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for Danganronpa X3: Savior's Last Bloom

1/7/2020 c48 11Ger0nim0
As a sign that the end is near, please play this music piece! And at the very least, Chisa finally came back to the light, if only for a few seconds.

"Finis Est Principium Alterius" by Petri Alanko & Martin Stig Andersen (from the soundtrack for the video game, Control. The title means "The end is the beginning of another" in Latin.)
12/5/2019 c1 Guest
You're doing an incredible job on this story. I've been following it since the beginning and I have to say its among my favorite stories for Danganronpa.
10/27/2019 c47 51Stealth Photographer
Thanks for joininng my discord with Vixen earlier today.

Im still hoping that they can save Chisa even ater this but right now ZIm more pumped to see Class 77's reaction to Nanami being alive
10/26/2019 c47 12Francis456
Wow what a chapter. You're just full of surprises, though I have to say, I get the sense that Chisa lied to Chiaki by saying that she lied to her about all that Savior stuff just to test her resolve, and though Chisa didn't tell her that, I'm guessing that ultimately, Chiaki decided that it no longer mattered, given that she decided to go ahead and try to stop Junko anyway regardless of whether Chisa was lying or not. Of course, that's just my theory. Who knows, maybe Chisa was telling the truth, but somehow I doubt it, given what she said to Junko all the way back in chapter one, and what she said at the end.

Somehow, when it came to what Junko did to Chiaki, I have to say that it looks like I called it, Junko really has implanted a part of herself in Chiaki and is slowly taking over her. Chiaki herself even figured as much, and I also called it that somehow it was going to help Chiaki overcome Chisa, though even if Chiaki hadn't been able to stop herself and killed Chisa, Munakata would've been even more determined to hunt her down and kill her, and they'd have been nothing Chiaki could've done to stop him. However, somehow I get the sense that Junko imprinting herself on Chiaki is going to somehow backfire on her as it'll give Chiaki the missing knowledge she needs to exploit her analytical talent's weaknesses, and if so, that would be something that Junko would never see coming.

Chiaki VS Chisa was interesting, though I have to say that Chiaki could not have won without Junko's "help", as unwanted as it was, but still, points for Chisa for accepting her fate had Chiaki gone and done it. However, maybe that was because, as I stated before, if Chiaki had gone ahead and done it, she'd have to contend with an irate Munakata, since he'd hunt her down to the ends of the Earth and nothing would get him to calm down until Chiaki was dead. So it's just as well Chiaki managed to stop herself before she went too far, and that part with Chiaki's "graduation" was rather heartwarming, but with Chisa parting ways with Chiaki, I get the sense that she wants to go with her, but feels that she's in too deep to turn back.

Also, I think I called it when I said that I believed that Chisa murdered Miaya, though what surprised me was that Chisa was going to kill her anyway, at least, that's what I felt based on what she said. I highly doubted Monaca was able to do it, considering that she was in Towa City and never left, though I do suspect that Chisa helped Monaca sneak Robo-Miaya in. Poor Miaya, she became great friends with Chiaki, and yet despite that, Chiaki somehow still managed to stop herself from taking vengeance on her murderer despite the fact that Chisa had to go and taunt her about how anyone who got close to her ended up dying.

Anyway, as for Chiaki, it seems she's going to rescue her former subordinates now, and maybe that's where Mukuro and Enigma will reemerge, though I wonder how her subordinates will feels about her now since shes supposedly been outed as a despair. Maybe they'll be ungrateful, and given that Chiaki has Junko in her mind, Junko will emerge and they'll take it as proof that Munakata was right. Anyway, I still can't help but wonder who Enigma is. That will be an interesting discover, and also, I wonder how Mukuro will react to discover that her sister managed to imprint herself on Chiaki, and I bet that Chiaki's going to end up having more flashbacks of Junko's life, probably a scene with Junko and Mukuro.

In any case, that scene with Junko and Kitta. That was surprising. I never expected that, though Kitta was dismissed and Junko had a few guys cause a massacre, and what she did to that girl was monstrous, giving her an autograph and then when the girl came to her begging for help, Junko revealed that she was the mastermind just to see the look of despair on her face. There really was no need for that, but then again, this is Junko, she does things simply because she can, though unlike most others, she seems to have a grasp of the consequences of her actions, and knows that what she's doing is wrong, but instead of deterring her, it only serves to encourage her.

Also, that part at the end, I gather that Chisa figures that the Future Foundation won't discover that the body she sent to them is a fake, or if they do discover that it's fake, then they'll be too preoccupied to do anything about it. Yeah, Munakata, I think, really did start to warm up to Chiaki more than he wanted to, though I really do hope they meet again, and, I know I've said this before, I really hope he gets down on his knees and grovels to Chiaki for forgiveness for what he did to her. That would be something to see, just to see how much Makoto managed to get through to him. I wonder if he really would swallow his pride and grovel to Chiaki. I also hope that if Junko comes back in some shape or form, Munakata is there to witness Chiaki defeat her, just to see how he'd react at knowing that his chance to defeat her was taken from him again, and by someone he had wronged in the past. Also, I wonder if when Munakata discovers the truth about Chisa, you'll add a scene in which he recalls Chiaki's accusations, just to see how he'd react. Still, I feel that Munakata should face some retribution for what he did to Chiaki, and like being proven wrong, and then have it rubbed in his face something rotten.

Also, it'll be interesting to see how Chiaki is able to fight off the "Junko" within her, though as I said before, somehow I get the sense that this will backfire on Junko, and it'll just end up helping Chiaki in discovering what her analytical ability's weaknesses are. Who knows, maybe Chiaki can bloom into the savior that Chisa said she was, despite seemingly debunking it, though assuming that Chisa was telling the truth, I guess the joke would be on her since Chiaki turned her lies into truth, though, as I said before, I think that Chisa was lying to test Chiaki's resolve, though you left that ambiguous, as Chisa never really admitted that she lied, which is why I admit that I could be wrong and Chisa was telling the truth, and if so, I get the sense that Chiaki will turn her lies into truth, though it'll be interesting to see how she manages to expel Junko from her mind.

Also, I think I noticed a spelling mistake, where Chisa said that the Neo World Program couldn't do anything for her, I think you put the world, "from" instead of "for", and also, in one of Chisa's sentences, I noticed that you also forgot the " when there was a break in Chisa's speech.
10/22/2019 c46 Rio-Vena
A gamer meme inspired a theory.
Chiaki's superpower is empathy.
She the Ultimate Gamer who has walked in the shoes of thousands of protagonists.
Junko is afraid that Chiaki might just be able to understand her.
9/17/2019 c46 Francis456
Wow, this was quite the interesting chapter, or at least the second part of it was. As for the first part, it was predictable, as it covered the fifth trial, and everyone knows how that panned out. However, the second part came out of nowhere and caught me completely by surprise. I never expected something like that to happen, Junko taking Chiaki out to have one final chat with her, but her AI duplicate gives her a third chance at life, though I have to give Chiaki credit for standing up to Junko, probably intending it to be a final "Screw you" to her, but it ended up getting to Junko. Thinking it over, I have to agree with Chiaki, that Junko is a cheater who only cares about winning. Sure, when things are going her way, she'll play by the rules, but the moment she feels there's a chance she could lose, she interferes, and yeah, I always thought that there would be a level of despair that would be too great for even Junko to handle, after all, she is only human, and humans all have their limits. Junko's limits just so happen to be greater than most others.

Unfortunately I don't know whether to be happy for Chiaki or be scared because who whos what Junko did to her. I can only guess that Junko either imprinted a copy of herself onto Chiaki, or just her personality, and if that was not enough, Chisa's found her and doesn't look too pleased to see her, though I wonder if she'll try to kill her, given how her means of controlling her is gone and also I wonder if she deems her plan a failure as a result of what Chiaki's done, though wouldn't it be something if whatever Junko did to Chiaki happened to be the very thing that saved her, as I'm sure it would catch Chisa off guard, though given canon, I doubt Chiaki or a Junko-controlled-Chiaki would kill Chisa since she died in the Final Killing Game.

Of course, what Junko did to Chiaki would probably play into Munakata and the radical faction's assessment of her, and unfortunately, all but Munakata would be dead by the end, so they won't get an opportunity to apologise to her (though I doubt Ruruka would apologise and look for some other excuse to hold on to her hatred). Of course, since Munakata's going to live, perhaps Chiaki can overcome whatever Junko did to her with him as a witness, just to prove him wrong, though knowing Munakata, he'd probably just kill her anyway just to be sure, though if it's after Makoto got through to him, it may give him reason to pause.

Also, I wonder if whatever it was that Junko did to Chiaki will be what Chiaki needs to figure everything out, Junko's weakness and the reason she wants her dead. Personally, I'm hoping that Junko is in Chiaki's head, and Chiaki is eventually after to read her mind and figure out exactly how to beat her, though just how Chiaki will get rid of Junko, or whatever it is that Junko did to her is a mystery. I still remember all the way back to chapter one where Chisa stated that Junko's talent had its weaknesses, and I still don't know what they are. Hopefully, this isn't the last of Junko, as I'm hoping that Chiaki can finally beat her and read how Junko reacts to it.

Anyway, Enigma and Mukuro are still out there, so I gather the next part of the story will deal with them. Hopefully Mukuro will gain the confidence to stand up to Junko, though given how Junko is in canon, she'd probably welcome it, as it would give her despair, though given how Junko is here, it's hinted that her love of despair may be a smokescreen for something else, something that I hope Chiaki can find and use it against her.
9/7/2019 c46 Ger0nim0
God damn it. Go away, Chisa!

"Ghost Train" by Knife Party (at the end of the chapter)
9/7/2019 c46 4Ronin Warriors Fanatic
Oh...shit..not good
7/16/2019 c45 12Francis456
That was quite the chapter. I was a bit surprised that events had been skipped over, but then thinking about it, it's really not that surprising, considering that canon events in this fic tend to be skipped over. However, it seems that Nagito has unwittingly gotten in Chiaki's way, and I think that I'm beginning to see why Junko feels that Chiaki may pose a threat to her, but unfortunately, assuming I'm right, it seems that Chiaki's main flaw is that she always seems to realise things too late, and as for Nagito, curse him, since he probably guaranteed Chiaki's loss, just as he guaranteed her execution before, as it was because of him that Chiaki met Junko, as Nagito took Chiaki with him to confront Junko.

Also, I can't stand Nagito's attitude towards the talentless, and he always seems to have a way of rebuffing efforts to prove him him wrong, always has an explanation handy, or he just plain dodges the issue. Too bad that he's unwittingly playing right into Junko's hands, as she wants everyone dead so she can download herself into their minds. Imagine if he discovered that by enacting his plan, he was pretty much guaranteeing Despair's victory. I think that would break him. If only Chiaki had thought to confront him earlier. As I'm sure that Junko would not have been able to retaliate, but somehow I get the feeling, even if she did, Junko would find some way of throwing a curve ball, but assuming that's wrong, had Chiaki told Nagito everything, Junko probably would have been scrambling to find a way to salvage her plan, but as I said, Chiaki came to that too late. It seems that just when she finds a suitable solution, it's too late to implement.

As for Chiaki herself, it seems her main problem is that she's misunderstood the game. I actually agree with Junko in that Chiaki's completely misunderstood the nature of the game, which was why she was caught off guard. However, now that Nagito is dead, and it's clearly Chiaki that unknowingly did it, how will Chiaki survive I wonder, and I wonder if Junko will pop up in the real world in someone else's body. I'm thinking either Mukuro or Enigma. After all, Junko's plan is to download herself into everyone's mind. Perhaps she already gave it a trial run and is in either Mukuro or Enigma's minds.

Assuming that that is correct, perhaps Chiaki can convince Junko to a head to head battle between them, and if Junko refuses, she can always play off Junko's ego by telling her she's scared of her, and I'm sure Junko would relent, after all, she's already two up on Chiaki, so I'm guessing that would boost her confidence and then Chiaki can exploit Junko's weakness and defeat her for good.

I'm sure that the fifth trial will be skipped and it'll cut to either Chiaki's execution, or what's become of her afterwards. With hints from the final trial, as Hajime was able to talk to Hajime, I'm sure that Chiaki will still play a part in the final trial, though to keep it canon compliant, it'll be Hajime that deals the final blow, though I still hope that Junko's still around in some shape or form so that Chiaki can defeat her herself, and that the weaknesses that Chisa alluded to all the way back in chapter 1 can become clear, and also, I hope that Chiaki really does become the Savior that Chisa planned her to be, after all, what would be the point of the title if she didn't.

Also I noticed some spelling mistakes. One of the mentions of the factory was spelt factor, and a comment by Chiaki, I think has the word, his instead of this, and I think you also may have left of an ed at the end of a word somewhere.
7/15/2019 c12 5TheSneezingSOAB
I see that P4 reference...

Pretty shocked noone else saw it.
7/15/2019 c45 Guest
Welp, i wonder what will happen to her perspective when she dies. will she go to the place Nagito went after he died or go back to the real world?
7/14/2019 c45 Ger0nim0
Well, shit...
Good luck. Try not to die!
6/19/2019 c44 51Stealth Photographer
I wish you Still updated this story over on Archives since I go over there more often but I enjoyed the original parts of this chapter that weren’t just a retelling of the game.

Plus I liked how Nanami is recalling Hajime’s last days and the parallel with what he’s doing now
6/17/2019 c44 Ger0nim0
And now we're at the part when Nekomaru is suppose to be murdered. Now the question is, will this path still be in the "canon" way or will something change?
6/17/2019 c44 12Francis456
What a chapter, from Chiaki figuring out the mystery behind the two towers to her discussion with Junko, and her preventing everyone from basically tearing everyone apart to her stopping Hajime from entering the Final Dead Room, though unless she decides to guard it, what's to stop anyone else from trying to go in, and if canon's anything to go by, Nagito will do just that, and then things will get worse. Nagito just doesn't seem to realise that everything he does makes things even worse, and he justifies it all as acting "for the sake of hope", but had his plan in chapter five succeeded, all he would've done would be to play right into Junko's hands. I wonder how he would have reacted if he had been capable of realising this, and anyway, even if Chiaki did decide to guard the Final Dead Room, her classmates could easily assume that she's in league with Monokuma, something that would probably anger her to the point of letting the cat out of the bag in regards to who she really is.

Anyway, how she managed to solve the mystery of the two towers goes towards proving that there's more to her than meets the eye. I guess Hajime was right when he said that she was more than just the Ultimate Gamer, and Nagito was also right last chapter when he said that she underestimated herself, even if he was just brushing off her point about how a talent could be useless in certain situations. Once again, someone was cut off by someone else, though unlike before, Chiaki was able to finish her explanation. I still wish that the Great Gozu hadn't cut in after Kyoko riled Munakata way back when Kyoko told him and the others that they should thank her and the other members of Class 78 for defeating Junko, I really wanted to know what she would've said to bruise Munakata's ego even further.

Once again, Junko and Chiaki have a little "heart to heart" chat, and Chiaki managed to get under her skin once again (at least that's my interpretation), though I don't know why Chiaki even bothers asking Junko questions when it's apparent that she wont get a straight answer from her. I wonder if she's hoping to frustrate Junko enough to the point where she'll accidentally let something slip, and given Junko's analytical abilities, I'm sure that Junko can see that coming, though given that's she's being evasive in explaining why she doesn't give Chiaki the same fighting chances as Makoto and Hajime, I have to wonder if Junko herself even knows why. Of course, she undoubtedly does, but she's not consciously aware of it, and I doubt that she even want to know the answer. It's fortunately for her that Chiaki doesn't know either, otherwise she'd probably be panicking and actively seek to make sure that Chiaki's taken out as soon as possible.

As for her remembering Chisa, poor Chiaki. She believes that Chisa betrayed her, and maybe she did, but I have to wonder if Chiaki being "exposed" back at Future Foundation was part of Chisa's plan. I still believe that somehow, Chiaki can still become the "Savior", after all, what would be the point of the title if she didn't. However, things don't look too good at the moment. Since this is canon compliant, I have a theory that AI Junko won't be the last "Junko" that Chiaki faces. If she loses to Junko a second time, maybe Junko would re-emerge in some shape or form, and only then can Chiaki defeat her once and for all, of course that's just a theory. That part at the end with Chiaki and Hajime was good, especially that deja vu line.

Also, I somehow get the feeling that the final chapter will end with Chisa and Junko in the Afterlife Theater with Chisa saying to Junko "I told you so", and Junko would either be too shocked to respond, that she had been beaten by a "nobody" (even if she herself wasn't beaten, Chiaki could still defeat her plan), or she'll probably play it cool and come up with an excuse to shrug it off.
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