Chisa we knew and love is gone, and replaced by this despair crazed woman whoo could even give Junko a run for her money. But I like that it felt so painful, because I know how Chiaki feels. I can sympathize with her more because I know how she feels. Again, your attention to detail, as well as timing, helped give me a better understanding of Chiaki's pain. As much as she wishes the old Chisa was back, whenever reality hits her, it hits her hard. And it seem Chisa's not only aware of it, but gets her kicks out of it too. If I were in Chiaki's shoes, I wouldn't know what to do.

Still, it's kind of nice that Chiaki gets a nice room and office. But now she must fight against her most formidable foe of this job; Paperwork. The NEET joke was a nice touch, too.

As always, great chapter, and I can't wait to read the next one. Sorry for the incredibly long review. Keep up the good work!
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