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5/25/2019 c43 51Stealth Photographer
I like how you are going into the mind of Nanami during this game. Can’t wait til they get to the part where the girls let Hajime stay with them
5/24/2019 c43 Ger0nim0
Hmmm. To tell or not to tell. That is the dilemma of Chiaki Nanami.
5/24/2019 c43 12Francis456
Wow, what a chapter. I definitely wasn't expecting one so soon after the last one. Usually your update schedule is once a month, but I'm not complaining.

As for the chapter itself, I can't help but feel sorry for Chiaki. She's in a deadly game where the odds are against her, and she can't tell her classmates anything lest she out herself, and since they don't know that Chiaki's officially been declared a traitor to the Future Foundation, as I said before, in the event she's outed, it would be like she's back at Future Foundation Headquarters with no one willing to listen to her and already making up their minds. However, it seems that she's trying to nudge the others towards believing that the Future Foundation is trying to help them, though at least Makoto, Kyoko and Byakuya are. The other members of the Future Foundation would be more than happy to see them all dead. I bet that's something Usami/Monomi doesn't know.

Anyway, one frustration here is Nagito and his beliefs on talented and talentless. Chiaki brought up a good point, and yet, he just brushed it off like it was nothing. Someone really needs to prove him wrong in a way he cannot refute, and then stick it to him and rub it in his face just to make sure the lesson sticks. Given the crap he put Hajime through in canon, I think Chiaki should really get tore into him and tell him where to get off. Honestly, I can't stand Nagito's philosophy, as he causes more harm than good, though I will say, despite that, between him and Junko, if I had to choose, I'd choose him over Junko any day of the week because, at least Nagito is well-intentioned, whereas Junko deliberately destroys everything she touches.

Of course, Chiaki being caught off guard with Junko being straight forward. I think that Miaya forgot to mention a few things about the Neo World Program, such as its time limit, and then there's Junko's motive of downloading herself into the minds of the comatose Remnants of Despair, so Junko going against her usual methods make sense, as she needs to do it before the time limit expires, but Chiaki doesn't know that, but if Miaya had told her that, then she may be able to connect the time limit to Junko's change in behaviour, though I suppose Chiaki can always try asking Junko, but I doubt she'd get a straight answer, since Junko would probably talk in riddles if not refuse to answer outright.

Poor Kazuichi, he just can't catch a break, but then again, he simply refuses to take the hint. No wonder Sonia got fed up with him. I bet if Nekomaru had been the one to kill Gundham, Sonia would probably point the finger at Kazuichi because of his one-sided rivalry with Gundham. I know that she stated during the trial that she wished that Kazuichi had been Nekomaru's killer, but if Gundham and Nekomaru's roles had been reversed, I bet Sonia would be screaming irrational accusations at Kazuichi because of his rivalry with Gundham.

Anyway, I still don't see how Chiaki can get out of her AI's canon fate. Since it's the real deal, and not the AI, then she has no such restrictions placed on her when it comes to admitting she's the "traitor". However, I'm sure that some miracle will happen that will take Junko be surprise. I can't wait to see how Chiaki finally manages to overcome Junko, and for Junko to openly admit that she's afraid of Chiaki. After all, that's the point of this fic, isn't it? If Chiaki met her AI's canon fate and didn't defeat Junko somehow, then what would be the point. However, I bet that somehow, even if things do go the way of canon, and Chiaki will somehow be saved, and AI Junko will be defeated the same as in canon, but Junko will still be around in some shape or form, and it's then that Chiaki will beat her and prove was Chisa was hinting at in chapter 1.
5/23/2019 c42 51Stealth Photographer
I loved the Sonia/Nanami interactions
5/17/2019 c42 12Francis456
Wow, that was quite the chapter. I have to say that it was interesting having Junko talk with Chiaki at the beginning. I feel that it gave Chiaki an idea of what interactions with her would be like. Of course, Junko's being difficult, but once again, Chiaki was able to shut her up, though Hajime just had to go and interrupt her before she could answer, though even if she did answer, I doubt it would've been a straight answer. I've noticed that three times already, people's answers being interrupted, what with Kyoko's answer to Munakata when she bruised his ego, the Great Gozu interrupted her before she could reply, and then there was that discussion with the Great Gozu when he voiced his doubt on Chiaki's supposed guilt, Tengen had come along to fetch Mitarai. I can excuse the last two, but the first one with Munakata, I really would've preferred to have had Kyoko retort him just to see how he'd react.

Of course, now things get difficult for Chiaki, as she has to play a facade, and Usami/Monomi not knowing who she really is and believing that she's the AI version only complicates things. However, at least Chiaki was able to have fun and her moments with Hajime were heartwarming to say the least, like her trying to reassure him that him having a talent didn't matter. Too bad, Nagito will go and ruin that. Perhaps Chiaki can snap at him and tell him where to get off with his "talentless are garbage" BS. Of course, she probably wont do that if this is canon compliant.

Also, I think the longer things go on, the harder it'll be for Chiaki to keep up her facade. I can see her facade slipping more and more, and that's probably what Junko wants. If it went down like that, and she was outed in that way, it would probably be like back at Future Foundation, only replace the division heads with her classmates, and like Munakata, I doubt some of them would be in a mood to hear her out. However, I bet this'll go like it did in canon, Chiaki outing herself in a class trial.

Speaking of canon, I just don't see how Chiaki will survive this because if she meets the same fate as her AI, how can she defeat Junko, plus there's still Mukuro and Enigma to contend with. As Chiaki figured, it would probably take a lot more than just her talk with Mukuro to change her allegiance, but I'm sure that Chiaki will survive somehow and defeat Junko herself, and then we'll finally figure out just what Junko's weaknesses in her talent are, and perhaps figure out just exactly what it is she has a problem with, but whatever it is, I can bet that she'll receive no sympathy, as any sympathy she could've gotten went down the drain a long time ago. Hopefully Chiaki will be able to defeat Junko, bonus points if Munakata is able to witness it, though I doubt he'll realise that he made a mistake, and the blow to his ego would probably make him want to kill Chiaki even more.

In any case, regarding Munakata, I wonder if there'll be a scene when he's standing over Chisa's corpse in which he recalls Chiaki's accusations against her and I wonder what he'd think about the fact that Chiaki had been right the entire time. Of course, after the Final Killing Game, if he and Chiaki crossed paths, he'd probably apologise to her, and if that happens, I hope he gets down on his hands and knees and grovels for her forgiveness. I think that that would show just how far he's come, as I doubt an egotistical Munakata would grovel, and would probably want Chiaki dead because her being proven right makes him look foolish.

Interesting omake with that one word game. I have my own version to sum up the division leaders. I hope you don't mind. Kirigiri, stoic, Great Gozu, loyal, Izayoi, Ruruka's attack dog (okay not one word, but I think it suits him), Ando, narcissistic, Gekkogahara, gentle/kind, Sakakura, glorified thug, Yukizome, manipulative, Kimura, white sheep (of the radical faction), Kizakura, calm (like you said), Munakata, dictator, Tengen, disillusioned and Chiaki Nanami, victim of misjustice. That's my version of the One Word game, though I realise that not all them has one word describing them, but it's how I believe others would perceive them in universe. By the way, I noticed that in the sentence where Chiaki noted that she was at Junko's mercy, you missed out the word, "her".
5/12/2019 c41 Ger0nim0
Play "Packard's Blues" from the Kong: Skull Island OST near the end. To give it some effects.
5/8/2019 c41 Ger0nim0
Go get her.
4/23/2019 c41 51Stealth Photographer
I couldn’t find this Chapter in Archives of our Own but glad it’s here. I wonder if the game timeline will deviate here or if she will still be crushed by the Tetris Blocks like her AI was
4/12/2019 c41 12Francis456
Interesting chapter. I feel that it is like a calm before an oncoming storm. However, I can't help but feel sorry for Miaya, since, if this story is canon compliant, then, as Chiaki thinks, it will be the last time she sees her alive, since she was murdered in canon, and, I know I've said this before, but despite Monaca claiming responsibility for Miaya's death, I still think that it was Chisa that killed her, since it's hinted that Chisa probably knows that she was the one that helped Chiaki, despite the choker being rendered inoperable last chapter, though now that I think about it, I think that Chisa's at a stage where she feels that it no longer matters whether she has surveillance over Chiaki or not. Of course, Miaya has probably signed her death warrant. Chisa probably killed her and then used her robotic duplicate to smuggle Monaca into the Final Killing Game.

It's really amazing how Chiaki goes over everything and wonders just what is it that can cause her to defy Izuru's expectations. I think she might be starting to realise that she has some sort of power, though she just can't seem to figure out what it is. It's like someone having a power that they can't tap into at will and only manifests whenever certain prerequisites have been met and they don't know how to meet those prerequisites. It'll be interesting to see how things will go from here, to see whether or not Chiaki can find out how to use this power of hers to defeat Junko.

Since this fic is canon compliant, and it's just after the third trial, as you stated, how can there be a happy ending for Chiaki? After all, if things play out like in the game, then she's going to be dead in two trials time, but I'm guessing that something will happen that will avert that somehow because I want to see Chiaki defeat Junko and for Junko to admit that she's afraid of Chiaki and I especially want to know what the weaknesses in her analytical ability that Chisa was hinting at way back in chapter 1, and also what Junko's real problem is, and also how do Enigma and Mukuro play into all this. I hope that Chiaki doesn't wind up dead.

Speaking of Junko, as I suspected for some time, Junko had been aware that Chiaki was alive the entire time, or at least the AI version of Junko. Not sure about the real Junko though. However, it doesn't matter, considering that the real Junko is dead. Though it was nice to see Chiaki finally shut Junko up when she told her that Chisa believed that she was afraid of her. Of course, she quickly recovered, but it was nice that someone made her falter, though I highly doubt that Junko's going to let that one go. I can see her trying to find loopholes in the rules that govern the Neo World Program in order to make Chiaki's life a living nightmare.

Also, somehow I get the feeling that even if Chiaki did defeat Junko, and the Future Foundation saw it, which I'm wondering will happen, since I bet that Junko could potentially cut the feed to Future Foundation HQ, I bet they'd still be on her case, or at least Munakata, Juzo and Ruruka, and all because of their bruised egos. I can see Munakata coming up with some excuse to convince himself that Chiaki's a despair despite defeating Junko, Juzo, going along with Munakata because someone else had robbed him of a chance to kill Junko again, and Ruruka because she doesn't want to admit that she was wrong. I really gets me how it seems that some people just don't care about the state of affairs in the world, just so long as they can use it to make something of themselves. Munakata and Ruruka seem to be apart of that category, and as for Munakata, I hope he ends up getting down on his hands and knees and grovels to Chiaki for forgiveness. I would seem rather fitting for him to show how humbled he became after Makoto got through to him.
4/10/2019 c41 Guest
Wait... I JUST noticed this... If Chiaki is taking the A.I.'s place after Hiyoko and Ibuki were killed, then that means...…..

Ooooooooh noooooooooooooooo…...
4/10/2019 c41 Guest
Oooooh damn! The talk with Chiaki and Junko! Its on!
4/9/2019 c41 14TheAngelicPyro
Wow this is so exciting holy heck! Will she freeze when talking to her classmates? Stumble over her words? She did feel sick just seeing the AI version of Junko...
4/9/2019 c41 19Vixen7117
Damn that ending was on point, it was like the winds were stirring all dramatic like. Just super duper excited to see what’s in store. The best part is I’ve read since 2016 so seeing Miaya’s kind words to Chiaki gave me such great catharsis. However if there was ever a time I thought Miaya was gonna die it’s now. Man I’ve waited more than 2 years for Chiaki and a more real version of Junko to face off and its so worth the wait. Granted I wasn’t impatient at all since despair Chisa was around. Man this is so exciting. Spectacular work.
3/20/2019 c40 11Ger0nim0
Well. Game time for Chiaki then. Now I wonder where she'll spawn in the Neo World Program when she gets there. And in what part of the system?
3/18/2019 c40 12Francis456
Wow, what a chapter. To be honest I wasn't expecting that. So Miaya did believe her, and just acted like she had given up on her because to have defended her would have aroused suspicions. Somehow, I gathered that, but I never thought that would be true. In fact, at first I thought that it was Miaya's robotic double rather than the real Miaya. In any case, it's great that Chiaki has at least one ally on her side, though I get the feeling that Miaya's probably just signed her death warrant and Chisa's going to kill her. Despite Monaca's claims, I don't believe for a second that she murdered Miaya, considering that she was in Towa City at the time. I believe that Chisa murdered Miaya and smuggled in her robotic duplicate for Monaca to use.

Still, I guess from what I read, the Future Foundation is in the process of tearing itself apart with the formation of the Radical and Moderate Factions. I have to wonder if that's Ruruka's doing in an attempt to maneuver herself into a position where she can enact her own plan, but that's just speculation on my part. It's unfortunate that the Division Heads don't realise that they're practically playing right into Junko's hands with all this infighting, though I do suspect that even if some do realise this, they wouldn't care as they have their own plans, and all this chaos is just an excuse for them to pursue their own agenda.

However, I bet if one good thing came out of it, because of Chiaki's accusations against Chisa, she's now under investigation. Granted, Munakata doesn't want to believe it, but if the scene between them last chapter is anything to go by, then perhaps on a subconscious level, he's starting to wonder if Chiaki may be right, even if he doesn't want to admit it. It could be that Chiaki may have planted a seed of doubt within him concerning Chisa. Unfortunately, if this is canon compliant, then it won't do much good, though I recall the scene in episode 6 of Side Future where he had that flashback to his graduation. Given that it was when he discovered Chisa's true allegiance, I wonder what he would be thinking if he recalled Chiaki's accusations. I wonder if he would hate her even more because he sees Chiaki being right as a blow to his ego and picture her laughing in his face. Of course, I hope he ends up grovelling at her feet for forgiveness if they meet again after Makoto calms him down.

I can't help but feel sorry for Mizuki and Yuuji because I get the sneaking suspicion that Munakata's going to find out their involvement and end up killing them both. Also, I wonder how Chisa's going to react now that the choker's been rendered inoperable. I wonder if she saw that coming, or if it was something she did not foresee. In any case, things will get interesting with her. If she did foresee it, then she obviously has a backup plan in place. If not, then it'll be interesting to see how she'll improvise . Assuming that Mizuki and Yuuji are killed by Munakata, I hope they manage to give them a piece of their mind before they die. Perhaps mentioning an unpleasant truth to his face as a big "Screw you" to him.

By the way, I notice a spelling mistake, when you mentioned that Chiaki found her old uniform, you missed out the K in her name, spelling her name as Chiai, and near the end, you referred to Chisa as Mr. Yukizome instead of Ms. Yukizome.
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